The Activation of Breath

When Rebirthing was begun, back in the 70s, the primary emphasis was on clearing the "birth trauma"---a phenomenon of modern society---that suppressed our full respiration and down-stepped our energy so that we would become anchored into physical form. 

The Activation of Breath clears this, along with many other mechanisms of containment that have been enlisted to provide for us a full and comprehensive Limitation Experience.  Then, when the cords are cut, freeing us from our Limitation Consciousness, our Reconnection---the labor pains of birthing for our Ascension Mindset---will commence. 

More will be revealed as my own process continues.  This accelerated breathing goes up several "octaves" (concurrent astral bodies) above the physical vehicle.  At those levels, the component parts that are activated are different, but most of their functions are the same. 

This seems to be the level of function that many yogis access when they are able to remain underwater, without breathing, for long periods of time.  There are even types of breathwork where the participant can stop breathing entirely, allowing himself to be fed and sustained from a source outside the physical plane.  As Jesus said once to His disciples:  "I have food to eat that ye know not of."  And so it is.