"The only begotten of the Father"
B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B

TRULY, IF THERE EVER CAME UPON THIS PLANET A PERSON who could be considered a "Star Child," it would have to be Jesus who is called Christ. A bright and beautiful star actually hovered over the place of his birth some 2000 years ago. In the scriptures, he is referred to as God's "only begotten son."

The exclusivity of that statement has sparked much controversy over the last 2000 years. Is Christianity the only way? This conflict between the “one” and the “many” is one of the world problems that the Star Children come to heal. They are many beings, yet their consciousness (when fully awakened) becomes a Collective Oneself. They teach us that we are more than a creed, more than a national identity. Each of us is precious, and each of us is a piece of the Infinite.

We have spoken earlier in this series about a beam of energy that carried the souls of the second and third wave Star Children onto the planet - beginning with Comet Kohoutek and ending with the departure of Hale-Bopp. That beam of energy was the Golden Ray, the power of the Christ Consciousness, which was once again coming upon the planet with full force and eternal purpose.

The birthing of our Star Children is a process that is full of divine intent. Their lives and spiritual gifts may be varied, but their consciousness is united, and their collective soul essence is locked on target. They are here to lead us into the Fourth Dimension. And they are surely equipped to do this - energetically, intellectually, and emotionally - coming forth from a “Father/Mother” Energy that loves us all as though we were an “only child.”

First born of many
The religious entanglements and divisions that have developed from the life of Jesus present a vivid and compelling portrait, clearly showing us what happens when we try to put new wine into old wineskins. The Psychologist-Mystic, Carl Jung once said: "Religion is a defense against a religious experience." In other words, true spirituality is built on first hand personal encounters with truth, not lofty doctrines that are passed from generation to generation.

Though there are Star Children who will give affirmation to the faith that has been passed on from their parents, most of them loathe adopting a belief in something that hasn’t been processed through the “mill” of their own life and experience. This is what makes their energy so fresh and so vital. And if they choose to embrace a doctrine of any kind, it would have to be a doctrine that unites humanity, not one that divides.

The reason there is only one son who is "begotten of the Father" is because all of the other sons who came before or after Him are simply fragments of that same one Star Child who come to this planet to bridge the Great Divide. Jesus was, as the Apostle Paul referred to Him, the "first-born among many brethren."

The world into which Jesus first came was very much like the world we live in today. It was extremely polarized. People were choosing sides, lining up armies. They earnestly wanted a messiah who was going to lead them to victory over their enemies. Instead, they got a tender Shepherd, who spoke to them of love and forgiveness. The miracles he performed made Him larger than life. And, before long, men started deifying Him rather than identifying with Him.

There has been an eternal chasm, existing since before any of us could remember, between the Creator and His/Her Creation. We are “here” and the Creator is somewhere out “there.” With the appearance of the Golden Ray, we see "there" deciding to come "here" and to merge with us. And one of the most characteristic aspects of our awakening Star Children has been the clarity of their remembrance of what life is like in union with the Infinite.

Star Children remember - and as they do, they remind all of us that we, too, are living aspects of Eternal One who was "begotten of the Father." They bend and flex their spiritual muscles and we Baby Boomers vicariously bend with them, even if some of us are still holding firm to our status quo and our traditions.

Bringing ourselves on line
We, who existed upon the planet before the influx of the 1973 energy, will need to upgrade our systems to Windows 2012. If we want to enjoy the multi-tasking power and utility that Star Children possess as standard issue, we will need to get the chip off our shoulder and into our mother board!

Jesus prayed that we all would be one, even as He was one with the Father. This Oneness is a point of internal perception, not a political movement. It is a seed that is planted on the inner planes, which manifests itself in the outer world. The Star Children - be they first, second, or third wave - are a telepathic Oneself, a creative force of vast and eternal magnitude. Though many of their minds and hearts are slumbering at this time, their souls stand strong and connected in the ethers, broadcasting a unified message: "Awake, brothers and sisters, the time is at hand!"

