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A Parent's Response to "Talking With Star Kids"

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Thank you so much for your sharing.  I am forwarding a response synchronicity inspired.  I thought it may be of some interest.
Sue Ann

DJ:  And thank you, Sue Ann.    My responses to these ideas are below. 

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Subject: Re: [Ascensionl] CONVERSATIONS WITH "STAR KIDS" by Daniel Jacob
Q:  My youngest son took the WASL test mentioned in the article.  I do have my doubts about the test itself.  My son's High School received a failing grade.  They are now under the microscope, so to speak, to improve in their teaching, or their federal funding will be severely curtailed.  And this is a very economically depressed community.

DJ:  I would be interested to know the effect that "being under the microscope" is having on the administration and teachers of that school.   In a sense, putting a school "under the microscope" simulates for the faculty what the students feel when they are given mandates to "learn," rather than gentle encouragement to follow the inner flow within.  If these teachers could feel the correspondence between their inner reaction to the feds and a student's resistance to "homework," they would go a long way towards building rapport with the mind of the students.  From that point, they could make adjustments that would produce huge changes in student morale. 


Q:   I bothered to ask my son, what he thought the reason was for so many students unable to meet the standards for average.  He said he knew the kids could.  They just didn't care.

DJ:   Did you ask him WHY they didn't care?   Let me hazard a guess.  You can confirm or deny it with your son.  They don't care because the test is "required of them," rather than voluntary.  No one likes to be "required" to do things.  Daily, each of us has desires and interests that naturally surface.  The timing and flow of these desires is a key to our inner psyche and personal growth process.  If school were used as a means to feed the "flame" of that sense of curiosity and desire---rather than as a place where attention and productivity is "required," the amount of caring about the process would triple overnight.  

Q:  The article written commented about wondering how one mind could influence so many others and what I would like to illuminate is, it doesn't take much energy at all to inspire rebellion in teenagers.  For that matter, it doesn't take much to inspire rebellion in any of us.  The energy of rebellion is, after all, how we went about creating the game of duality in the first place.  

DJ:  It's easy for the administrative mind to view what happened with that test as "rebellion."  If somebody doesn't do what we require of him or her---they are rebelling, right?   But there is also another view that could be taken.  Perhaps the kids were simply choosing to show the school what THEY WANT, what's important to THEM.  Is that rebellion, or is it simply a form of communication between "equals." 

Kids come into this world with the clear impression that the adults own everything, and they are"visitors" in a realm that their parents own.  We have property rights.  Among the bits of "property" which adults claim for themselves are the kids, themselves!   Is it any wonder that age 2 is called "the terrible twos?"   It's about that time when a kid realizes that his name is Kunta Kinte.........and the "massah" is now in charge. 

When you're an adult, especially an adult can take a person to court for raping you.  In the court, the judge will look at your attacker and say:  "No means No."   When you're an adult, it's against the law to molest and kidnap a person.  When you're a kid, molestation (defined as making you do things not for love, but against your will) is absolutely a way of life.   For kids, "No" does NOT mean "No."   It means you have to go to your room, to the principal's office, or to bed without supper.  You are not simply "choosing," you are rebelling.  That's a bad message to give to a 2 year old mind.  The resistance response begins there, and stays active for the rest of a person's life.   


Q:  It doesn't matter what we don't care about, simply the expression of not caring is a 'sign' for me. 

DJ:  Excuse me?   It doesn't matter?   Who said so?  It certainly matters to the person who is feeling it.  The fact that you're saying this is also a "sign."  I don't mean to be disrespectful.  I just want to be clear about what I am seeing here.   

Q:  Ok, so I don't care for the ideas of being "collated and classified".   It's also not a reality, so why would we give it the power of one?  Fighting it, resisting it, only gives power of energy to it, like it was real. 

DJ:  You're getting very "zen" on me here.  Do you mean to say to me that being "collated and classified" is NOT a reality in these kid's worlds?   You're invalidating a very strongly held viewpoint.  As the angel said, in the movie "City of Angels"............"Some things are true, whether you believe in them or not." 

Q:  If we truly desire to gracefully dissolve the veils of illusions, it might help a bit to cease choosing to feed into the illusion. 

DJ:  What illusion?   Someone is stepping on your toe, pushing you down the stairs, or forcing you to do three hours of homework per night.  You're going to walk up to that person and say:  "Excuse me, but what you are objecting to doesn't exist.  It's only a figment of your imagination.  If we start doing will be no wonder that our kids run away from us, and go to the Internet, the movies, or anyone else who won't invalidate their reality.  Remember what that little boy said to Bruce Willis in "The Sixth Sense?"  He said:  "How can you HELP ME, if you don't believe me?"  

