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As we enter into the Age of Vibrational Medicine, we need to adapt a new working model of the Human Body.. Viewing the body as a marvelous machine has produced some fantastic innovations in health care…….artificial hearts, organ replacement, bionic devices to heal and regulate life, etc.. No one would want to forsake those in a quest for expanded insight.. And I don’t believe we have to.

There will always be scientists and healers who tend toward more “mechanistic” viewpoints……who forget their patients’ names, preferring to remember them as “the gall bladder, in room 12..” It’s funny, in a way, and tragic too.. But it does produce FOCUS, and that can be advantageous, at times.. With too much focus, one tends to miss the forest for the trees....


The Human Body is more than just a machine... It is a Crystallization of Singular Consciousness..

Vibrational Medicine holds that FIRST we have a tone, an idea…….or a group of tones……called an “Energy Configuration” or a “Pattern” or “Dynamic”………..which eventually has the power to manifest into physical form. Energy precedes Solid Matter..

Think of vapor, water, and ice. They are all the same substance, though their manifestations indicate that they all vibrate at different rates.. Nothing is solid, really.. Everything is in motion.. But sometimes the motion is so slow that we don’t see the changes until much later..



That's the whole idea of 3D, you know.. It's like that "10 second delay" on talk radio.. By the time we figure out that nothing is solid, we've already had an experience of it as such..

Energy doesn’t always NEED to manifest physically, but frequently it does.. You might say that physicality is the “training wheels” of the Multiverse.. We bring things into form so we can see them, study them, feel them, and acknowledge the TONES that are present within them.. Other things flow by us, which we merely accept, and they don’t need to manifest here………..though they will always manifest SOMEWHERE in the Multiverse.. But in each 3D journey, we only see what we need to see in order to accomplish what we came to experience..

WE are SO MUCH MORE than our physical body.. But we ARE that body.. It is ONE FACET of the Multidimensional Jewel which we are.. The body, and all other aspects of a 3D universe are crystallizations of all those ideas and themes in life about which we are still confused, or in resistance.. It is our SHADOW, a MIRROR for some aspect of our Soul's Evolution...



Instead of focusing on "dysfunctions" in the body's machinery, Vibrational Medicine begins at the OUTER RIM of manifestation and works its way inward.. What is the body's INTENTION in being here now? What did we hope to learn by becoming physical? When seen from this perspective, we come to realize that what we once thought was a mere "glitch" in body function is actually the body's articulation of an important MESSAGE......something we need to comprehend before we move foward in our journey......

Immobility or Injury can be the body's way of saying "Stop! Listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.." Pain is often the body's way of saying: "You haven't quite heard me yet..." It can also be a living depiction of the RESIST DANCE between two opposing forces, playing itself out within a single body...



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