"Wild and Free"

One of my Face Book friends wrote this awhile back:

"I want to be where the Wild Things are....Institutional mind numb....do what I gotta do....while floating above....kinda smiling....trying to keep compsure....I don't know if I can do it for much longer....my soul itches for its natural disposition....freedom, songs, wandering, friends, and merriment.....until they catch up......day by day...I plan for no future....while I try to hear the here and know the now!  People just wanna have fun :-)  Oh yeah!  Life should be about fun....do as you please, harm none....I might have doubted but the change has really begun....I can feel rebirth churning, grinding, gearing....ready to erupt!  Way down deep at the Core, a star is born!  From the putrid to the pure...dimensional transmutation.  The thing we came here for....."

Her poetic note reminded me of some of the general themes running through the Group Soul of Indigos, Crystal and Star Children right now.  Having gotten fed up with the dismal state of the world at this time, Children of the New Earth are beginning to STAND UP AND TALK BACK.  Their values do NOT match the values of the outgoing ruling class.  America will not survive an effort to install a FEUDAL STATE.  We'll either have to make things more equitable, or what we'll have is anarchy.  That's not MY way.......never has been........but as I said, these new generations are built of sterner stuff.

"If the young are not initiated into the village,
they will burn it down just to feel its warmth."
[african proverb]

I wrote one of my Star Kin in London the other day to get an inside view of all that rioting going on over there.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind me sharing her assessment on things.  First off, she was glad she had a dog around the house---because "they" had been only a few blocks from her neighborhood the other night---and that had made her nervous.  Obviously, she is keenly aware of the underlying issues in play here, but she is also glad not to be caught in the "crosshairs" of an angry mob.

Here's how she described the youth in Britain:

"The youth have realized that there are there are millions of them and only tens of thousands of the police. The kids are sore from years of institutionalized racism, and from huge pressures from their peers. This shift in perception plus a complete lack of fear......and virtually NO input from their parents has produced a generation of feral street kids. They have a different social system, values and even language. These kids really are after the police---but any of us can get in their way if we r not careful. The children are awake and they are angry. The government has completely disconnected from the needs of the street and years of neglect and cutting social services are coming home to roost.

(DJ Note:  This shameless cutting of Social Services during desperate times, leaving all the entitlements in place for the politicians and Social Elite is also the current path of the U.S.   Britain is reflecting back to us here exactly what we can expect in the future if we continue blindly down this road.  Our own version of LES MISERABLES)  My friend continues....

"The kids have been spoon fed material desires and so they loot...but media will tell u they are opportunistic looters. We are underestimating their capacity for destruction and their desire to be acknowledged...it is a deep unconscious hunger. It is not an ethnic problem it is youth and poverty problem. I understand their anger towards the authorities because I am amongst the marginalized. It may get quiet but its not over yet."  (end quote)

My older son is 37, going on about 12.  He's Developmentally Special.......with many attributes of a full-grown adult, and many other attributes more resembling a disgruntled youth.  Though Jeffrey has been supported throughout his life by special programs and community services---he, too, is now showing signs of being "restless".........with an explosion of desire to be "Where the Wild Things Are"............He even wears a ski hat, with flames coming out the sides.  Until recently, he was a pretty happy-go-lucky guy.  Loving to meet new folks, and extend his hand.  But lately, I've been baffled by his sudden change of attitude---coupled with deliberate violation of some of his "rules" regarding finances and personal responsibility.  When confronted about this, he'll respond:  "It's a free country."

And herein is the rub.  Many of us---young and old alike---are beginning to realize that it ISN'T A FREE COUNTRY.  And some folks are very angry about that.  Even my son, who is generally quite well-adjusted, has an air of repressed rage within him now.  When I ask him about how he feels, he can't put it into words.  But he certainly is managing to WEAR IT for me.....like any good Indigo would.

In my work with young folks online, some of my long-time youthful friends are beginning to find reasons to distance themselves---often for reasons they cannot explain.  If you're older, and you even carry a HINT of authority in your energy (I'm a Leo male)......it's just as easy to judge someone and trash a relationship as it is to give an old fellow the benefit of the doubt.  Young folks talk about "freedom of expression".........but if you enter their circle, not displaying the usual "dress code".......in other words, dressing too much like a "normie"...........you can be just as judged as someone who wears goth make-up to a Town Hall Meeting.

My son hides behind "It's a free country."  But how "free" will it seem if he uses his rent money to play scratch tickets, and rent time comes around?  Doesn't the Landlord have "Freedom" to throw him out on the street?

This is the Unreasonableness of Anarchy......as it comes face to face with the Unreasonableness of Ultra Conservatism.  The super rich say:  "We should have the FREEDOM to help others or to keep our own money. We don't want big government to tell us who to help, or how to spend our hard-earned money"   Meanwhile.......while the bankers and landowners are sitting on their billions, refusing to invest in America and hire Americans (even if they have to pay a bit more).......they get upset if the Anarchists come trampling through their expensive gardens, or a terrorist blows up a building.  So they turn to the Government (considerably reduced in budget now) and say:  "Protect us!!"

A House that is THIS DIVIDED against itself CANNOT STAND.  We've watched that happen all through history.  Everyone seems to have an "opinion" about what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they designed the Constitution.  Nowadays, any old windbag (like me) can come up with perfect reasoning why we should or shouldn't help our neighbor.........or his children, if they're in trouble.  Having trained generations of lawyers in the skills of bending truth to fit our private purposes, we have become estranged to the ULTIMATE TRUTHS that are the foundation of everything:  Love your neighbor as yourself.........because he IS yourself.  We ask not for whom the bell is about to toll, my friends.  It's about to toll for US, unless we wake up and smell the b.s. we're shoveling, at all levels.




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