Q:  It doesn't matter how many tests, how many tries, how many formats are used,  individuality is not going to be eliminated.  Repressed and suppressed maybe.  But collated and catalogued, never.  It's simply an impossible idea. 


DJ:   Wait till they offer you an "identity chip" embedded into some part of your body.  Wait till all knowledge about you is separated, stacked, and classified (by gender, religion, zip code, or sexual preference)'s heading that way, really fast............ into an international database, available to any government official who wants to look at it.  What will you say about "illusion" then?   


Q:  Maybe the Governor would have listened if the energy of expression hadn't been a vibration of rebellion?  As it was, the dance in play, the energy of the dance, was one of resistance.  We send resistance out and lo and behold, what do we get back?  Resistance. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.  Maybe no one is as wise or as dumb as they think they are?

DJ:   Exactly.  That's the point here.  You've hit on a big thing.  And, truthfully, you're also hitting upon a MEGA-POWERFUL means of turning things around, even while we're in this present, broken-down society.  Your concept of "non-resistance," coupled with complete OWNERSHIP of the "system" as an aspect of SELF.............(including parents, teachers, politicians, and so forth) is a KEY to turning things around.  I'll be writing more about this.  Maybe we can work on it altogether.   I'm not at odds with you here.  Once rapport is hit upon with these kids.........the next step would be to help them find ways to channel their creativity that do not include becoming RAMBO and blowing up the town, or a druggie and running away from it.  The principle of "non-resistane" and merging with one's "enemy"...........acknowledging that they are part of ourself...........a part that WE, indeed, a huge tool in turning this failing society around. 

For those interested in this concept, I would offer the following reading in this regard:



Q:  I know what I'm doing about it.  The children in my community show signs of needing attention.  They don't care because no one has ever shown them they're worth caring about.  My husband calls it "lazy parent syndrome". 

DJ:   The flip side of "rebellion" in school is rebellion by parents about the MANDATE to take care of their kids.   Parents are not shirking their "duties" because they hate their kids, or because they don't care.  They are rebelling against the MANDATE to do so.  This grows out of a societal structure that focused the locus of power into the parents, and away from the child.  Where authority exists, so does responsibility.  We all know that.  So why give all this "authority/responsibility" to parents?  Why own our kids, so we have to maintain them?  That's a bad start.  There is another way.  

Kahlil Gibran tell us:  "Your children are not your children.  They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself."  Maybe if parents stop OWNING their kids, they won't feel so STRESSED about having to maintain them.  Nowadays, with this new strain of energy coming through in these kids, one of the best ways for us to "take care of a kid" is simply to stay out of his or her way.   

Your concern about "neglected" children is great.  I truly believe that "it takes a village to raise a child."  One hour of your WILLING participation in that child's life is worth more than 5 hours of a parent's "duty."  But truly.......the children would not be so "bored and neglected" if they knew they had options and rights and powers to re-locate and re-attach that everyone else in society has.  To review this more, I would invite you to review a new way of structuring society.  It's called THE IMAGINE NATION.  I would be interested to know your thoughts on this. 

Q:  I don't think it's intentional.  I just think it's a product of not knowing.  Far too often children are left with the TV, video game or computer for company and entertainment. 

DJ:  You speak about the "machines" as if they are preferable to some of the "machines" that are called teachers and parents in some of our schools and homes today.  A machine is a machine.  Granted, not all teachers are this way...........and not all parents are this way............but many are.  A huge amount of them are.  They can't help it.  They complied, and part of them died.  And the kids under their "care" are REQUIRED to stay "classified and collated" with them for a year, several years, or until they are 18 or until they run away (which many do).  That is because they are not recognized as being "real" until one of those events happen.  This is also why kids end up in the penal system.  When you misbehave, people take you seriously.  It's a negative way of getting "respect," but people do listen.  Those boys who blew up Columbine lost their lives, but they made a huge IMPRESSION on the system.  They became suicide bombers, and they made their point.  It's very sad, and very unnecessary to have this happen.  We can do it another way!  None of us has to die--inside or outside.  But these kids are treated like "dolls" and they belong to Mommy and Daddy, The State, or the Department of Social Services.  This is talked about at length in the first chapter of IMAGINE NATION.  This is wrong.  We have to let go of this, and soon!  It will be cheaper on our "adminstrative budget" as well.  In the long run, giving up controlling others is always cheaper, and yet it eventually reveals itself to be more effective.  Isn't that a hopeful concept?  

Q:  It's not an easy task to work all day, then come home and cook, clean and give time and attention to our children with their studies, encouraging them, helping them create confidence  in their capacities to learn and to understand.  Around here, many parents have shift jobs.  Only one parent may be home with the children and often that parent is exhausted. 

