Star Children and Labels


At this point, it may be good to establish what we're talking about when we do use the "labels" that are present today.  Almost everyone knows about Indigos, whose name is derived from a book that was written by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, back in the late 90s. Their primary characteristic is that they are "systems busters," and they don't like to be confined or defined against their will.  If there's butt-kicking to go on--making modern society more kid-friendly--it will probably be the Indigos who are doing it. 

Crystal Kids are written about by such channels as Doreen Virtue and Steve Rother, and they are the Intuitive Feelers of the New Kid Spectrum. They are very sensitive, and draw their power from a deep connection with Mother Earth, and from their empathic perceptual mechanisms.

Mystic Children is the term currently in use by James Twyman, and the term "Psychic Children" is used to describe the children that are written about in his book "Emissaries of Love."  They have touched the lives of many. He emphasizes their special powers a great deal.........and has put together a course on spoon bending, based on things he learned from these kids.

As some of you may know, I define "Star Kids" somewhat loosely............as people who come in through a certain energy gate (approx 1973-1995).....Comets Kahoutek and Hale-Bopp. But if we were to differentiate them.....I would have to underline their Expanded Consciousness, and connection with Father Sky.  I see them as counterparts to the Crystal Kids.  Crystals are simply Stars, buried deep in the Earth.  Stars are simply Crystals, hanging up there in the sky.  Both drink from the same deep well of Oneness, at the core of all existence.   

There is a whole contingency of folks, within the UFO Movement, who see Star Kids as those who have had direct interface (and genetic links) with Extraterrestrial Visitors.  One of the major proponents of that viewpoint is Dr. Richard Boylan, who is currently in the process of writing about this subset of New Kids.  Richard is a friend, and a good-hearted fellow.  He has a deep passion for understanding more about  

All of these kids dip from similar wells of knowledge and Stars are crystals that have been hung in the sky. Crystals are stars that have been buried deep in the Earth. All are guides and teachers for humanity............carrying within them important knowledge and insights.  More of these areas are defined in the "Conversations With Star Kids" series.

Just a little background on this subject. I hope more folks will build on this, or ask questions as they feel the need.



The Karma of Names


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