An Open Window, A Rising Tide

By Daniel Jacob


I witnessed the opening of a great window of energy and opportunity last night.  It came suddenly, and Spirit arranged it so that my version of the opening came through the sounding of my own voice.  I found this both empowering and humbling--as I validated, for myself, the truth of an old saying:  "Ask and ye shall receive.  Ye have not because ye ask not."   

A friend and I had taken the Kingston Ferry out of Edmonds, Washington, and spent the day (November 8) in one of my favorite spots on the planet--Port Gamble, on the Kitsap Penninsula.  It is a grand little logging town, filled with renovated Victorian-style homes, overlooking an old sawmill.  There is a fantastic view of the Puget Sound--and the most auspicious location to enjoy it is standing at the center of Buena Vista Cemetery, which sits at the very top of the hill. 

This is the place where I decided to greet the Harmonic Concordance of 2003.  The day was clear and crisp, and we spent some time meditating, during the sunny afternoon, and then sped off to nearby Poulsbo for a late lunch.  Upon returning, and noticing that the sun was departing, we took our place at the top of the hill to witness the lunar eclipse.  In contrast to mid-day, the sky was beginning to cloud over, and I was afraid that we would not get a clear view. But this was not to be.  That moon came out, and she came out with barrels blazing! 

I have no doubt that some people would consider spending Harmonic Concordance in a graveyard a bit weird.  But this is no ordinary graveyard.  It is a Grand Portal, and brings a major source of peace and inner awareness for me whenever I visit there. Perched up against a tree, I found myself slumbering a bit as I searched the gathering mist. I called out:  "Come on, guys. Please?  Open up a hole, so we can see this thing clearly!"  No sooner had the words left my mouth when on the horizon I saw a yellow moon, partially obscured by a strange and wonderful shadow.  I leapt to my feet, and we gathered at the fence where the best view was. 

Of course, this was no ordinary eclipse, either.  I am told that its shadow was caused because of a unique placement of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun, at this unusual time. Rather than lasting half an hour, the unfoldment of that moon lasted almost two hours.  During this time,  I enumerated, out loud, what it is that I wanted to bring into my life, and what I am ready to let go of.  For those of you who have not done it, I do believe that it is not too late to speak these words of invocation. 

Within the energy and flux of this window, which will remain open until November 23 (the Solar Eclipse), there is a higher degree of potentiation for words spoken and actions taken in our lives.  So take care to begin doing what it is you came here to do!  All we need to do is get the ball rolling, in any area of our lives, and the universe will take it from there.  When we do what we can, the universe will do what we can't.  All we have to do is start.  Any start is a good start.  Things can always be adjusted, once the journey is underway. 

There are all kinds of alternative realities that wish to join with ours at this time:  Star Visitors, Indigenous Earth Spirits, Avatars, Saints..........they all want to climb aboard Spaceship Earth as she embarks on her now famous journey  through 4D and beyond. The edge of the Multiverse (where infinity meets our designated 3D space) is rimmed, roundabout, with interested onlookers--waiting to watch the show of the century!

I read this morning where Drunvalo says that there may have been some errors made, in the calculation of the end of the Mayan Calendar.  He says that it may be this year, instead of 2012, when the Veil gets lifted on our concept of time.  Isn't that just how it goes?  "Surprise! Surprise!"   And I believe it, too.  Anyone who is ready to jump off his or her "wheel of the mundane" is welcome to do so.  That's the whole message of Harmonic Concordance, in my view.  In 1987, we were given a "taste" of the unknown.  The realms of Theos (Form and Structure) began to merge with Chaos (Unlimited Spontaneous Flow), and the world has never been the same since. Now we have begun to grow up, as a race.  "Dad" is just about to give us the keys to the family car, and some of us have even done our homework!  It's now a free-for-all.  Some will be caught snoozing, and others will be out cruising.  So be it. 

"Argue for your limitations, and you get to keep them."   

--Richard Bach

I love this saying.  It's been a watchword for me since the late 70s.  Since that time of my own greater awakening, I seem to regularly find myself pushing the edge of whatever "envelope" I am flying within.  Though I do have my laid-back moments too, I usually rally to the edge of my current wave--so I can see clearly the next shore we are about to crash ourselves upon! 

I told someone yesterday:  "This is going to be a grand time of departure, from this physical plane."  People are leaving, in droves.  Aspects of the Oneself are not going to be comfortable with where we now choose to go--where we must go in order to stay functional at this current vibration.  For one thing, we're going to have to get a whole lot more honest about who we are, and what we each want. I'm not just talking about what we should want. I'm talking about deep feelings, and root desires.  Our world is getting tired of posturing. 

