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The Bridge People
Part I
B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

THIS SERIES of articles is dedicated to taking some new steps into a fascinating ongoing study of mine - one that was introduced in a transmission from the Reconnections, back in 2005, and expanded a bit in a CNE article that same year. It is the study of hybridism, or the mixing and mingling of two or more root essences in order that a new and unusual "Compilation Essence" may emerge. When it does, that "go between" essence represents a union, of sorts, between those primary energies, and anyone else who wishes to experience a similar joining.

Most often applied in the world of animals or plants, the development of "hybrids" is now underway in the world of humans as well. A good deal of the lore surrounding UFOs and Star Visitors, appearing on this planet since the Roswell Incident of 1947, involves the hybridization between humans and beings from other worlds. In fact, there are those who believe that the very origin of humanity, as we know it, stems from Alien DNA - and the 4 Great Races that have been identified on Earth are the offspring of ancestors who came here from other planets and star systems so they could plant their "seed" in a New World.

The "Earth Experiment" is nearing its completion. Those "seeds" that were deposited here so long ago have mutated and sprouted, and with their maturation comes a wealth of expansion in consciousness which transcends anything even our original "donors" expected. Humankind has bestowed such dignity and grandeur to the idea of hybridization that a whole new philosophy and life purpose has emerged around it - a Multiversal Celebration of what it means to be the "connecting link" between two or more (divergent) forces, thereby bringing peace to All as One. It is this blossoming "Connection" or, shall we say re-connection, which gives birth to our study of the Bridge People.

Unified Fields
It was once written: "No man can serve two masters. He will either love the one and hate the other, or he will hate the one and love the other." (Matthew 6:24) And so a world of polarization continued for a little while longer. But nowhere in that passage did it say that two masters cannot serve the one man. To meet each other, within him, and lift him high above his world of "normalcy" into a place of combined expansion and continuous joy for both sides - indeed, for all sides - is an act of transcendent nobility and eternal worth. It is an at-one-ment of purpose, and a synchronization of Resource that enriches all who participate and all who observe.

It was Einstein who first laid the foundation for "Unified Fields Theory," which combines his Theory of Relativity and his practical observations concerning Electromagnetism. It forms a single mental framework, which became the focused study of "Fields" in World of Physics. Since then, there are many who have expounded on the subject. My purpose for introducing it here is to honor not just the objects they surround, but those energy fields, themselves... a growth space to which the Ancient Celts referred as "The Betwixt and the Between."

When At-one-ment and Synchronization occurs, it is very easy for its component parts to say (to themselves and to each other): "We did it!" The joy and expansion which flows from their union moves happily through each of their (purified) universes. Meanwhile, back in the "field"... that place where the mixing and mingling actually occurred... there is a celebration of a different kind. It is the joy of becoming "neither this nor that", but a combination of BOTH energies, of ALL energies, which gives birth to a Bridge Person's fulfillment and happiness.

Closets with Two Doors
Early in the 1990s, the Reconnections began describing the above-mentioned connectors as "closets with two doors."

"One door", they told me, "leads to the 3D world, while the other door leads into the Multiverse." The area in the middle is a bridge. At the time I began writing, I had difficulty visualizing this, except for a familiar image of a decompression chamber - such as might be used in a facility dedicated to the production of nuclear materials. In that business, there are places that are considered "hot" and ones that are "cool" or safe for humans. In between the two there is a "decontamination chamber" so that workers can enter and leave the work areas and be cleared of any radioactive debris.

The "hot and cool" analogy certainly applies to distinctions that could be made between 3D and the Multiverse. While a singular universe has managed to "cool" itself down to the point that it solidifies into matter, the Multiverse spins so quickly around and through it that it can only be detected by someone who has been specially equipped and activated to sense its presence. The "buzzing" or "ringing" that people sometimes hear in their ears is part of that. The Recons refer to that buzzing as "The Roar of the Multiverse." If a transforming human becomes aware of its presence, there is probably some type of etheric "download" taking place within him or her... perhaps the arrival of perceptual software, which may be activated later, when conditions are right.

Another analogy that is often employed, besides hot and cold, would be "light and dark." In Reconnections parlance, neither of these terms has any moral implications. They refer simply to "the presence of conscious awareness" (light) or "momentary forgetfulness" (dark). Those who are Citizens of the Multiverse learn early that it is counter-productive to judge people or things. People and things simply are what they are. What may appear "bad" in one context of reality may appear as quite "good" in another. We are each multi-faceted beings, quite active within many realities at the very same time. We'll talk more about that as the series progresses.

Our physical senses are not windows to an "objective" universe which everyone must share. They are filtration devices which block out all parts of the Multiverse which flow through them except for that which we have contracted to examine and explore. In a way, you might think of 3D as a huge microscropic slide, being examined under the microscope (up close and personally) by a singular consciousness with a very specific purpose. The Oneself uses individuals as "probes" to sense and examine what is present, so that conclusions and observations may be made about who and what we all are.

