What Motivates You?
by Daniel Jacob

We continue now with our study on Gifts of the Spirit. As you may recall from last month’s article, the Reconnections spoke about three categories of them: Orientations of Spirit (what motivates you), Operations of Spirit (what happens when you practice your gift), and Opportunities for Service (what calls out to you for help).

I find it interesting that the Guides make little reference to just plain old “abilities,” or what we call “talents.” They accept that people have them, but they are not included in this particular discussion because talents are so under the guidance of human ego. A person can do anything using his talents. But a Spiritual Gift is what uses YOU, when you allow yourself to be open enough to be motivated by something that centers itself beyond ego and human will.

Orientations of Spirit speak about how your Gifts feel, how they help to form your personality and motivational core. Once a soul has been “quickened,” or awakened from the 3D Dream, how will that awakening be expressed in everyday actions and goals?

The word “inspiration” literally means “to be filled with a spirit.” When people awaken, they become inspired and energized. Their levels of sensitivity change, and their minds and hearts begin receiving input from outside the “reality box” in which they once lived. What used to be of prime importance may suddenly be cast aside, and a whole new set of priorities are set in its place. Friends scratch their heads and wonder, and the whole world seems to become different.

Although the “Quickening,” of which I speak, is happening in many transforming older folks today, the largest numbers of those who are being filled by Spirit are found in Generations X, Y, and Z. Most of them come onto the planet already “wired” for profound spiritual contact, and their upgraded nervous systems are easily able to handle the voltage increase that comes with the process. What they cannot handle, however, is being quickened while they are confined within a narrow, judgmental, or exacting 3D environment, devoid of understanding and personal freedom. If that happens, all manner of difficulty can occur inside the kid, such as depression, physical illness, attention deficit difficulties, and even physical violence.

Understanding the Spiritual Orientation (Motivational Gift) of a young person can provide a key into the Secret “Kingdom” that rules his mind and heart. All of that internal wiring will, most likely, be wrapped around something. What would that something be? What is it that a person would naturally tend to do every day, even if he wasn’t paid to do it? What is it that, from the day he (or she) was born, always seemed to be the central focus of that young person’s life?

Giving and Receiving Joy
I believe it was the late, great, Robert Monroe, Founder of the Monroe Institute, who coined the phrase: “I am more than my physical body.” Mr. Monroe was a pioneer in the field of Meditation and Astral Travel. It was his teachings that helped facilitate my own definition for the term “spiritual.” What does it mean to be “spiritual?” I believe it means that, although we honor and own our physical body as a true aspect of whom and what we are, we also realize that we are much more than a single temple of human flesh. We are connected to everything and everyone.

Your Spiritual Orientation is the “lens” through which you view your world. It’s what gives you Joy and Purpose. Everything you do, everything you consider important will be fed through that grid, and be interpreted in ways that make sense to someone who is attuned to your particular portion of the Oneself Planetary Body. At our core, we are ALL OF IT. We are ONE. In our 3D embodiment, however, we each have a job—a place where we can be of use to the Oneself as a Whole.

As our collective knowledge of Spiritual Gifts expands, so does our understanding of these Orientations that connect and energize the Oneself Body from within. There are seven Orientation Gifts that correspond to actual Chakras of the Oneself Body. They represent Primary Motivations that are distributed to those who have chosen to be part of the "Ground Crew", as Planet Earth goes through its manifold changes. These motivations were first mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible in the Book of Romans, Chapter 12. They were written by Master Hilarion, who was then embodied as the Apostle Paul. The study and integration of this knowledge makes a nice start on finding our connection to the "energetic flow" that is moving through Planet Earth at this time.

The Greek word "Charismation" (kar-is-ma-tyon), which is translated as “Gift” in this passage, is the root from which we derive our English word "Charisma." The prefix "char" literally means "joy." You may find it easier to understand and identify your Spiritual Orientation if you simply think of it as your own personal form of "magic." What is it that you do most easily, with the least effort, which produces the most joy and love in your life?

The Seven Grounding Motivations, mentioned by Paul, are as follows:

Truth Telling (Prophecy): Those whose root motivation is to go beyond the superficial issues that take up time and energy in life, and go right for the heart of any matter. They value truth and clarity above all other things. (This motive usually is accompanied by the ability to channel, teach, or speak in a clear but elegant manner).

Giving: People who know how and when to give toward or supply tangible, human needs. (This motive usually is accompanied by an uncanny ability for investment, or an ability to obtain money and/or materials to support the completion of key goals or projects.

Teaching: Also called the "Gift of Research." People whose tireless motivation is to get all the facts, resources, and knowledge that is available about key life issues, and arrange them for presentation in an orderly system and compelling format.

Exhortation: The motivation to encourage, counsel, and assist people as they go through life choices and transitions. Most often practiced in a one-on-one setting... but can also be channeled to groups (as though they were one person).

