Antron Bay

Antron Bay is one of my dearest friends.  He carries within him a deep knowledge of the Oneness and Multidimensionality of which the Guides speak, in the transmissions and articles I publish.  We have traveled on many journeys together, and I consider him my teacher in manifold ways.  We have perched together, in a niche on Mt. Shasta, and anointed ourselves with the waters that flowed from the mountain.  We gathered together in Boynton Canyon, Sedona for the 12:12 Activation, and we have spent countless hours working through difficult postulates concerning the nature of reality and the future of humankind. 

In the 1970s, Antron headed an ashram in Southern California, where he taught the ways of the Yogi Master to students who revered and trusted him.  As owner of Crystal Light Center in Fullerton, California, he demonstrated a deep knowledge of crystals and gems, and is an adept at using them for healing and personal expansion.  In 1992, he sold his Center and took to the road--teaching, healing, and doing Grid Work in Arizona, California, Washington, Colorado, and New Mexico.  There is nothing he wouldn't do, under guidance of Spirit.  He can shape shift, travel in time, and heal diseases that many consider beyond healing.  His breath activation of the chakras is not to be missed.  It is unique and powerful.  His insightful readings and wise words have changed lives all over the Western U.S.