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Hi Daniel,

Just felt like writing to thank for putting your thoughts out on the internet for many to read.  Perhaps one day, I will have much to say and broadcast it.  Smiling.

DJ:  Never too early to start!!

I am particularly interested in the "past/present/future" concepts.....all happening simultaneously.....and the idea that We are creating our Present from our Future.....and creating our Past from our Present.  My brain is really struggling with these seeminly backward thoughts.  But it does catch my attention.

DJ:  Well, that's very good then!   Actually, The Reconnections teach that all time is simultaneous.  Everything is happening within the context of one Multiversal Now Moment.  That One Moment has fragmented into however many alternative versions of itself that are required to fully explore at that it wants to have or be.  Each universe is one facet of a Multidimensional Jewel, which answers the most basic question of all:  "Who Am I?"  The Multiverse is the archive of those answers, in the form of individuated lives, that are catalogued for all eternity.  It is very much like a Cosmic Video Store. 

Each moment is like a snapshot that is mounted in a huge Clip Art Gallery.  An individual explorer (a viewpoint of All That Is) goes to the gallery, and chooses a number of snap shots, and arranges them in some kind of sequence.  Just as an animator flips through drawings, to produce a cartoon effect, the explorer flips through these moments to give him or herself the experience of continuity.  That sense of "flow" becomes the life experience of that one explorer. 

We don't create our lives from nothing.  Rather, we create them from the EVERYTHING that already exists (right now), and then we filter out everything from that "Gallery" that doesn't deal with the object of our interest.  In this way, we give ourselves an experience of "here" to "there."  You might say that the past and future provide texture and color to the NOW in which we are standing. 

Everything is real, everywhere it exists.  There are no lies, no falsehoods, no deceptions.  There are only purposeful OMISSIONS of certain facts and information, within certain universes, so that FOCUS can be achieved.  The only illusion possible is the impression that is given that what appears in a certain space is the only thing that exists in that space. 

To change continuity in a person's life experience, all he or she would have to do is rearrange the sequence of the snapshots, so that "future" events appear to have happened first.  This is easy to do, once we allow ourselves access to 4D (which is the Foyer of the Multiversal Gallery).   Right now, as we speak, there are people who are playing around in 4D.......reframing and remaking their "pasts"........to see what it would be like to have done things differently.  The Reconnections refer to this as PERSONAL REDEMPTION, and it is a manifest heritage of the Cosmic Christ when it becomes internalized.  For more info on that, click HERE.  

I have been in this long search for Truth for the last 20yrs....and only of recent seeming to Get It....

DJ:   Very neat.  If you follow the Guidelines I just gave you, it would be just as accurate to say that you have always "had it," but you installed a series of "exploring and searching" snapshots...........to give you a sense of JOURNEY in order to get where you have always been.  Did you see Schwartzenegger's Movie "Total Recall?"  It was all about this concept. 

Pretty mind-blowing, eh?  This is why The Guides, in one of their first transmissions to me, said this: 

"In attempting to explain the complex, yet simple nature of The Grand Game, one runs the risk of "blowing the circuits" of every ideology or superstructure of belief held by humankind. However, the timing you set is now complete and it has been appointed of us to "fill you in" regarding this grand scheme of life in physical form."

This last year has been a real education in seeing how much my thoughts create my reality. 

DJ:  Actually, that concept..........which was revolutionary in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.........is now becoming passe, in my experience.  And this is just my experience, mind you.  We all have to work this out on our own.  The Manifestation and Prosperity Programs of that era were a modern day remembrance of "Wishcraft" that the World of Metaphysics used to reinstall Magic(k) back into our current thinking.  It was more of a historical tour.  Instead, it became kind of a hysterical obsession. 

Manipulation of life circumstances from the Ego Level is Old Paradigm, in my thinking.  It still works, but it can be quite decelerating.  If it's all you, why would you want to control it?  Why not just watch it, learn, and change yourself to flow more easily and quickly through it?  

Now I wonder if knowing where "fell off the wagon"  I could go back/ahead.....and create it differently.....or....does one just Focus with attention what they Want Now....and let it go at that.

DJ:  There is no either/or.  It is both/and!  <s>  Neat, huh?   Even as you introduce into your thinking the idea of a time when you "fell off the wagon"...........as you say..........your Magical Manifesting Mind begins to pull from the Gallery a vast number of alternative universes which will embody the idea of you "falling off" something..........and will lay them out before you.  Remember in "The Matrix" where Trinity says to Neo....."What is it we need for this trip?"   He says back to her:  "Firearms"   And ZOOM!   A whole warehouse full of guns, missles, grenades and similar stuff immediately appears around them.  This is how it is in the Multiverse.

In 4D, there are a whole host of alternative "Beverlys" that are exploring, in detail, all the ways you could have fallen from that wagon, and all the ways a person can climb back up inside of it.   It's a veritable MULTIPLEX of HOME MOVIES.  And each and every "you" that appears there..........is just as "real" as the you that is reading these words now.  They are all distinct and sentient.......separated........divided by a Veil.  You often contact alternative versions of yourself in dreamtime and meditation.  We call this Building Astral Bridges.  And the beat goes on. 

If my thoughts creating my reality is "passe"...which I am Very Open to now....Then what is creating my experiences....with the understanding that we have No control over them.??  Is it my "attention" and therefore a magnetism of what I vibrate?  It is not "what I focus" upon?

DJ:  Well......actually......it is not that your thoughts and your reality are passe.  Rather, it is the need to manipulate them from the Ego Position that is losing ground.  We are now beginning to understand fully that we are ONE with everything and everyone.  This includes forces of control, such as Gods, Goddesses, Government, ETs, and so forth.   We are also beginning to understand that the 3D Ego Construct is more of an "experience module" or STIMULATOR/SIMULATOR into which the Expanded Self has placed a fragment of us............a fragment who does not yet know how the story plot is going to unfold.  This creates the emotions and perceptions that go along with "surprise," which totally delight and expand our nature.   But in order to do that, we have to lay aside our divinity...........our Conscious Creation Aspect, and allow Ego Self to be like that feather, in the movie "Forrest Gump," which floats from place to play, carried by the wind.  And we and the wind are ONE and the same.  

The Ego Aspect has "control" over our experience, but only to the degree that he or she is able to attain Energetic Neutrality.  In that case, we can free ourselves from any "trap" we encounter.  But some of us have internal programming that locks out the idea of changes.  This is because we have chosen this experience to learn, and we do not wish to default from that experiencing process.  In such cases, we observe the "Four Rules of Passengership" that my dad used to have when we got in the car:  "Get in, Sit Down, Shut up, and Hang on."  In other situations, we may find ourselves Consciously Creating, and loving it.  In those cases, the act of Conscious Creatorship, and manifest divinity (miracles).......is part of the programming that came with the life.  It belongs to everyone, but is only seen in some.  

Thanks so much for your interest and your excellent questions, Beverly!

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