"Those Confounded Video Games!"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

How many parents across the land have thrown up their hands in total frustration over the amount of time and energy their kids invest in playing those confounded Video Games?  Day and night, night and day.......it seems that, before long, our Next Generation will develop permanent gun sights, right there in their visual field.  Can all this possibly be good for them?  Has our wondrous electronic age finally betrayed us, and stolen away the souls of those who will one day inherit the Earth? 

Not really.  For one thing, many of their young souls have already "stolen away" on their own.  What did the great Irish poet, W.B. Yeats say to children who are born into a violent, confusing  turbulent age? 

"Come Away O, Human Child!  To the waters and the wild.  With a faery hand-in-hand.  For the world's more full of weeping than ye can understand....." 

Part of the "Star Children" CD features a section on "The Stolen Child," describing the transformation of a "normal" happy child into a "changeling," a mere shell of him or herself.  The universe has ways of protecting and nourishing our kids in their journey when we adults fail to watch over them as we promised.  I spoke about this at length in "The Razor's Edge" and also in the article "No Parent Left Behind." 

I saw a bumper sticker the other day which read:  "In a wartime economy, ALL children get left behind."  And when this happens, "invisible friends" come to comfort them, and direct them how to deal with the situations that present themselves.      

I mean.........let's be honest here.  How much of the "concern" that is being shown by parents is actually JEALOUSY that their little ones have actually found something SO COMPELLING, so enrossing........that they actually seem to "go away" for a time......into worlds of magic, passion, intensity, and wild abandon?  

And here's a "new" insight I'd like to add to the mix.  Our Next Generation is very sensitive to the "mess" in which This Generation finds itself.  They have wars, intrigue, corruption, terror, and disgust coming at them from all quarters, and no adult seems to be coming up with answers for how to meet these challenges.  So.....in the presence of this VOID OF SOUL....... kids begin applying some answers of their own.   In my article on "Empathic Healing," I spoke about how kids living in turbulent households (or a turbulent world) tend to SUCK UP that turbulence, into themselves, and neutralize it , disbursing what's left of it into Astral Realms...........Realms of Imagination.........Worlds of Wonder.  They take what they know of their "actual world," and become ENERGETIC EXHAUST PORTS for all that intensity anhrough the "violence" of these games they play.   

Is it any wonder that our kids get so engrossed...........so intent on avoiding sorry outmoded rhymes of:   "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall," when they can be G.I.s or Martial Arts Warriors, flinging destructive ALPHA MALE VIBES out of etheric windows, before adulterated humankind blows itself out from under them?   When we look at things from THEIR VIEW, from the standpoint of "generations to come"........we begin to realize they are WORKING, OVERTIME.......harder and more diligently than any adult seems to be to save a bit of this 3D world for themselves. "Babylon."  That's what the Indigo Teens call our current societal system. 

Not every kid is doing "Grid Work" through Video Games.  Some are gathering on the Dream Scape, and some are busy drawing, singing, dancing their way into this New Vibration that is coming in.  The point is:  before we criticize them and try to control the SURGE that is moving in our kids, we may want to try looking at it through different eyes than the traditional viewpoint that produced all this energy pollution in the first place.   




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