"Trusting Your Inner Flow" 

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


One of the primary traits of a Master is perseverance in the areas of life that provide him with the most passion and sense of purpose. In order to do this, he simply refuses to get bogged down in the minutia of life. What’s more, his universe seems to be forever conspiring with him, to bypass as much “red tape” as possible, while still keeping his feet “on the ground” and in touch with the spirit of the age in which he lives.

The old story about the absent-minded professor is very true indeed. Even as more “responsible” folk tend to ignore messages from their Inner “Genie” because they have too much to do, a true pioneer always seems to find time to work his miracles. This doesn’t always make for a fully integrated and predictable lifestyle, but it sure can lead to greatness in those areas of life where it really counts.

As I have previously mentioned, there can be a difference between “public genius” and “personal genius.” Those who seek after fame, at the expense of personal freedom, often lose both. But those who are genuinely, sincerely captivated by their own lives—focusing steadily upon those things which excite them (regardless of what other people think, or seem to want)—are often admired for that quality, and become famous in spite of themselves!


At this current vibration in history, the human brain is no longer capable of controlling our life path. It just can’t move quickly enough. And so, it seems that something else has taken over. This “something” is a center of consciousness that lives just outside our reality “box”—a true and valid part of us that has daily interface with the infinite. If we are forever trying to figure things out before acting on the inclinations of our spirit, Inner Genius may just pass us by.

In the late 80s, I heard the following words channeled from a powerful entity, working with The Extraterrestrial Earth Mission, in Arizona. I have never forgotten them:

“Either you learn to follow your spirit without hesitation, or you will end up following your hesitation without spirit.”

Inspiration can come and go in an instant. Frequently, we have little advance warning that something wonderful is about to occur. The urge to follow a new path can begin merely as instinct, and then build into something fantastic from there. But the power to discern these “pivotal moments” is primarily a function of the feeling self.

To date, emotional connection has been one of the primary elements that have been missing on Planet Earth. The influx of new energies, arriving between June and September of this year, will change all that. Humanity is in for a wild ride, for some time to come. But, in the end, we will be far better off for it.

Clearly, many of us need to make some OUTER adjustments before some of our INNER brilliance will be allowed to come to the surface. Now is the time for us to begin to do that. Relationships, work, hobbies, finances…all these “earthly” things………..need to (slowly and gently) be brought into submission to the primary energy source that already flows from the center of our being. I refer to this as our “Innate” or our “Innate Self.”

To be clear, I am not advocating arranging life according to what you want, or how you wish to be perceived. I am speaking about aligning your outward connections and responsibilities with how you truly are. Our body energy is a great barometer for this. When we are moving with Innate Flow, we feel alive, vibrant, and full of creative power. When we are not—though we experience many types of outward success, approval or physical reward—a large part of us feels disconnected and dead.

People in search of innate genius must learn to take an honest, unbiased look at themselves when they are alone--in their own “habitat.” They need to let their hair down, wear comfortable clothing, and lose the need to constantly monitor how they appear, or what others are thinking about them.

What activities make you feel warm and alive? What conditions help you relax? Around what types of people do you feel safe to simply be who you are--without extraneous effort or feigned interest? Once you have answered these questions, you will have determined what type of “soil” to plant yourself in, in order to remain “fertile.” You will have discovered a “home” for your expanding soul. When you do, everything else will naturally clear itself.



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