Now it's time to get down to the core, to walk upon our ocean floor, so we can see what actually lives down there.  What is it that makes us all tick?  When we finally get a hold of that, we'll also find what is making us sick. We live in a world of disowned shadows, and now the windows have been opened, and the light is beginning to stream in.  Isn't that what we all said we wanted?  "O Lord, let thy light shine up us!"  Oh yeah?  Do we really want that? it comes. 

Instant manifestation.  You speak it here, you meet it there.  In truth, the world has been created this way for thousands and thousands of years.  The only difference was that our speed of manifestation happened very slowly, giving us all plenty of time to alter the "order" if it didn't look quite right to us.  This will not be the case, in our present world of Harmonic Concordance.  Our dance of shadows (forgetfulness and repression), and our influx of light (conscious awareness) are about to meet.  Does anyone have a robe they need to throw on? 

As we sat on the grass in the cemetery last night, we spoke about this new movie "Naked World," which is just a continuation of the video I spoke about awhile back, called "Naked States."  Remember that one?  It's the marvelous story of a photographer and his girlfriend, who are now traveling the world, asking people to take off their clothes and be photographed in their native habitat. 

In this newer version, I am told that the photographer takes a special picture of an older man in Africa, who has spent his life writing poetry and creating political prose.  At 5am one morning, the older fellow meets this camera in the raw, there in the bush country, just to prove to the world that he now can do anything he wants.  What a hoot!  It's the African version of "When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple........" and indeed, if the morning air was too cold, this man just may have ended up purple too! 

And thus, shall humankind begin our journey back to the light.  The road to heaven always leads through hell. How else can we sharpen our perception about what we prefer, unless we gain exposure to what we do not prefer?  Naked we came in, and naked shall we go out.  And oh, I forgot to order to stay here, we'll have to get a bit naked, too.  Isn't it the Sufis who say that we need to "die before we die?"  And so, little by little our cascade of "Veils" will begin dropping to the ground.  Last to go will be our cocoon of a dense, physical body.   

Here in America our veil of "Worldwide Benevolence" has begun to fall.  Some Europeans, Asians, or Africans would probably say:  "Good riddance."  They never believed our press releases anyway. They always knew we had a side to us that was opportunistic and a bit extremist.  And yes, we also have Mom, Apple Pie, and Disneyland as well.  Isn't that what it means to be human?  You have your "nice" sides, and you have your "not-so-nice" sides.  

Other souls in the world are wracked with despair.  The American "White Knight" is going through a "Dark Night."  So be it.  Only now are some of us Baby Boomers beginning to realize the kind of crap that many other countries have been dealing with every day.  We each get our little "taste" of it, whatever we require in order to wake us up, and help us smell the coffee.

What we speak about will begin coming true for us. Quickly.  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.  Watch what you speak about.  By saying this, I don't mean that you need to censor yourself, or move into a new level of posturing.  Rather, I literally mean that we all need to WATCH what you are speaking about.  Pay attention.  Notice what comes through you.  In this way, we all begin to align with your "natural stream" of ever-flowing consciousness.  You get to realize who and what you truly are.

Thoughts are a little different.  We are not our thoughts.  They are merely pictures that have yet to be taken, in our current universe.  They are choices that have a chance to be made.  In the Multiverse, everything has a universe that honors and embodies it.  When we think, ponder, we are flipping through our photo album of the Multiverse, and noticing what could be (here), or what already is (somewhere).  And we get our chance to potentiate the moment.

The Reconnections mentioned in one of their transmissions that the 3D World is built upon a conceptual template called "I am."  That is also the name of a Deity that has greatly affected things throughout the history of Planet Earth.  When we identify ourselves, and say "I am _________."  We fill in a blank, and that definition outlines a figure of who we are, at this frequency of vibration.   

The 4D Corridor and beyond works in somewhat of a different way.  The conceptual template for living beyond the 3D Plane is "Suppose I were..........."   Whereas we once said:  "This is me. I am what I am."  We now have the opportunity to add to it:  "But suppose I were also this............"  Immediately, the search engine of our imagination locates a vision or sensation, filed within the Archives of Everything, and allows us to try on a "new coat," to see if we like it.  The whole business is a journey that may take just a moment (Earth Time), but could last a lifetime if it solidified into actual flesh.  

The "Suppose" Manifestation is less dense, springing forth from an essence that feels a lot like mist to those who reside in physical form.  Rather than forming flesh and bone to solidify our concept, our Expanded Self uses "Supp-Hose." to support and elevate us.  Have you ever seen that stuff?  Nylons.  Stretch Hose.  One size fits all.  You can see through it, blow through it, and it can be expanded or contracted to fit almost any need.

