The Politics of Oneness

Another Transmission from The Reconnections

The Blame Game

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


It's a practice that goes back as far the eye can see.  You live your life.  You make your choices.  Then, at certain key junctures.... you blame "others" for any negative consequences that come from those choices. 

Lucifer rebels.  God casts he and his angels out of Heaven.  Adam blames Eve, because she "made him" eat the forbidden fruit.  Eve blames the serpent for "deceiving" her.  God casts both of them out of the Garden.  Humanity disobeys God's Law, desecrating His Commandments, so God plans judgment and destruction of what He, Himself has brought into being.  Do you disapprove of your image, reflected in the "looking glass world" all around you?  Then break the glass..........     

At the Highest Level of Consciousness, there are no more bucks to pass.  And in Oneness, there is no "out." Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. There is no "them" or "us."  There is only THE ONESELF, WE.  But for now, here in polarized 3D Earth......there are bucks and bills flying all over the place!  The dualistic emphasis on "rights" and "responsibilities" tends to make everyone crazy.  The World of Politics literally arises from this maelstrom of judgment, blame, intention, and dissention.

Wake up, My Friends.  Arise, shine, for THY LIGHT is come!  You are NOT separate!  And you are NOT to blame..........ANY of you!  You are all fulfilling Soul Contracts, which were assigned, and brought into being LONG before you entered this World of Form (speaking in Linear Time Flow).  There are no victims, and no perpetrators.  You are each acting out "roles" for each other---"roles" which have been custom-designed by those who observe and integrate your performances into their own Evolutionary Flow.

There is no such thing as malevolence.  There are only varying degrees of unconsciousness.  The "evil" you see in others mirrors your own conceptual distortions about yourself.  Beauty and Ugliness is in the Eye of the Beholder.  Take the BEAM out of your own eye, so the SPLINTER in your neighbor's eye can come into proper perspective. Once you let go of personal resistance, hatred, judgment and separation.......EVERYTHING will change form before your very eyes.  Try it.  You just might like it!


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