Steering Clear of Society's Games

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


I HAVE BEEN NURTURING FRIENDSHIPS recently with several young people who bear many of the characteristics described in my series "The Star Children." Spirit just brings them my way, and I make it a point to pay attention. I let them decide for themselves what "flavor" of Meta-Human they wish to be (Crystal, Indigo, Mystic, Star Kid or whatever), or even if they wish to be called anything, other than by their own names.

Star Kids are usually quite normal looking, but their inner lives can be an entirely different story. That's why you have to look so hard to find them. Many of them are loners, and donít try to stand out in a crowd. Once contact has been made, we need to gain trust so they will open up and tell us more about that rich inner reality of theirs.

Jake is a young man who spoke very passionately to me about the day he began to grasp some disturbing facts about the world of adults. He said: "I finally realized that most adults are just big kids! Many of them don't know what they're doing anymore than we do. They just have more elaborate ways of pretending, and more resources to create their illusions of control."

When I heard this, my mind immediately flashed on "The Wizard of Oz," and that scene in the throne room, where the four friends are standing before The Great and Powerful One. Even while tongues of fire and billows of smoke rise up from this gigantic throne, the dog Toto goes over and pulls aside a heavy curtain, revealing a little old man who is speaking into a microphone and working his gadgetry to make the throne room seem so awesome.

Jakes Advice to Awakening Star Kids:   "I dare not show weakness very often," he says. "If I do, people around me tend to exploit it, and use it as a means to draw me into their games."

Bob Dylan: "With God on Our Side"

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