Imagination, the Golden Key
The Inner Senses (sight, sound, feeling, and psychic knowing) are a Bridge Person's entry points into the Multiverse. He enters through the gateway of his imagination. The Reconnections have the following to say about the imagination - a commentary which will prove to be quite relevant in coming months:

My dear friends - Imagination is real! It is a bona fide level of being that exists as a buffer (a sort of insulation) between the Limitation Plane and the Multiverse. Real folks live there. What has kept it hidden from you up to this time is your enthusiastic enjoyment of it, coated with your total denial of it's tangible reality and importance. It is the "layer" of density closest to the conscious mind, which has direct interface with the Multiverse. It serves as a "decompression chamber" through which each of you must pass in order to enter and exit the "Etheric Plane." It is now and always has been at your disposal twenty-four hours a day.

The principal mechanism of keeping you here in Limitation has been your belief in and perpetuation of a certain cynicism which keeps your Imagination "in perspective" and anchors you in "reality." What that cynicism really anchors you in, my friends, is Limitation. Until now, that was all according to the Plan. You designed it to function in just this way - as an anchor. And your plan has succeeded!

Now, once we begin to replace your comfortable "fondness for imagination" with a true comprehension of what it means - our original cause for warning will take on a new significance. In truth, the imagination is so vast and powerful that you have installed Beings (Angels, actually) at the entrance - Beings with the assignment to guide you in, when the timing is right, and to "bar the door" should you give indication that you would not be quite prepared to handle what you may find.

Through the intricate design of your subconscious mind, there has been gathered together finely tuned instruments of data retention - all of them monitoring and storing information that overlaps both the Physical Universe and the Multiverse. The filing system is pristine, with multitudinous "passwords" and "cues" that serve as activation keys for accessing the files. This Hall of Records includes a catalog of experiences, knowledge, and even abilities which you, no doubt, have forgotten that you possess.

The imagination is an "inner modem" that can reconnect you with Alternate Existences, Subpersonalities, and Inner Landscapes that would "blow your mind" if they got called forth too soon, or by someone unschooled in integrating the energies that are represented there. Yes, in a way, we are speaking here of Pandora's Box.

Indeed, your Mental Institutions are replete with individuals who, unaware of how or when it occurred, have established "contact" with portions of Self or Alternate Existence with which they are terrified to deal. Through trauma, capricious experimentation with drugs, or other such means, they have "ripped" the fabric that serves as a protection between "daily life" and " the Eternal."

But, this need not be so with you. We are here to assist you in recovering and discovering who and what you really are, in a comfortable and efficient way. The purpose of this sharing is to initiate you into a serious examination of the "undiscovered country" called The Imagination.

[end excerpt]

A New Design Template for Creation
The Bridge People we will be studying in this series will be, first and foremost, individuals who manage to keep a firm grasp on their connection to their 3D physical world as well as allowing themselves to regularly pass through the Gateway of their Imagination so they can ponder what could also be true, if mass consensus agreed it to be so.

Currently, humanity perceives the world through a perceptual "grid" that is made up of the words "I am." We say: "I am (this), and you are (that)." We look at objects and we declare "It is this (or that)," and we believe what our eyes tell us.

Above 3D, moving into 4D and beyond, a person's perception grid operates on a different premise. Instead of saying "I am this (or that)", the operative terms become "Suppose I were..."

As we sit and consider these words, each of us can take a journey through the Multiverse, if we choose. As we sit calmly, reading, we can allow our mind to say: "Suppose I were sailing, aboard a gigantic pirate ship, in the year 1775." Immediately the mind begins flashing a few images and sounds - until the physical senses grab hold of it, and re-enforce the strong physical message: "But you're still sitting right here. Nothing has changed. You're still in this room."

If we truly, sincerely allow ourselves to ask a "Suppose I were" question, daring to believe... something wonderful can happen. Our sense of reality can split open, like the Red Sea opened for Moses, leaving our body on one side of the water, and inviting our mind and heart to fly far away to somewhere else.

The part of us that remains in the "middle" of that process is called the bridge. It serves as a grounding line to keep the body safe, even as it also provides wings to help the mind and heart take to the sky.

The bridge of which I speak is a force of nature, a divine gift that was designed and sent here to set humanity free from our self-imposed attachments to Limitation Consciousness. As it gently opens before us, it also contains a guardian spirit which ensures that we do not become so "heavenly minded" that we are no earthly good. It allows for passage both ways, back and forth, between 3D and the Expanded Realms.

These are tricky times for humanity. Desperate times, in many ways. We seem to have collectively painted ourselves into some dark corners which we now find it hard to get out of. I am speaking here about environmental changes, war, famine, disease, and many other "real life" issues which all must eventually face.

The Bridge Across Consciousness is formed within every individual. Some of us are already tuned into it, and have full access, while some of us are just beginning to awaken to its existence. In this series, I will be discussing many ways that the bridge can be perceived, accessed, and traversed. What each person does with that knowledge will be determined by internal agreements and contracts that were formed long ago. I'll speak more about that in the coming months as well.

For now, I simply bid you: "Welcome, Bridge People! Welcome to the Multiverse! May your journeys here bring you happiness, growth, expansion and personal peace." More to come next month. Your comments and questions are always welcome.



2006, Daniel Jacob



Daniel Jacob is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates, in Kirkland, Washington - a multi- therapist clinic, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 19 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." You can get more information about Daniel and his work by visiting his websites: and also, or by e-mailing him directly at: