Daniel Jacob
Writer, Conscious Channel, Bio-Energy Bodyworker


I am a writer, a Bio-Energetic Bodyworker, a Rebirther, A Teacher of Metaphysics, and have been a seeker of personal truth and wisdom since the early 1970's. I am Founder of Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates-a Multi-Therapist Clinic in the Greater Seattle Area, specializing in Muscular Rehabilitation, Sports Injury, Stress Management, and Personal Transition Work.  

Reconnections, Inc. became our parent Corporation in 1996.   This grew out of the writings from The Reconnections, as well as a growing network of colleagues and students who are deeply focusing upon the Global Transformation that is coming onto the Earth.  

I am a native of Southern California, now living in the Greater Seattle area. I have two sons: Joe, who is 24 and Jeffrey, who is 28.  My sons are true pictures of the diversity that I enjoy inside.  Joe is a film-maker, and works in Video Production locally.  He is a powerful young man, a Leo, with a definitive viewpoint, and well-defined tastes.  Jeffrey is a true lover of humanity.  Being developmentally "special," he has plenty of time to involve himself in his music, and the wonderful people who help him in his adaptation to the world.  He always has time to be interested in life, and is very sensitive when people pass over to the other side.    

I absolutely LOVE to travel, and have spent a lot of my time visiting power spots on the planet, integrating energies from there, and including those ideas in my writings and discussion groups. I have been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Hong Kong, Canada, and hope soon to go to France. My favorite sites in the U.S. include Sedona, Mt. Shasta, Santa Fe, and Taos.  

This great change we are making now is greater than anything we have done in history. It is more powerful than even we allow ourselves to realize. Now is a time of mixing and mingling of energies--a time of integration. I have been through a whole gamut of emotions and changes over these last 8 years. I suspect I'll be required to go through a whole lot more. I enjoy friends who take their spiritual path as seriously as I do mine. I like it when people are not afraid to give of their gifts to each other. That is the key to our survival into the next century.






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Daniel Jacob, Reconnections, 413 14th Avenue West, Kirkland, Washington, 98033, U.S.A.