DJ:  Exactly!!  You're making my case for me.  And many of those "jobs" are held because those parents NEVER LEARNED how to go after their own personal passion in life.  They followed the "path of least resistance."  They were taught how to be rats in a maze.  They lost touch with their inner magical child.  You get up, you go to school, you do your homework, you go to bed.  You get up, you go to school, you do your homework, you go to bed.  You get up, you go to WORK, you tend to your chores and children, you go to bed.  No passion.  No energy.  No joy.  No life.  It becomes hereditary.  These lives you are describing...........the Star Kids can SEE THIS.............and they can FEEL the drudgery and pain associated with being "collated and classified."  It isn't ILLUSION to them.  It's going on right in front of their faces.  Is it any wonder that your son's friends DON'T CARE about that WASL test?  To them, it is the ANTI-CHRIST. 

Q:  I've volunteered to be a part of my daughter's school's Home Work Club.  I'll go and help as often as they can use me.   The principal of my son's school has also asked for help.  I'm going to volunteer there, too, even if it's only a few suggestions. 

DJ:   Your participation is beautiful.  If it brings you joy, all power to you.  However, from many of the kid's point of view, your participation is simply a bit of DUCK TAPE that is being applied to a BROKEN SYSTEM, to keep the hamster wheels turning.   We need much, much more. Let's all get together and talk about it some more, shall we?

Q:  (Like maybe the history teacher could leave his personal perspective that the Jews were the cause of WWII at home.  And maybe suggesting the Honors English teacher could assign some other kind of classic than one that is depressing, one filled with tales of self defeat and self destruction which makes the kids feel awful when reading it.  Why would a child be inspired  and encouraged to read if the activity wasn't enjoyable?)

DJ:  And maybe the child DOESN'T REALLY NEED to be inspired to learn.  Maybe he has a whole world of "inspiration" going on inside of him, waiting to be liberated.  What does he do when he is not being initiated upon by his parents and teachers?  What are his curiosities?  What are his personal interests?  If we created a non-mandatory LEARNING SPACE for children to come and "express their interests" or inquire into their own self-designed sensory experience...........and offered them experienced folks who could acquaint them with reference materials, pictures, resources, as well as connect them to OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE THOSE SAME INTERESTS............what would they do?   Would they not JOYFULLY LEAP INTO ACTION............ staying there, day and night, laboring away...........with pure love and devotion?  Isn't this what the Internet is, really?  An unlimited LEARNING SPACE?   Is it any wonder that our kids want to sit there, and play, and learn..........24/7????

And who is to define who is the "teacher" and who is the "student?"  That history "instructor" who speaks about the Jews is sharing who he is with those kids.  If he didn't have all the "leverage" that he carries...............(the kids have to sit and listen, and respect him, no matter what)............any group of alert, sentient, kiddoes could easily call him on his bullshit........and "re-educate" him in a New York minute.  But they aren't empowered to do that.  So, as he goes into his "crap" in the classroom..........and they just tune him out.  If the administration comes to the teacher and says:  "You can't be who you are," then the TEACHER will tune THEM out.  The rebellion response nearly ALWAYS follows a mandate from "authority."  In my opinion, a true AUTHORITY is a person who understands this, and doesn't go need to go there.  He finds another way to gain entrance into the topic that doesn't negate who people naturally are.  When all is said and done.........Wayne Dyer has it just about right:  "This is my way.  What is YOUR way?  "The" way doesn't exist."   

Q:  I'm addressing the causes with solutions...without creating any battles over illusions. 

DJ:  I can feel your heart.  You are a gem.  You love, you care, and you're STILL ALIVE.  But methinks that some of your beliefs about "illusions" and "solutions" are still heavily invested in the old paradigm and the present societal structure.  I have a lot of love and gratitude for you.  You're speaking up.  You're reaching out.  You are willing to be a BRIDGE.  Hugs to you, Dear One!!!

Q:  Maybe the children what-you-may-call-ums might consider that when we are of one mind, we don't have to take on any battles, for we aren't rebelling/resisting any part?

DJ:   Many of those "what-you-may-call-ums" are still fast asleep.  The ones who awaken, without support and adjustment to society will either get really mad or really depressed.  The Indigos get mad and rebel.  The Crystals and Star Kids get depressed.  As for those who "don't rebel"..............I can only quote Fritz Perls, who used to say:  "compliance is defiance."  

The young people who just "go along to get along" will eventually wake up.  When they do, we'd better be ready to dance with 'em.  Hopefully, they'll wake up in the vicinity of a caring being like yourself, who may be willing to be "educated" by their unbiased, "non-socialized" points of view.   Meanwhile, I thank you for the permission to share these dialogues with others who may be interested in the evolving patterns that are occurring in the world of young people!

