An Exodus of Souls
B Y  D A N I E L   J A C O B

THERE ARE SOME POWERFUL things happening during this time of transition on Planet Earth. There are some very sad things happening as well.

Many of our magical children and elders are leaving us—at least in this physical 3D base of reality. They are dying off, through various ways and means, leaving a huge upsurge of grief energy and spiritual hunger in their wake. Those who are schooled in such matters, who have little fear of death or transition, are paying close attention to the patterns of expansion that are being created in the lives and communities that are left behind.

It reminds me of the dual passing of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa, back in 1997. I remember a worldwide upsurge of sadness and love that accompanied their memorial proceedings, as well as an unprecedented display of emotion by the British people—who are traditionally reserved and formal in their ways—as they openly wept for two women who they held in very high esteem. One wise astrologer commented that Diana’s soul must have turned and paused on its way out, holding back the Veil a little, so that people could be strengthened by the radiance that flowed through from the Other Side.

The Spiritual Guides, from which I channel, are known as The Reconnections. They are constantly giving me “News Updates” from their expanded perspective, expounding upon key themes and patterns of spiritual unfoldment on the Earth. Following the events that transpired on September 11, 2001, they spoke about what happened to the soul of humanity on that fateful day. They said:

Those who attend to the practice of medicine are quite familiar with the effects and repercussions of that physical crisis known as "a heart attack." These incidents come most often as a complete surprise to those whose lives they are designed to alter. There is a saying that goes: "That which doesn't kill me will only make me stronger." This statement most certainly applies to the chain of events that began on that fateful morning -when planes crashed, and when all those dear people made their transition into Higher Consciousness. Time stood still, and your Global Heart was broken wide-open.

We have named this message "Open-Heart Mergery, making a play on words around a surgical procedure which often follows the occurrence of a heart attack in the physical. It is discovered in such cases, that the heart is either dysfunctional in some way, or it has become blocked and cannot perform as required. Therefore, highly trained surgeons cut into the heart space -and with focused effort and skilled hands, they remove the blockage and repair that which was broken.

The primary occlusion, which has been choking the life out of your Global Heart most recently, arises from your intense love of and preoccupation with COMMERCE. When we say this, we are not demeaning your needs to buy and to sell things. Your manifold methods of trade and mutual support have served humanity well since they were enacted, so long ago. But recently, a large portion of humanity has begun to worship Commerce, and the accumulation of material property in the same way some civilizations have followed after their chosen Deity.

Through the expansion of your many activities and struggles related to this frenetic "worship," you created lifestyles where you could no longer breathe in your spirit or feel within your collective soul. Deprived of love and connection, which is the very lifeblood of humankind, you experienced a momentary lapse in your awareness, and you gave Dark Forces control over key access points upon your planet -plunging a dagger deep into the chest of the World's Economy, peeling back layers of flesh, exposing your deepest fears, and also awakening your noblest and most inspirational traits as a species.

The initiation of this Open-Heart Mergery is the beginning of a Global Reconnection to Oneness -a joining of hands and hearts across your world -that is based, not upon the relentless agendas set by your Taskmasters of Buy and Sell, but by a common human experience of loss, suffering, and the importunity of human need.



Those who lose someone close to them, especially a child or young person, will often be thrown into a crisis of values and emotion that clearly resembles the collapse of those Twin Towers in New York City. From our human way of thinking, it is the children who are supposed to bury their parents, not the other way around. When a young person’s death is the result of suicide or a drug overdose, the demolition effects are amplified beyond measure.

I remember an expression that was going around, immediately following the September 11 attack. It described what life was like, in the minds and hearts of Americans. We referred to what we were feeling as “the new normal.” Old things were passed away. We had been transformed. For us, things would never seem the same again.

All over the world, there are families who are aching and weeping for young people who have recently passed from them, many of them dying needlessly, or by their own hand. In their minds, these untimely deaths feel liked a rejection notice that is being passed, from one generation to another—a commentary on the frenetic lifestyle we have created for ourselves in this present day.

One grieving father described his newly departed 24-year-old son in this way: “He was the mirror of all that was ever worth anything in me. He was too tender for this place and never learned the art of hiding in the shadows to escape the monsters.”

A saddened mother described her 19-year-old in similar terms: “He was painfully sensitive and, as a consequence, became filled with fear. I only realized these things in retrospect. He was brilliant with computers and cars and a wonderful writer and artist. He could not understand the stupidity of the rules here on earth. He wasn't rebellious about it, just mystified and could not make himself conform as much as he tried. And oh, how he tried! When he was little he was obsessed with being "normal" (his word). He scored perfect scores on conceptual thinking on standardized tests his whole life. He was asked to be in gifted classes but told me he was going to deliberately flunk out, as he just wanted to be "normal". This I could not understand until after his death. What child is really equipped to be so wise in a society full of ignorance? The emotional maturity is just not there yet.”