Mercy: The motivation to relieve pain--psychically or physically. The word most often associated with this gift is COMFORTER. People who are motivated to show mercy frequently practice empathic healing and soul retrieval as well. They pull the “thorns” from our psyche, when the time is right.

Helps: Someone who loves to see things run smoothly, especially physical things in 3D... logistics, supply, mechanical or domestic abilities that make life easier for the community and which help to "feed the masses."

Administration: Someone whose goal is to efficiently align people, things, groups, and life patterns so that maximal efficiency is achieved with minimal effort.

These are the Basic Seven. More expansion on this topic may be gained through reading the entire transmission on the subject. Because we are discovering many more chakras in the Oneself Body than those that are focused heavily into 3D, there will be many more Orientation Gifts to explore and define as well. We may speak more about those in due time. These are the basics for human 'grounding and community.' If human government or social systems begin to fail, we will probably begin noticing our Children of the New Earth piecing together a transitional societal format, based on Motivational Spiritual Gifts.

Many Spiritual Gifts are focused, not upon this 3D World, but on A BRIDGE that is being built, between this world and the rest of The Multiverse. People who spend time out working on “The Bridge,” are people who have great gifts of visualization, alternative thinking, and geometric design. They busy themselves in the process of imagining how the world COULD BE, rather than studying how it is. Instead of focusing into being part of the “Ground Crew” for Planet Earth, they spend their lives (and energy) high in the air--and their motivations for living, and their personal priorities will reflect this. Some like to call them “dreamers” and “slackers.” The Reconnections refer to these types of folks by an old term that Walt Disney invented. They call them “IMAGINEERS.”

Motivation and Inclination
What we are addressing in today’s study is not merely the things that people do. Instead, we are examining WHAT MOVES PEOPLE to do what they do. Chances are, everyone reading this list has performed all seven activities, listed above, at some time in life. But what MOVATED YOU to action when you performed that task? Where was your focus? What was the seat of your joy?

Do you clean closets so that your mind can have more clarity (Gift of Prophecy), or do you clean them out so that your life can function with greater ease and efficiency (Helps, Administration)?

Do people continually come to you and share their problems? If so, you may naturally be an Exhorter or Mercy Shower. And if you spend time talking with them, are you seeking to put them back on the “right” track (Prophecy), educate them about how their problem is connected to all humankind (Teaching), or do you just want to help them feel better (Mercy)?

During these times of rapid spiritual expansion, it behooves all of us to pay close attention, not only to WHAT we are doing, but WHY. Then, after we have grasped the essence of our own Motivational Core, we can begin pinpointing the Gifts of those around us. This leads to greater understanding and tolerance for all involved.

There will come a time, the Recons tell us, when a Oneself Society will begin organizing itself around these Spiritual Orientations of which I am now speaking. Instead of being bound together by nationalist concerns, political or religious creeds, or financial interests—society will gather together in Service Communities (or Guilds), dedicated to exploring and expanding the Core Desires and Motivations of the human heart.

There will be Communities for those who have the Gift of Helps, Organizers, Prophets, Counselors, and so on. As new motivational gifts are identified, new Guilds can be dedicated to gather and nourish those motivations as well. We may even decide (like we did in Atlantis) to wear colored garments, depicting the Orientation Gifts that illuminate and energize our souls. This will make it easier for people who need our services to identify us.

As children begin to manifest certain traits or inclinations, possibly suggesting the Orientation Gift or Gifts they brought in with them, they can join a Guild that best seems to support that Motivational Core. Integration into a Oneself Society must be left entirely in the hands of the child, who is free to move around until he finds a Guild that best suits his personality, or organizes a new one than expands human knowledge and community even further.

The Educational Systems of the Future will eventually catch on to the fact that you attract more “flies” with honey than you do with vinegar. And by then, we should have moved beyond the attitude that children are either the responsibility or property of their parents. That kind of thinking is balderdash. Beyond some initial logistical grounding that must happen, during infancy and toddler stages, children deserve to be as sovereign and independent as anyone else in the society. And just because children come through us, through our genes and our birth canals, that doesn’t mean that we have ownership over them. Kahlil Gibran very effectively articulated that.

I know that many New Kids (and adults, too) are loathe to apply labels, in regards to human personality. I do not share this material with the design of pigeon-holing anyone, or stuffing groups of people into boxes. How this information is applied will vary, from individual to individual. It is my hope that we can use it as a springboard, to further expand our connection to the Inner Self, as well assist society to move our collective interests away from just the “bottom line” (financial budgets and spreadsheets), and firmly implant them in what brings maximal JOY into each life. If we spread and nurture the JOY, monetary and resource prosperity (for all) will not be far behind.


Daniel Jacob is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates - a multi-therapy clinic - in Kirkland, Washington, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 19 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves “The Reconnections.” Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of ‘The Star Children’ in depth. He calls it a ‘tonal infusion for the New Age.’ For more information about Daniel and his work visit www.thestarchildren.com, www.reconnections.net, or e-mail him directly at: daniel@reconnections.net.


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