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Daniel Says:   Please allow me to introduce my friend, Aum Rak Sapper, a Mayan Priestess now living in Guatemala, near historic Lake Atitlan. 

Aum Rak is a powerful being, who travels extensively and has been educated abroad.  She speaks several languages. 

welcome to Atitlán

In the early days of her life, Aum Rak perceived a "call" to begin connecting with herself inwardly, where she began to form relationships with Beings in the Otherworld. 

Mayan New Year 
When the Mayan Elders approached her, she felt guided to put in many years of study and considerable practice with the healing arts before she accepted the call to officially become a Priestess.  She was the first in her area at that time.
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Aum Rak feels that we are in the midst of powerful and highly transformative times.  Here is how she describes her approach to spiritual work, in today's world.  The quotes are 100% Aum Rak!

"I seek to be in touch with the Mayan Science, like we call it, as a way to harmonize Science, Religion, and Art with the ways of Nature--The heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth.


I consider our multidimensional nature and I heal through cleansings of the aura using herbs, stones, honey, air, fire and water. Or the eggs of duck, turkey and chicken.

As we remember our dreams and become one with them, we learn to travel within our soul....

We are able to know the energy of the days and the cycles, and use them as a roadmap in our spiritual work....and growth.

In my travels, I find the Altars of Nature deep within the caves, or on the top of mountains and volcanoes and make great sacred fires with the best spices and incenses, in order to open energy vortex connections between the Father and the Mother.  In this way, I receive the energies of that location and allow it to enhance my DNA, so that I can receive the gifts that we need for Service. 

 Kinich Ajau

Contact Aum Rak :

San Marcos La Laguna,Atitlán, Guatemaya
Phone:  011-502-3052070



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Tour Guide for Sacred Sites

"It is not about the breaking of the bondage with time.   It is a total new concept of living, thinking, feeling.  It is a new consciousness---with the help of our the other side, and also our friends here.  We are the ones who are paving the way.  Every time a new angel is awakened, they contribute to the Whole Divine Plan. Towards all the good, pure and perfect."

magic of the Sacred Fire

Facilitator for Traditional Ritual and Ceremony

"Somehow, I have become something like a bridge, to connect the outer world of ideas with my Mayan brothers and sisters, but also explaining our ways to the people on their quests along the Mayan route."blessing

Teacher of Shamanism, Mayan Healing Techniques,
and the mayan Sacred Calendar

"There are all kinds of prophecies.   I don't usually go with them.  I trust that everything is perfect, and life is wonderful. hiiiiiiiiii

I do this for myself, and also for those
who are called to work with me.
2012" is the end of many different cycles, but also a new beginning, is it the real start of the so-called "New Era." 
From there on, it is all up to us."

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About Aum-Rak

Born in Guatemala, Aum-Rak had the opportunity to connect and explore the Maya from a very young age. She loved to spend hours in her grandparents` library mesmerised by the engravings of Mayan temples and pyramids, enchanted by the mysterious beauty of the jungle.

On her first visit to Tikal, Aum-Rak was amazed to see that she had in fact always been there in her dreams. The discovery of this immense connection, is what started Aum-Rak on her Zac Ek, spiritual path. Surrounded by the splendour of nature, she began to meditate on the temples and opened her consciousness to the science, art and magic of the Mayan world.
Since then, Aum-Rak has lived with cackchikel, quiche and Tzutuhil communities around Lake Atitlán, familiarising herself with the beautiful Mayan people and their traditions.

After the Peace Treaty of 1996 the Mayan elders began to teach the mysteries of the Nahuales, the Sacred Calendar, Fire Ceremonies and the amazing techniques to heal our multidimensional bodies. Aum-Rak was an enthusiastic student eager to submerge herself completely in her study as she now does with her practice.

Aum-Rak has always practised and believed in alternative medicine, the teachings of the Yoga and Transpersonal Psychotherapies. Initiated by 5 Mayan teachers, she started to experiment the new realities of the healing techniques, mystical and artistic expressions of creativity and a new service consciousness that enables her an encounter with her shamanic being and a new path, guided by energy-Nahuales, being sources of inspiration of a new cosmogony. awakening her intuitions.

Aum-Rak works through the Sacred Fire in healing of the mental, emotional physical and energy bodies and with the awakening of the consciousness using the Mayan Oracle, Soul Voyages and ceremonies to celebrate Life, Love and Light through dance, chanting, breathing and meditations.

Her techniques help connect oneself with energetic vortexes to the Inspiration of the Heart of the Heavens and the Heart of the Earth.

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