Having just gone through Halloween, and spent the Harmonic Concordance in a graveyard, I am reminded of the words of W.B. Yeats, in his poem about All Soul's Night.  In a way, I feel that last night (not October 31) became our version of All Soul's Night.  The Wiccan Calendar bears that out, too.  I do believe that it was yesterday where the sun was 15 degrees Scorpio.  The Festival of Samhain!  In the opening passage of his poem, Yeats says these powerful words:

"Midnight has come, and the great Christ Church Bell
And many a lesser bell sound through the room;
And it is All Souls' Night,
And two long glasses brimmed with muscatel
Bubble upon the table. A ghost may come;
For it is a ghost's right,
His element is so fine
Being sharpened by his death,
To drink from the wine-breath
While our gross palates drink from the whole wine."

Ah yes!  Gross palates are perfect pictures of our manifold consumer-driven motivations.  But the wine's breath is but a thumbnail of a bigger picture.  It provides a brief synopsis of what could be available, thereby giving us a chance to move rapidly through a sea of choices, and gather our attention precisely where we want it to be.  The principle is called abbreviance, and it turns a cluttered desktop into a neatly ordered catalogue of potential delight.   

It will be infinite possibility, not unmet human need that will crowd people out of this world in days to come.  Being made dull by their lifeless monotony, they will become frightened by a rising tide of alternatives and options for what could also be, if they but allowed in the new lives they say they want. 

Doorways are opening, even as we speak, that will reveal a rising tide of resource and choices that can be made--that must be made--by those who have the guts to ask for what they want, and dare to believe they will actually get it!  The newest Recon Transmission is called "The Belief Factory," and it provides some powerful insights for making room in your life for what it is you want. 

Do any of us truly realize that, daily..........sometimes hourly..........the "loves of our life" are passing us by?  Whether they are manifest as human lovers, or as fresh new opportunities for happiness and well being, these deliverers of joy will carefully observe us, as we move in our frenetic pace and daily circumstance, trying to determine if we're ready for them to tap our shoulder, and dance with us out across an open plain of ETERNAL NOW.

True lovers are always polite. And if it seems that we are too busy, or too hassled to receive yet another point of attention or occupation, they may just wave at us, each in his or her own way, and move on to the next focus of their gentle journey.

This morning, it was shared with me that there is an ancient story about the Goddess Maat, whose job it was to weigh hearts.  She used a scale with a heart on one side, and a feather on the other. If a heart is light enough, it is allowed to pass through the Gate, and move on into its soul's evolution.  But if it is too heavy, the person dies. 

As the Recons surely teach us, Death is Illusion.  But being light-hearted vs. being heavy-hearted is not.  And those who cannot open their hearts to the new vibration will eventually fall out of Spaceship Earth, crashing to the hard-deck below.  Their grosser palates will have to content themselves with drinking the whole wine.  And that is fine.  Time is illusion as well.  It takes what it takes, for each of us.  All roads will eventually lead us back to here--to the Crossroads of Human Blending and Transformation.  And for those who are able to let it all go--who can live their lives in an open-hearted way--there are great things in store!  Right now.  Right here. And there are buses and trains leaving the station every hour, bound for each person's promised land.  We need not wander in the wilderness anymore.  Just open your own private Gate and move on through.

The window is now open.  The tides are rising, and hearts are awakening everywhere.  The sounding of the New Humanity is given! (turn on your speakers for that one, by the way)....... Elael Sonus Evo!  It rings out across the whole planet.  Various words, divergent music, but it is the same great concept.  We are here.  We are ready.  Let the show begin. 

Hello Hooray

By Alice Cooper

Lyrics by Rolf Kempf

Hello, hurray
Let the show begin
I`m ready
Hello, hurray
Let the lights grow dim
I'm ready

Ready as this audience
That`s coming here to dream
Loving every second
Every moment, every scream

I`ve been waiting so long
To sing my song
And I`ve been waiting so long
For this thing to come
Yeah, I`ve been thinking so long
I was the only one

Roll out, roll out
With your American dream
And its recruits
I`ve been ready

Roll out, roll out
With your circus freaks
And hula hoops
I`ve been ready

Ready as this audience
That`s coming here to dream
Loving every second
Every moment, every scream

I`ve been waiting so long
To sing my song
And I`ve been waiting so long
For this thing to come
Oh, I`ve been thinking so long
I was the only one

And I can stand here
Strong and thin
And I can laugh
When this thing begins

God, I feel so strong
I feel so strong, I am so strong
So strong, WE feel so strong.....
We're ready.  

Copyright, 2003, by Daniel.  All Rights Reserved.  
May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research. All reproduction for profit requires the written 
permission of Reconnections, Inc.
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