There seems to be a huge amount of introspection that follows these deaths. If one wishes to get a feel for what goes on in the mind of these parents, he only needs to recall what happened within the educational system following the events that transpired at Columbine High School, in Colorado.

While some young people depart from us, not with a bang but a whimper, others take on the role of “suicide bombers,” to punctuate the shortcomings that they feel exist in our society and especially within our system of public education. The Columbine killers were tortured souls, and they decided that they must let everyone know about it. Huge reforms in public education policy came as a result of that incident.

The Reconnections have commented on this phenomenon, pointing out that death for some can result in new life for others who are left behind. They put it this way:

“As is true in the case of human birth, a firm smack on the bottom assures that a newborn soul will sound off, take a deep breath, and move forward towards the agenda he came to fulfill. For some of you, the sudden departure of your beloved child or parent will become that smack -bringing on your first breaths of new life. As you cry out in pain, spirit essence and transforming energy fills your body and your soul. What seemed closed down, a moment ago, will open wide. It may not seem so at first. But never mind, your shifts in perspective will come in due season. Grieving is often a precursor to believing. We must allow each energy to run its course.”

Neither the Guides nor I will ever counsel anyone to deliberately hurt another or destroy property. But we all recognize that it happens. Sometimes, the pressures of life are too much, and they can crush the hearts and souls of those who feel unprepared to deal with them. The purpose of this information is to find ways to harmonize these tragedies in our own minds after they happen. It also comes to us to help us see a bright spot even in the darkest of situations.

Almost everyone who engages in Metaphysical Studies has come to believe that death is not the end of existence. The Reconnections have taken that premise and moved to new levels with it. They tell us that many (though not all) of these departing young people had more in mind when they moved on than simply leaving humanity to clean up its own mess. Once they become balanced and fully reconnected within the Expanded Self, some of them are becoming guides, in spirit form, to assist humanity as we go through the difficult years of transformation that lie ahead of us.

Not everyone who contemplates suicide will succeed. And that is due, in no small part, to interventions that are made by caring, loving people who surround the lives of those who are in trouble. Since I am a Licensed Therapist by profession, and a Metaphysician by life calling, I am always desirous of helping people maximize their experience in human form. If death comes, so be it. But my preference would be that such an experience would occur somewhat naturally, rather than by one’s own hand. But I don’t always get to make that call.

When we opt to play the role of “savior,” we must realize, from the get-go, that the people we are seeking to save clearly represent parts of our deep, shadow self. The Reconnections continue on this subject:

“There are many among you who position yourselves to assist others as they move towards death. You do it gently, and with compassion, skill, and patience. And yet, some of you lack full awareness of the whole of what is going on. You refer to yourselves as "Good Samaritans." It is illusion. Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee!!

The best possible Oneness Resonance for intensive depression, illness, or anxiety in ANY one person is for all surrounding individuals to search inside themselves for denied emotions related to those that are troubling the one that is before them.

Maybe this person is simply playing your scapegoat, after all...wearing for you what you don't have the courage to fully express or consider.

In this way, elements of denial and dissociation are removed from every part of the scene -being replaced by caring connection, full awareness, and the support of Oneness Resonance. It is in just this type of environment where physical deaths are replaced by living transitions. It can be an "at-one-ment" for all people involved. In some cases, it might FEEL like a death, too, for everyone! Be prepared. Be aware. Such workings are a formula for miracles. And miracles belong to everyone.

(For a complete printout of the Reconnections Transmission “An Exodus of Souls,” go to: )

There are a number of resources available to inform and assist those who wish to perform interventions, and save some lives if and when it is humanly possible. My favorite list of tools can be found HERE.

As with everything else that is happening on the planet today, this Exodus of Souls has a bright side, and it also has a very dark one as well. Wherever you find yourself, in this spectrum of human emotion, I trust that you will realize a few things. First, know that you are not alone. Second, and most important -I hope you are preparing yourself. We’ve only just begun to see the highs and lows that this next decade is going to bring. Hang on. It’s going to be a wild ride!


© Daniel Jacob, 2005

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Daniel Jacob is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates, in Kirkland, Washington - a multi-therapist clinic, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 19 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." You can get more information about Daniel and his work by visitin his websites: and also, or by e-mailing him directly at: