In Human Consciousness, Pt 2

By Daniel Jacob


There are those among us who ask of the Guides:  "What does it look like when we travel beyond 3D?"  

The Reconnections respond:  "It really doesn't look like anything.  This is because beyond 3D, you are leaving duality, which is the foundation for your need to compare and contrast things. "

The only way we can find out what things "look like" beyond 3D, is to go there and bring them back.   By admitting to ourselves that we "go there," we are also admitting to ourselves that we've always been there.  To be anywhere in reality, even for one moment, is to have been there forever.  That is because all of reality exists simultaneously, simply as a fragmentation of the same one Now Moment.  

This is another point of pure wonder.  For a human being to view actually perceive it.....means to become that something, and to allow it to become an extension of SELF.  And if you do not want to become something, you will hold it outside your perception, in a realm we call the Extra-Contextual Realm.   In theater terms, you might simply think of that as "waiting offstage."      

They continue:

"We have spoken to you, in days past, about what it means to a "Bridge Person."  You are among those who travel the Multiverse, aboard your magnificent Multidimensional Ship, which some call "Terra."   Your vehicle is a mobile reality construct in which you consciously choose to encounter new aspects of the Multiversal Oneself.          

Whether we are speaking about encountering Angels, Demons, the Fae, or Extraterrestrials--we always seem to apply what we know to assist us with seeing and interpreting what we don't know.  That is both an advantage and a disadvantage.  However, it's simply how things are.  

In "Welcome to the Multiverse," the Guides mention that this is truly the way all perception works in 3D.  They put it this way:   

"It has been revealed that the Eternal Creator has fashioned the work of His hands "in His own Image."   Realize now that the universe of your perception: the people, places, objects, and interactive processes once thought of as "containing you--but still essentially separate" is nothing more than a gigantic self-portrait, painted in continually expanding, repetitive patterns in every direction into infinity. This is so because, in order to perceive something, a person has to interpret the images that are being fed to his brain. With that interpretation, the observer becomes the creator of his personal reality.  The grid through which all images and information passes is made entirely of each individual's unique vibratory essence.  Therefore, his reality always "looks like him."




Last year, at a Seattle Channeling Session, a new Reconnection Energy came through, who goes by the name Santar.  He is actually a voice for a soul collective that many would call ET.   The Santar are actively assisting  Planet Earth during these challenging times.  They are cloaked in human form,  even though their more natural "look" resembles something quite insectoid, similar to the form we refer to as a Praying Mantis.  

I met Santar through a friend, who encountered him in meditation, and who also channels the collective.  Though I never heard him spoken, I knew Santar the minute we discussed him.  I knew how he postured himself, how his voice would be, and a bit about what his (and their) message would be.   

Some of these thoughts were brought out in the session, and some flowed in afterwards:

"You gaze up towards heaven, and you seek to define and understand what is represented there.  You have named "heavenly bodies" after Gods, Goddesses, and other highly exalted Beings.  You study  planets, star systems, nebulae---you create charts and graphs---and you believe things are exactly as you have outlined them in your files.  

The Community of Science in your world is dedicated to examining and believing, based upon what is seen and observed in 3D.  Up till now, science has attempted to be quite black and white about its findings.  Things were either "true" or they were "false."  But Quantum Mechanics is slowly changing all that.  And along with it, humanity is changing too.     

While all this is occurring, that which exists "above" (to use your popular imagery) is also reaching out to you.   It reaches from realms unseen, undefined, offering tones from the Oneself that wish to be seen, felt, and experienced.  There is a risk there, because there are many individuals who tend to closely define and then deify what they observe.  

Others even try to kill what they don't understand.  Remember what we said happens to a book, when it becomes public?  It truly becomes the intellectual property of whoever reads it.  Even today, there are people who seek to burn books!  

As we have also said previously:  To be observed, is to become one with the observer.  To see God is to be God.   Are you ready to be changed to such an extent?  This information would represent an expansion of the ancient axiom:  "As above, so below." 

What you see is what you be.  And this is as true for those who exist "above," as it is for those who are below.  "As below, so above."  

There are many communities presently, who are seeking to examine the unseen realms.   You have religion, philosophy, science, and metaphysics (to name just a few).   When a religious person reaches to heaven, he calls it prayer.  When God reaches back from heaven, you might call that an Angel.  The Angel's essence, then, becomes a Middle Ground between the viewpoint of the human and the actuality of God.  It is made up of all of yourself that you seek to extend upwards, combined with all of God that wishes to come down.   

An Angel, then, would be part God and part human.  But humans cannot usually handle that knowledge.  It is too intimidating for them.  And so they place angels (or other messenger spirits, like Elves and Faeries) in some kind of "netherworld," a place that exists between waking and sleeping consciousness.  Many of you have also done this with Extraterrestrials as well.

But truly, an Angel becomes part of whoever sees it or witnesses its existence.   And once such a being is seen and observed in 3D......... it, too, is no longer Extra-Contextual.  It has become grounded into form (even if that form is only human memory).  It follows that, when the Angel departs, a portion of it gets left behind--- prevented from leaving, if you will, somewhat like the little creature in "ET, the Extraterrestrial."  

When humanity reaches into the heavens and studies the stars, you call that Astronomy.  When the stars reach back, you call that a UFO.   All UFOs are quite subjective, even in the way they are reported in the media, or in official records of your government.  They are referred to as "unidentified," because once they are identified, they cease to be "extra" terrestrial.  At that point, they are part of your Earth Experience.  Do you understand what we are saying?"     

There are those who say that your Government is now manufacturing its own type of UFOs, to be used in some kind of "Covert Operation" later on.  Some feel that this accounts for why so many "flying saucers" have been spotted in various parts of your planet.  And that is, indeed, one way of looking at things.    

But we now say to you, that your concept of "government" is symbolic of your own subconscious mind, and it is you who are "manufacturing" these UFOs---not as illusion (for they are very real), but merely as "reality constructs," which represent the joining of that which you can understand, combined with that which remains just beyond comprehension.  

More will be revealed, as you feel ready to receive it.  We stand ready to assist you in this learning.  We are always here.  We have always been here.  We thank you for your attention."

<end transmission>

When we stop to examine what the Santar are saying, this information is pretty mind-boggling.  But it is also very congruent with what The Reconnections have been sharing all along.  This is just another way of looking at their basic message.  It's all you, it's all here, it's all now.  

Each of us creates our own universe.  Any appearance of some "other" in that universe is merely a reflection of that same one creator who is perceiving said reality.   When something from "outside" peeks his/her/its head through an open window, and says......."Howdy!".......the creator will immediately produce a "story" about what that perception is.  He will also give it form.  The "story" and the form will be filtered through a grid, that is made up of 100% SELF, and will compare what is seen with some deep aspect of that self.

This happened in 1991, when I first encountered the Guides.  And it is happening again now, as these fabulous new tones of energy are ringing out across the land.  If there are those among you who are feeling tired, achy, or anxious---this would be a prime indicator that you are receiving Extraterrestial/Extracontextual Tones from outside your reality box.  Sleepiness is just a sign that your mind is yawning open, to receive as much of the infusion as possible.  You might call it dilation, in the terminology of a spiritual midwife.   




Things on this planet are shifting rapidly.  Our minds and frames-of-reference must learn to shift right along with them.  To accomplish this we are going to need to keep things simple and very close to home.  We have to be less "federal" in the administration of our belief system, and rely much more on "local" government to define and sustain us.  

In other words, we have to truly 'get' who is doing all these things.  Whether or not not we're fully ready to swallow it...........a whole new "meal" has been cooked up for us, and the waiter is delivering it to our plates this very moment.   

We are scanning the Internet, the Metaphysical Bookstores, and Spiritual Centers daily for any "new" information that sheds some light upon what is happening around us.  We want someone to "tell us how it is," so we can feel better, more confident, more sure of our path.  This is normal and natural.  And it will surely continue, as all relevant things must.  But the system does have flaws.  We have to deal with that now.  As useful as these communications are, there is a pitfall.  It's the same pitfall that has existed through the ages---in areas of religion, politics, and science.     

By assuming that there is some "story" out there, which perfectly encapsulates the core of what we're experiencing, we are denying that the "truth" does NOT come from "out there," (as the "X-Files Show" indicates) but comes from just INSIDE YOURSELF.  It flows through the very grid that we are using to filter words, images, and individuals that we encounter (including what you are reading in this article right now).  It is the grid that imprints our "image" on everything we see, feel, and hear.   It is all SELF, and that is how we must begin to relate to it.  




One of the primary purposes of this series is to explore these new tones that are entering our reality.  In order to do that, however, we must be willing to let go of what we already think we "know" in order to embrace what we could know.   Even though there is supposed to be a vast government "cover-up" going on now, the airwaves are full with books, tapes, videos, and other such materials, describing a whole host of "alien encounters" that are taking place around the world.  

Who or what do we believe?  What is the definitive word on all these "alien races" that are supposedly visiting Planet Earth?  And if things don't happen for us in the same ways they do for others, does that make our experience less valid than theirs? 

The Reconnections refer to us as Bridge People.  They call us Gatekeepers for our own personal reality.  We cannot abdicate this responsibility to anyone, lest we find our space contaminated with all sorts of random symbology--facts and story plots which seem quite irrelevant to our personal Itinerary in Limitation.  It is vexing, and tends to  fully consume our focus and our energy.  And yet, everywhere we look, there seems to be someone who is seeking to peddle a new story, or theory of creation.  

My friend Shirley and I once met a fascinating fellow while we were visiting Panther Meadows, on Mt. Shasta.   He was tall, muscular, bronzed, and appeared to be quite otherworldly.  His silver-white hair fell softly around his shoulders, framing a face that looked to be something out of a starship, somewhere in the 23rd Century.  A perfectly coiffed  beard and watery blue eyes made us quite certain that he was some Ascended Master, come down to Earth, to mingle with a few occasional humans. 

We struck up a conversation, and he revealed to us that he had been traveling around through California and Nevada for 27 years, camping and living off the land.  I felt led to ask him:  "What lessons have you learned during your time on the road?"   He smiled, and said simply:  "I never believe anything that anyone tells me, or that I read."  

I remember thinking how interesting that living by such a philosophy would be!  I have always been well-aware that our rapidly expanding modes of communication make it possible for one's mind to be completely inundated with thought forms and ideals that have absolutely no connection to (physical) life as he knows it.   

In fact, a good deal of the "political controversies" that exist among people today are all brain children---figures dancing across a TV screen, or leaping from the pages of newspapers.  What do we personally know of Afghanistan or Iraq?  Only what our media chooses to tell us.  Unless we move inward, and allow our intuition and sense of personal groundedness play the role of Gatekeeper for our minds, we are abdicating that role to NBC or CNN.  

In a sense, these thought forms and political "facts" are really ALIENS, entering our world through TV and newspapers---seeking to conquer and feed upon us.   And many, many people are being ravaged in their souls today because they cannot differentiate between what is "real" and what is "relevant" to them.  And slowly, insidiously, our Gates are being crashed open and overwhelmed with concerns and anxieties.  

Imagine what it will be like when those long-anticipated "ET Landings" begin to take place.  My God!  It will make the hysteria that was generated by Orson Wells' radio broadcast look like child's play.  People will have their faces glued to the tube, praying for any bit of information that Dan Rather or Ted Koppel wish to throw their way.  And there *is* a "dark agenda" about some of these landings.  Some of them will be facilitated (or even caused) by certain Earthly Concerns that are now focused on getting humankind to drop its national boundaries, in favor of the formation of a One World Government. 

Whether or not this "agenda" will take center stage in a person's life depends entirely upon the "ticket" that he or she has purchased at the Grand Central Station of Transformation.  If a One-World Government serves your purpose in that regard, then you will see it happen.  If it doesn't then it will not happen, at least in the way we have been told it will. 

As we speak about all this, my mind wanders back to the gentle character of Elliott, in the movie "ET, the Extraterrestrial."  As the plot unfolds, and the little 'alien creature' finds himself on the run, being hotly pursued by government agents and scientists, Elliott is wildly crying out to them:  "He came to ME!  He came to ME!!"  

And here, my friends, is the whole point.   The path ahead of us must involve a unique harmonization of the gifts of modern communication, with all its pomposity and distraction--- joined with the wholesome, self-contained philosophy that guided the life of that hearty fellow that we met up on the mountain.  We only pay attention to what specifically comes to us.   We only grant relevance and focused attention to that which we can personally relate to our journey, and which we can validate within our own spirit.  Though everything else is also "real," for us it may just not be immediately relevant.  And so, we leave it be.  




One of the most commonly shared experiences that is mentioned, by those who grew up on a transformational track, is the feeling of being an "alien" in their world.  Talking with the family, going to school, playing in the neighborhood, and otherwise attempting to fit into society was always colored by the sense that "I am different than they are."  Some people even imagine that the stork made a mistake when delivering them, and the records need to be reviewed and corrected!  

If you look on the bookshelf of any "transitional" being, you're going to find a whole host of books that deal with self-esteem, socialization skills, gaining and receiving love, and how to be successful as a person.  I laughingly refer to these as "head books."  We collect them because, deep down, we have a pervasive sense that what is happening in us does not happen to everyone.  For most of our lives, this has been a "thorn" in the flesh---a continual irritation, and something that we have desperately wanted to change.  

Now Spirit comes to us as though we are Abraham, about to plunge the knife into Isaac's sacrificial heart, as he lay upon that famous altar.   We are told:  "Wait!  Don't change that.  Leave yourself be!  Don't touch that dial!!!"

The Guides tell us:

"The feelings which you hold (or rather, the feelings which hold onto you).........are put there for a reason.  They were, early on, interpreted in such a way that they tended to limit you.  And that was well and good.  But now, in your latter days of awareness, what once limited you can now be a means of personal liberation and expansion.   

Your feelings of personal "alien-ation" (so to speak) were designed to be INPUT MODEMS for contact with those who live in other places, other times.   They are RESONANT RECEPTORS for those who would seek to merge with human consciousness, mid-stream."

And let's face it, shall we?  If you enter a dinner party that is already in progress, looking for a friend, are you going to immediately walk over to the guy who is the center of attention, telling all the jokes?  Or are you going to scan the room, checking for someone who seems a bit ill at ease?  Someone who looks sharp, but has nothing to distract them, and might be open for conversation with another shy newcomer?

No one reading these transmissions is stupid.  But many of us have been made to feel that way.  The world seems to (outwardly) work one way, while we (inwardly) seem to operate in an entirely different way.   

That can be frustrating, can't it?  

And, my friends, I can tell you that Spirit............and the ETs...........are eagerly scanning this Earthly "Party" for those who seem a bit withdrawn, a bit intimidated...........and whose innards are "wired" in just such a way that they have no problem (and no objection) with connected to another "alien" who might want to come and join the party.   Once again.......I call your attention to little "Elliott" in the movie "ET.....the Extraterrestrial."  He was a bit of a loner, a recluse.  He felt weird and alone in his world, and uncomfortable in his skin.  And yet, in the end, he was the one who was flying across the clouds, calling out:  "He came to ME!  He came to ME!"  

As I said in Part One of this series, I am writing about a STORY THAT IS IN PROGRESS.  And I have appreciated all the great comments and questions that have come from you, the readership, as we move forward on this journey.  

As we reach for the stars, we must rejoice, and give thanks for our scars.  Those things about ourselves that we've been most ashamed even to speak about, let alone accept.  The little "quirks" that make us feel "inhuman" or "weird."  Are we brave enough to do this?  Only the Shadow knows!  I look forward to sharing more about this, as the process continues.........Where no man has gone before. 



Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.  


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Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.