Q:  As a what-you-may-call-um myself, (an old what-you-may-call-um), well do I understand the sense of rebellion and alienation when it comes to relating to Humanity.  I also know the solution, the ONLY solution, comes from perspectives of being part of Humanity, especially the part of Humanity that we seek to rebel against and/or resist.

DJ:  I do thank you for your love, your willingness to hear and be heard, and for a great dance of mind and consciousness!


A Parent's Response to "Talking With Star Kids"


SA=Sue Ann (from previous dialogue)

DJ=Daniel Jacob 

SA:  I understand the attitudes you are sharing.  I really do.  It's one of the main reasons I home-schooled my children myself before transitioning them into the public school system, where then they could radiate their essence and serve to uplift those with whom they came into contact.  When one of my sons asked to come back to home schooling, I respected his request.  One student at his Junior High had already been stabbed to death and the student body's focus was on simply staying alive.   My husband and I chose to move.  In our hearts we knew there had to be a better place than this, where 'community' still meant something.  We took a leap, not knowing where we were going.  We sold our home and business and simply started driving. 

We ended up here in Washington State.  In a very materially poor area, where many had already been left behind, both young and old, in our Society's race for technology without a heart.  I guess my fault, if it be called one, is that I don't draw any lines between us.  Those of us who aren't spiritually gifted in awareness are just as precious to me as those who are.  I truly believe in 'leaving no child behind'.  And I am focusing on it in a manner of it's already been done, by-passing the temporal concepts of time and space.  My approach is simply coming from an alternative direction. :o)  I'm "pulling" rather than "pushing".  Nobody likes being pushed and the slightest hint there's any kind of coercion or force, is a trigger for resistance.  And hearts aren't open to receive which have been closed in self defense.

DJ:   As an aside, I believe that the adage "leave no child behind"...........though well-intentioned and powerful.......... is also a bit of DUCK TAPE, being used to bolster an already failing and somewhat lethal system---founded upon quotas, grading, comparison, and yes......collating and classifying.  Isn't it a great message to a kid for someone to say to him:........"Aren't we nice?  We're leaving the NORM and coming back to get you!  That's soooo loving of us, isn't it?"   Meanwhile, the kid may be saying to him or herself..........."What do you mean 'coming back?'   This is where I was always meant to be.  Do you know what, Mr. Educator? Mr. Politician?  Condescension does not look so very good on you."

There would be no one "left behind" if the concept of "ahead" was taken out of our vocabulary.  The act of comparison is at the root of so many forms of personal neurosis that we just couldn't count them all!  And a huge portion of our educational system is founded upon these concepts.  "A" students, "B" students, "F" students.  Why not simply get off their backs and let children (and all people) simply flow at the pace they choose?  If the urge to compete comes up, then it's a natural, innate motivator.  But if it doesn't, why do we have to assume that there is something wrong?

SA:  This community isn't like all the cities I've ever lived in.  People actually care about and for one another.  People slow down on the streets for little kids who aren't looking, for the elderly who can't move too fast, and for the incapacitated. 

 This community has already tried making mandates for the parents.  If the kids don't make passing grades and don't do their homework, both child and parents are summoned before the court.  It didn't work.   

DJ:   What I find interesting is.........."When something is tried with adults, and it clearly doesn't work, the system changes, immediately.  But when the same kind of coercion is used on children (who are less "influential" than adults)........and the students balk at the methology........the pressure goes on even harder.  If the square peg doesn't fit, we try to physically force it, or shave off the edges.............  

I speak, of course, about a number schools, but not all.  As you have clearly showed here........some communities are actually dealing with the situation in humane and useful ways.  

SA:  Other means have been employed, like a class in high school dedicated to electronics and things like refrigeration units, CO2 cars, and so forth.  It's the only class of its kind in the state and has attracted attention of the state's educators because it's working.  Why?  Because the kid's are learning the tools for how to create their dreams.  Their imaginations are being cultivated.

DJ:  Yesssss!!!!  An apprenticeship environment, rather than a classroom.  And, by the way...........isn't that an interesting term.......CLASS room?   Ruling class, working class, lower class.  This environment is where categorization first begins.     

SA:  The teachers don't like the mandates anymore than the kids like them.  The teachers can't teach for they're too busy preparing kids for the test.  So the result is the teachers losing interest and fewer people wanting to become teachers.  The challenge is in manifesting ideas that do work, and not fighting and arguing over what doesn't.

DJ:  Agreed.

SA:  The kids don't care because nobody has ever showed they cared about them.  

DJ:   Well, I am sure that applies to some---those who are starved for stimulation and attention.  And if that is the case, it is because these children are the "chattle" (property) of parents who are not interested enough to give them attention and assistance.  When this is the case, why can't a child simply leave, and go somewhere that DOES find him interesting and important?  Isn't that a "life skill" and prerogative that all adults have?  

"If you don't like it here, why not go someplace else?"   A common phrase, a practical solution.  But this is NOT an option open to kids, until they are 16 (at earliest), or 18.  By then, they are so habituated in their frustration and boredom that an exercise of healthy options is not an easy thing for them.  It's called being "whipped."  Or, perhaps, they are already involved in a gang, or a drugs, or whatever.  

The idea of providing adults that show they care for a person who is, essentially, living in captivity...........(children who belong to birth parents) a nice life saver, that is thrown to a drowning person---and yes, it will get some response.  But it is not the core of why a kid may not care.  If he has any intelligence at all, the kid doesn't care about the system because it was not his idea, not his personal "flow."  He is in school because someone placed him there.  If he resists, he is disciplined.  No choices, no voices.  Who wants to care?  When I speak of this, I am talking about CORE SYSTEMS.  Your idea of caring for trapped kids is a nice thing.  I don't want to downgrade that.  But I would like us to get deeper, if possible.  People don't care about certain kinds of "stuff" because those subjects are simply not in their "flow."  This is why Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors.  But most schools can only afford vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.  For many kids, that is just not "tasty."  

SA:  It doesn't matter because the kids feel like they don't matter. Ignorance only comes from being ignored.

DJ:  Again, I'm being feisty.........(hope you don't mind).........taking advantage of your usage of familiar ideas and phrases to present an alternative view.  As I've said before, Sue Ann, your heart is definitely in the right place. And plenty of what you're talking about here will also have to happen during the upcoming periods of global transition.  What I am trying to illustrate is that even these great and noble solutions are, at their core, a control of symptoms (pain medication), rather then expanded healing for a severely ailing educational concept. 

SA:    "Them".............precious individuals who are gifts to the world, but haven't been nurtured and encouraged to reach inside to find themselves, find out who they really are, so they can contribute their gifts of life, to the buffet of life we all share, to the benefit of us all.  Our greatest resources are each other.

DJ:   Noble thoughts.  And I do support this.  I also wish to add that most individuality does NOT need to be "nurtured" as much as it needs to be ALLOWED to simply be what it naturally wants to be.   For society to continually initiate upon its individuals..........just for the sake of conformity or "collation" (census taking)........which is what these tests are primarily about.........becomes more of an irritation than an encouragement for growth.  

The parents are simply continuing as they have been treated.  They were ignored, too.  Mom & Dad were programmed by fear because fearful was what their mom & dad were.  Fear..., like a hereditary disease.  

DJ:  Kids come into this world with the clear impression that the adults own everything, and they are"visitors" in a realm that their parents own.  We have property rights.  Among the bits of "property" which adults claim for themselves are the kids, themselves!   Is it any wonder that age 2 is called "the terrible twos?"   It's about that time when a kid realizes that his name is Kunta Kinte.........and the "massah" is now in charge. 

When you're an adult, especially an adult can take a person to court for raping you.  In the court, the judge will look at your attacker and say:  "No means No."   When you're an adult, it's against the law to molest and kidnap a person.  When you're a kid, molestation (defined as making you do things not for love, but against your will) is absolutely a way of life.   For kids, "No" does NOT mean "No."   It means you have to go to your room, to the principal's office, or to bed without supper.  You are not simply "choosing," you are rebelling.  That's a bad message to give to a 2 year old mind.  The resistance response begins there, and stays active for the rest of a person's life.   

SA:   Why, there sure is a cornicopia of issues addressed if I ever saw them!  I truly admire your Spirit and passion! :o)

I just may be blind, I just don't see that taking a dumb test is any threat to individuality.   

DJ:   Taking the test is simply a physical compliance.  What hampers the individuality is being mandated to take the test.  Mandating things doesn't work with the adults in your community, and it doesn't work with tests.  Your acquiescence to at least a modicum of compliance comes from years of conditioning, as has mine.  I was born in 1949, and lived through an flowering and development of this entire system of social manipulation, which we call "education."  Haim Ginott, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Behavioral Psychology, and the whole blinking lot of it.  I didn't "die" did I?  But I sure winced and grunted through it all.  As Paul Simon so aptly put it:  "When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school---it's a wonder I can think at all."    

SA:  I am me, not what I'm doing.  

DJ:   Sue're starting to get "zen" on me again!  :-)    

What we do, what we say, what we eat for breakfast.........the whole lot of just as much SELF as anything else.  These little "detachments" we create, to avoid totally experiencing all our "choices" and "reactions"......are the price we pay to keep ourselves from feeling the dissonance that flows from a mandated and externally controlled system of living.  For more about this, you may want to review:  "The Politics of Oneness."  

SA:  I ask the question:  Whom perceived the test as a threat?  And why would they choose to perceive it that way?  What 'buttons' were really activated and in whom?  And how does going around pushing buttons help to heal the issues creating the buttons in the first place?

DJ:   Well, for one stimulated this conversation, didn't it?  Something that happened two years ago, in Western Washington, is still being talked about today.  And guess what?  Nobody had to die.  A harmless, humorous little "prank" that has set tongues wagging, and they haven't stopped yet.  It's a GANDHI PEACE MARCH on a high school campus.  Hell, no!  We won't go!!!  Just a little bit of heaven.  Do you remember that movie, Sue Ann?  "Network" it was called.  The news commentator had everyone get up out of their seats, while watching the evening news...........and stick their heads out the window and yell  "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!"  Beautiful.  Therapeutic. Poetic, even.  

SA:  I don't believe in property rights.  I believe in custodianship.  Everything material is transient and is in a constant state of change and entrophy anyway.  I've never seen a U-haul behind a hearse.  I have seen a lot of new houses fall into a state of dis-repair.

DJ:  You're not going to get communistic on me now, are you?    If individuals don't own their property, who does?  The State?  Is it "first come, first served?" Squatters rights?  We may want to watch how deep we go into our little "dissociations."  Some people feel that we're living in a kind of loot-ocracy in America right now.  The forces of consumption, particularly government absorption of tax money is getting higher and higher.  The bureaucratic beast is hungry, Sue Ann!  Watch what you offer to it.  Your house may be just the tasty morsel it takes to fill its hungry belly (for a micro second).  

 SA:  I also don't believe in perspectives of victimization even though we've all had them.  They're disempowering and that's just not the goal I have chosen to serve.   I look at it from a perspective of what have I neglected to Forgive?  I know..., I'm different.  Been that way all my life.  It's simply me.

DJ:'s a nice touch.  Thanks for sharing that.  

SA:  I also share a perspective kids don't often like but grudgingly agree upon.  Liberty is the freedom of choice while being responsible for the costs and consequences of those choices.  License is the freedom of choice while trying to switch the responsibilities for those costs and consequences to someone else.  Are the kids ready to assume all responsibility for the choices they make?  And if they're not, is it truly freedom they seek or license?

DJ:   Those are noble words.  And I do see great wisdom in the distinctions, as well as a nice "ring" to the application of distinctions of the terms.  But when we start waving around the broadsword of the big "r" (responsibility)..........we want to ask ourselves.........."responsible to whom?"   With all this social "intervention" that is going on, it's really easy to assign the big "r" outside of ourselves........rather than exercise it within oneself.  If I say "I am unhappy," and there is no one standing in my way from making changes.........then I am RESPONSIBLE for moving to a new place where I will be happy.  But if I choose NOT to move there, my responsibility is done, unless others are being hampered by my lack of motion.  The primary edict from the Old Ways was:  "Harm no one.  Do what thou wilt."   The buck, and the responsibility, can end there, if we wish.  But frequently, society does not end it there.  We like to get in each other's faces, don't we?  Mandatory seat belt laws, mandatory education standards, censorship.  The list goes on.   We want to inquire, require, and set the house on fire, don't we?  Well.........God/Goddess bless us...........we can sometimes be our own worst enemy.      

SA:  My questions indicate an area of study in correspondences.  As the previous generation chose self indulgence as a placebo to soothe the wounds of self denial, it passed the costs and consequences onto their children in the form of National debt.  Now, are the kids ready to be free of the necessity of name brands?  How much stuff in the form of material and physical things do the kids require of their parents and why?  Are the children expecting the freedom of their choice without responsibility for the costs, just like their parents did?   And how does continuing the same energy pattern going to create anything different?  Maybe it would help if everybody was given attention instead of given what money can buy.

DJ:  Lots of good thoughts here.  And again, sometimes people just want to be left alone, to live their lives as they see fit.  As I was reading your account of debts that are passed on from generation to generation, I found myself wondering............

Maybe if debts were NOT ALLOWED to be passed on, and expired when the generation dies who accrued and consumed upon them.........maybe then there wouldn't be so many foolish "creditors" to encourage DEFICIT SPENDING from the old codgers in the first place!   

It's like limitations in medical treatment for injuries from a car accident.  When the doctors know that the insurance company will only pay so much, they find less things to "fix" in the people who come to them.  It's a fact of life.  

Again, the kids only want to live for their "now."  It's the adults who borrow against tomorrow, in order to pay for yesterday.  I'm not saying this is right, either.  I'm just pointing out the natural divergence of perspectives.  When you make arguments like this, you are obviously making them to an already "adjusted" adult mind, in order to placate us about what we're planning to do.  But when you make these same arguments to kids, they just roll their eyes at you, and say:  "Whatever!"  It's a language they choose not to speak.    

(previously posted) DJ:  You're getting very "zen" on me here.  Do you mean to say to me that being "collated and classified" is NOT a reality in these kid's worlds?   You're invalidating a very strongly held viewpoint.  As the angel said, in the movie "City of Angels"............"Some things are true, whether you believe in them or not." 

Yes, some things are true whether we believe in them or not.  One of the things that falls into this category for me, is respect for the individualized will that is choosing to perceive being "collated and classified".  It's as easy to collate and classify individuals, as it is to collate and classify Spiritual expressions.  Imagining anything could contain the unlimited isn't a sensible sort of reasoning for me.  

DJ:  Understood.  It's sort of a mind-blower, isn't it?  The terms........"contain" and "unlimited."  

SA:  Are the children identifying themselves with Spirit?  

DJ: my experience, the Spirits are identifying themselves with children.  In fact, I'm sure that some Avatars are living in our grade schools right now.  Disguised, of course.  Collated and Classifed.  The schools are "containing" these "unlimited" expressions (for the time being).  Isn't that a gas?

SA:  Are they identifying themselves with ego expression?  Are they seeing themselves as being able to being limited in any way?   

DJ:  If they are fully awake, I doubt that Star Children "see themselves" at all.  They are more interested in being absorbed in, and "seeing" the greater reality that is unfolding all around them.  That is why many of us are being alerted to their presence.  Since many Star Children are not self-aware, as much as world-aware..........the Spirit is saying to us:  "Watch them!  They need witnesses for what they're about to do."  

SA:  In order to see the illusion, we've got to step out of it for a while.  

DJ:   You've already asked the question:  "Is it real, or is it memorex?"  This gets back to that ZEN THEOLOGY that is being shared so much today.  The Reconnections have taught me that EVERYTHING is real, everywhere it appears.  To declare something "unreal" is the biggest insult of all time.  If you are looking at it, discussing it, or even pondering it---it's real, somewhere in the Multiverse.  They tell me that the only "illusion" that exists is the belief that what is seen, within any reality context, is ALL THAT EXISTS in that space.  In truth, many things exist simultaneously within the same square foot of space.  We just don't choose to focus upon it.  For us, it is not so important to know what is "real" as it is to know what is RELEVANT to our personal inquiry and life purpose.  And relevance exists in the eye of the beholder.  

Then, with new perspectives in hand and heart, embrace the illusion and transcend it..uplift it.  

DJ:  To "transcend" an illusion, in a Reconnections sense, means to expand upon what is there, by adding to it what else could be there.  At no time is the idea of perceptual obliteration (nihilism) seen as anything other than DENIAL.  And, in many cases, things don't need to be "uplifted" at all.  What is evil about being "down?"  What is sacred about being "up?"  In fact, is "down" even "down," if comparison is not put into the picture?  Oh my........we're getting very cosmic here, aren't we?  

SA:  What is being reflected to the child?  "You don't believe in me"?  

DJ:   No.  I would say that is being reflected AS the child.  If you don't see and believe in the child, then what you begin to focus on is a "problem."  Once belief is gone, the problem becomes the child.  We refer to this as a "changeling".............a child soul that has departed (because of unbelief), leaving only the shell of a young person in its place.  

SA:  Where is the true center and radiance of dis-belief in oneself coming from?  Instead of blame, I try empowerment for with empowerment comes the means and ability to change what is being projected and reflected back.  

DJ:  Empowerment to do what?  To be what we want the kid to be?   Or wouldn't it be better just to add in some ALLOWINGNESS, so he can be free to be what he is--no more, no less.    

SA:  Of course, we're going to fight a dis-blief in ourselves as worthy and precious. It's part of our basic love for life which is but one of the spiritual essences of our being.   But instead of blaming others for their attitudes about us, why not claim the attitude as one we think about ourselves?  

DJ:  God bless us, dear Baby Boomers.  We've read so many "head" books (how to be happy, how to not be angry, etc. etc.) that we're starting to channel them when we're having conversations.  What do we call this.....psychobabble?   Let me tell you..........the kids are not impressed............

SA:   In so doing, we stop the projections, we radiate and magnetize different attitudes to being attracted to us.  We also create an awareness of understanding and forgiveness in our own hearts, for our own selves, which we can then share with others so they too, can heal their own thoughts of distortion?

DJ:  You're sounding like a "fixer" to me here, Sue Ann.  I'm just wondering here............. 

SA:  Reading stimulates the imaginative part of ourselves and our brains.  It's this side of ourselves that most agree has been ignored and in need of balancing.  

DJ:  I would think it would depend upon what you're reading, and if you're doing it because you wanna, or because someone told you to do it.  

SA:  Am I Spirit in expression or merely something transient?  

DJ:   Do I have to choose?  Why not both?  

SA:   If anyone cares to collect all that information about me, then I not only feel compassion for their empty and fearful life, I also know they will never know me.  If anyone bothers to look, they will find that I don't oppose anything.  Instead, I embrace Kindness, Forgiveness, Understanding and Mercy.  I don't fight about right and wrong and about what doesn't serve our interests, yelling at the blind about how they can't see.  Instead of using my energy in fighting and opposing, I direct it towards solutions which work.  

DJ:  The act of "fighting" or "opposing" may be a wondrous spontaneous reflection, which needs to happen.  You're painting a magnanimous picture of consciousness here, Sue Ann.  I call it "Light Bright" because it glimmers with so much idealism, and it shuns the idea of negativity as a viable part of the human recipe.  It's sprayed all over many Metaphysical Communities, and it gives folks the impression that we have already "ass-ended" into sainthood.  Some people desperately need some ENDARKENMENT before they can ascend.  They need to GET REAL, so they can FEEL.  The road to heaven sometimes leads right through hell.  

And truly..........we are, each of us, a dainty mixture of light meat, dark meat, and also plenty of bones to pick!  Don't you think it's time we just took off our smiling masks and admitted it?  The kids can see us, behind our curtains.  The great and powerful Oz..........stoking up the fires of our facade.  And, as I said: they're not impressed.   

SA:  I operate from a different level than most.  I'm lazy, I got tired of trying to manipulate the physical.  It just takes so much more energy than to simply manifest and inact the solution.  Since I'm not opposing and negating any perspective I create no cause for any thoughts and feelings of being a threat.  I am harmless.  

DJ:  uh huh.  <s>

And so long as I have a physical body of expression, I can radiate my essence from anywhere, under any conditions.  There's a lot of healing to be accomplished and I volunteered to help.  :o)

DJ:  Well, yes.  I'd have to go along with that. 

SA:  I have lived a different value system for what seems like a long, long, time.  Yes, there are may issues and 'problems' we all face as a Society and as Mankind.  Anyone is free to ask my kids what they think.  And they will tell you freedom of any worries about getting into trouble for what they say.
I was raised different myself.  As an adopted child, I wasn't given a label and hit over the head with pre-conceived expectations.   Neither were my brother and sister.  We were encouraged to define ourselves and share who we were, so then my parents would know us, too.   My older sister was labeled 'retarded' by the system but she wasn't.  :o)  To me, she has been a great gift and she knows that.  She helped me to learn Compassion, Patience, Understanding, Tolerance and Forgiveness from the time I was just a small child.   I had a 'head start" on others, who were taught another curriculum of interest and value.
It's just my opinion and I claim it....I'd like to ask the "spiritually gifted" children about maybe pondering radiating Compassion, Understanding and Forgiveness as a means to making adjustments in the system, instead of choosing to perceive being victimized by attack thoughts and threats?  If we feel threatened, then what thoughts are we thinking that cause this feeling?  Like I tell my own kids and I live by myself:  "If we don't like the way we feel when we look at something, the look at it another way."  Claim Sovereignty.  And maybe with the claiming, the perceiving of being threatened will disappear...just like illusions always do.  :o)
I sure am enjoying myself.  Thank you for the opportunity!  :o)

DJ:  And thank you, Sue Ann............for being so prolific in your ideas.  

Sue Ann
May be copied and shared for personal growth and/or research.  .

Copied and shared by permission of both writers.





Hi Daniel,
I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your article on the star children and also the response to Sue Ann.  I whole-heartedly agree and it's just so wonderful to read.  I have 3 children (18,13,8).  I've spent 12 years researching and trying various educational models and have been through the gamut i.e. public, private, alternative, charter, home school etc....For the last several years I have peacefully settled into what I call un-schooling.  I could go on and on about my kids and who they are, how happy, confident, open-hearted and self-empowered they are but I think you get my point.  I just wanted to respond since I have 3 living, lively examples to confirm what you're talking about.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents and express my gratitude for your work.


DJ:  Thanks, Bea.  Although Sue Ann and I did manage to assume postures of polarization in these discussions, I do know that we're united in our desire to continue doing "what works" in the lives of children everywhere.  In this regard, I think of Wayne Dyer's famous words, in his 1970s book "Your Erroneous Zones."  He said:  "That's YOUR way, this is MY way.  THE way doesn't exist."  It made a big impression on me to see that.  One more blow that is struck against the "the age of experts."  It sounds like your kids are expansive and wonderful beings. It comforts me to know that their hands are among those who will inherit what we're all building here now.