"There are those who have been feeling noticeable heat in their bodies at this time, as a result of the re-balancing that is occurring between the masculine and feminine sides of yourselves, and in various parts of the collective consciousness. It is as though a magnifying glass is concentrating energy upon certain key areas of the Veil, opening up new pathways of perception about your life in relationship to the rest of What Is.

One might see this effect as similar to certain astrological configurations, in which a planet goes "stationary" in relationship to the Earth---bringing a higher concentration of that planet's symbolic essence into your daily experience. Functioning like a healing laser, the influx of energy reshapes and changes how you see yourself here, and how that relates to other versions of yourself which operate concurrently within Alternative Dimensions.

Most of this “heat” moves through subtle energetic bodies which dwell just beyond your flesh. Heat that is generated there can excite sense receptors in 3D tissues, as a sympathetic awareness. It is no wonder, then.........when patients present themselves to physicians for diagnosis...... that it's hard to discern the source of the changes. The heat they are sensing is often beyond their doctor's perception.

We speak now of an INNER FIRE.......and only those who are attuned to the Inner Journey will be able to recognize and deal with it. If there ARE sensible recommendations made for medical relief of a problem, and it feels right to follow a physician's advice..... by all means do so. But if not, we encourage you to simply let go of fear, drink plenty of water, and BREATHE!! More is usually revealed when the time is right. Global Transformation is a PROCESS, and it is not always easy, but the ultimate result will be well worth the investment of time and discomfort."

<end transmission>