The Second Wave has managed to fragment itself into two halves - those who anchor the energy and hold it steady (Gen. X), and those who explore life with almost daredevil curiosity (Gen. Y), transmitting their findings back to the etheric archives of The Oneself. The Third Wave is a group of integrators (Gen. Z) who seek to harmonize and balance all of the new energies that are coming onto the planet at this time. Many of these infusions are from internal as well as celestial realms.

Dolphins and Whales have always been very involved with the adaptations and operations of Star Children upon the planet. The entity Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) once described, in detail, how the infant souls of Star Children mix and mingle with these marvelous water mammals during their early days in physical form. In this way, the newborns are easily able to adapt to this denser physical format while still being consciously connected to the Multiverse.

The way of oneness
There are three key elements that have been downloaded into our Mass Consciousness, to enable our Return to Oneness to take place.

The first conceptual element is the Hermetic Axiom. "As above, so below" is a postulate which connects the unseen realms with those that are seen. This truth also applies in reverse as well. "As below, so above" is a validation that physical reality is, indeed, a mirror for those who watch us from above. Spanning the dimensions, the Hermetic Axiom has also transferred itself into "as within, so without," and many other variations as well.

The figure of speech used here is a hendiadys, and it forms what is called the Doctrine of Correspondence. Heaven and Hell are simply two sides of the same coin, as are God and the Devil, plus every other polarization in between. The coin, itself, is the universe in which we all exist--the Reconnection or Oneness Universe.

The second key element is the knowledge that our reality is a vast Multidimensional Crystal. Each facet of that jewel is a mirror revealing an aspect of the glorious Oneself that we all are. Narcissism is one of the names of The Game here, folks--and no one gets left out unless he or she wants to be. Look steadily into the Cosmic Pool! It is thy reflection that stares back at thee!

Finally, the third key element is the realization that all time is now. Our reality is made up of one "now-moment," which has fragmented itself into however many aspects of that moment which are needed to fully represent the height, breadth, and depth of who we are.

Mixed together and taken within, this little "Infinity Cocktail" will transform any fragmented, separated individual into a fully functioning Star Child, regardless of his or her age! These amazing kids want to open up and play with us, but they don't want us all to be hurt in the process. They know a person can't log onto a Super Computer Network with a 2400 bps Modem. Therefore, they are simply willing to hold back, though the waiting is starting to cause them considerable pain.

Real answers to unreal problems
Are our Star Children rebelling, as they live under our roof? We must then gaze into the pool, for it is our own reflection that stares back at us. Once we, as parents, are fully able to own and deal with the living reflections of our repressed inner children, real change can finally take place.

Instead of carting the kids off to a shrink or grounding them for weeks, why not give to ourselves whatever it is our kids appear to lack? Why not believe the reflection and deal with the source, rather than try and paint over the mirror? After the children begin to realize that they are no longer being projected upon and controlled by their parents, they will finally be free to be themselves and go after what is most important to them.

In truth, most of these powerful beings are quite ambivalent about where they go and what they will do. They are all teachers and guides, and that is what they will tend to want to do, each in his or her timing and individual style. However, before they can help heal the planet, their natural affections and loyalties will keep them home, being little mirrors for Mom and Dad, so the folks have the chance to recover first.

When Star Children see their parents fighting and hating each other, being forced to go to jobs they despise (many kids refer to our current financial structure as “Babylon”), they cross those parents off their list of desirable influences. The fact that there is food on the table, and a roof overhead is nice, but many kids would really rather curl up with a loving family, and sleep out under the stars.

The most famous Star Child was content to be born in a manger. And yet He was instantly surrounded with the glow and wonder of people who recognized Him, honored Him, and supported Him toward the tasks that brought Him here to Earth. May we also do likewise for our own newly awakening, “begotten of the Father.”

As usual, your letters and sharing bring much benefit to this research. We delight in hearing from you, Star Parents and Star Children alike! Keep looking up. The future is surely written in the stars.

© 1997 Daniel Jacob