Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Becoming Sensorial"

My Dear Friends, 


The preeminent search for understanding before feeling, especially where it applies to oneself, can be a cork that is placed in the Genie's bottle---in order to prevent him/her from escaping, unnoticed and unchecked.  At your core, you all seem to WANT magic in your lives.  But few there are who are willing to go the distance in regard to learning what it takes to wield that kind of power.


Just as religion often serves as a defense against having your own "religious experiences," so can an obsession with knowledge before experience hinder a person from contacting many of the deepest and most meaningful aspects of self.........sense impressions and spiritual tones...... which carry KEYS for internal dynamics that might have remained incomprehensible if those tones had not been added to the picture. 



The fear, of course--and fear is truly at the root of all repression---dwells in the belief that uncontrolled thinking or feeling must inevitably lead to uncontrolled physical action. Nothing could be further from the truth.  If a person truly wishes to avoid taking action on some desire or personal agenda, the most effective remedy is to openly admit the desire and consciously WORK IT THROUGH on the Inner Planes while TALKING IT THROUGH in 3D with some person or persons with whom one feels "safe."   


During these turbulent days, the Sexual Mood of the Earth's People (not always indicated by what you are doing or admitting to)......pulsates with an intense desire to CROSS-OVER as many social barriers, bending as many designated roles as possible......while still retaining a condition of normalcy to which you can return, once your experiments are complete. 



One might liken this to seeking an "out of body" experience, followed by a safe and simple return home--allowing a point of comparison between what you might consider magical and what is considered mundane.  This same dynamic applies to dream consciousness as well as waking consciousness.  Nowadays, it seems...... it's getting harder and harder to tell the two apart!


As creators of your personal reality, the world is your oyster.  Everything is allowed, unless it isn't.  Nothing is really required of you, unless it is.  When a Traveler in 3D finally has his fill of searching for what it is he wants, it would behoove him to look around and pay attention to what wants him.  There are always at least two "sides" to each of life's interactions. And each of these aspects represent parts of YOU.  If you forget this, a door gets locked inside you, and the "cage" in which you find yourself automatically gets smaller and more difficult to endure.


In the days, weeks, and months to would behoove you simply to pay more attention to what your BODY and your SENSES are telling you.  Come down out of your "Tower" of continuous mental processing. Touch things.  Feel the texture in a wall, handle the leaves on a nearby plant (gently, please!).  Pay attention to smells, background noises, songs playing on the radio.  Everything is aligned, you know...........everything is synchronized for your very own joy and amusement.  All you require are the eyes, ears, and senses to appreciate the life which YOU are creating. 


<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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