"The Star Children"


The newspapers and magazines have nicknamed them "Generation X." The television commentators have called them "hard to read, even harder to understand." These are the offspring of that incredible genetic explosion of angst and wonder, the Baby Boomers. These are also the ones who will carry us through the end of time and space.

It has been predicted (by several) that, on or near December 22, 2012, all time (as we know it) will stop. The Mayan Calendar will be complete, and something brand new will begin. Some like to believe that it will be eternity. In these next 11 years, our people and our planet will be making preparations for our Graduation Day. Of course, *everyone* has been invited. By then, everyone will surely be here.

There are no new souls being born into this universe. However, old souls are coming in thundering hordes. Spirit speaks these ideas to us, of course, in a linear sense. In a Multiversal sense, we've always been here and we always will be. But in a past-present-future kind of way.......every one of us is involved in a sort of "historic unfoldment."

Since about 1973, there are no children anymore. There are only "little people." They are old, old souls who pretend they are young, impressionable babes. In one moment, a child may seem utterly weak and dependent, and in the next moment, he will inform his startled parents exactly what he did and where he (and they!) lived in a last life. Often, he'll do it off-handedly, without blinking, and then scurry off to watch television.

Ask a "Star Child" what she wants to be when she grows up. Her answer? "I dunno." A close second to that might be "It doesn't matter." Of course, they all learn quickly to verbalize something to satisfy parents, grandparents, and teachers--but if she does decide to tell the truth, there really is no "attitude" shown in her answer. That's probably what might bother her parents the most. A Star Child is too much *in the moment* to think about tomorrow. In the 60s, kids lived that way to rebel. In the 90s, they live that way because it is all they know how to do.


Star Children grow up doing their math homework while watching TV and listening to a walkman at the same time. The phone rings and a free hand is instantly peeling off one side of the headphones to add yet another bit of input to a busy brain. Can a student survive operating this way? Not only can he survive, he *thrives* on it!

The brain of a Star Child is a multi-track device. Each level spins at its own velocity and has it's own "pinpoint of attention" that works like a needle on a phonograph. Their conversations, especially in casual groups, often go every which way at once. Their greatest joy is random personal expansion, and their biggest nemesis is boredom. Nothing dulls the mind of a Star Child like being held in stasis completing an outwardly concocted task.

The two hemispheres of the old brain are plugged into many polarity configurations. Among them, is the dichotomy called "order and chaos." In the brain of a Star Child, the wiring for both of these states is found on the same side. Opposing it, where many of us would expect to find an adherence to order or structure, the brain runs on a temporary pattern focused upon compliance.

When the tourniquet is released, and they eventually let go of that compliance, the "other side of the brain" will become a unified OneMind. Polarity will be optional, and these youngsters will frequently skip from universe to universe, down the Fourth Dimensional Corridor, using the Multiverse like many of us now use the Yellow Pages.


In truth, the entire nervous system of our next generation is being held in check during this time. They have been trained, cajoled, threatened, blind-sided, and sometimes drugged to keep from intimidating their parents too much during these crucial stages of the Transformation.

Those personality-types that have been called "A.D.D." (attention deficit disorder) are simply aberrations of what is to come. They are children who try to track their minds with their bodies, giving form to every impulse. Their "disorders" are not bio-chemical, they are social.

The "symptoms" of A.D.D. kids are symbolic reactions to the energy configuration of their parents, social order, and/or primary caretakers. To focus only upon the youngster is to lose the bigger picture. A parent (or a society) who has a child that acts on everything that comes into his mind is a person or group who is *not acting* on many key things that screams within *their* collective mind. THAT, in fact, is the true attention deficit. To medicate the child is to simply buy time for the rest of us to catch up. So be it.

As we have said, the Star Children are *all* medicated in one way or another during this transition time. They'd have to be, in order to keep from tearing the place apart. Of course, this is also by Grand Design. If they spend themselves on de-structuring the current landscape, they will have no strength left to lead us into the next level of our collective existence.


One powerful cultural focus for young people at this time is Rap and Hip-Hop music. Underlying each collage of musical background styles, random prose, and emotional intensity there is a deeper theme that deserves our examination. It is the high esteem that is placed upon the local "clan" or "tribe," referred to by most Rappers as their "crew."

Star Children do not hold much stock in tradition-for-traditions-sake. Their generation is the fulcrum upon which an entire species is going to rotate, so they cannot afford to be made of materials that are too dense or unwieldy. Their social structure begins from the inside out. Membership in a social circle (including a family) should not be left to circumstance. It needs to be built upon a foundation of collective desire and consent.

Each "gansta" has an inner-circle, and each member of that circle forms another circle, and so on. It is government by the locals, and distant politics and social manipulations only make sense if they connect to what is happening inside the immediate circle. It isn't isolationism, really. It's simply called FOCUS.

The ancient edict of Pagan Society was found in this simple law: "Do what you will, harm none." Gangstas of today cannot yet adhere completely to this law, because the society in which they live is still very hostile and invested in property, principle, and prejudice. Indeed, their whole concept of themselves is incomplete, though it contains many helpful clues about what is to come.

Before the indigenous social systems can begin to be re-installed, some great "levelers" are going to have to occur in our collective lives. Economic crises, natural disasters, plagues and food shortages have, throughout history, been excellent "equalizers" for societies that once operated on hierarchical systems. It seems that, in a pinch, we all gather together and form networks of mutual support.

The "levelers" (or is that Levelours?) of today do not have to be explosions, holocaust, or famine. Our Post-Millennial World has something much more powerful upon us than those feeble elements. We have Global Transmutation. The Veil of Forgetfulness which has surrounded humanity for all these many centuries is lifting at an alarming rate. Our past and our futures now converge upon us, demanding to be mixed in the Global Caudron. We are RE-MEMBERING……and we are becoming terrified!

For the Star Children, the future will not be about survival of the fittest. Rather, it will be about survival of the *hippest.* They will not be focused upon whether or not might makes right. For themselves, they

will find that they simply just "gotta do what they gotta do." When hardship and disruption begins to happen, it will eventually be these children who will begin to form a "default" matrix for a new society, right under our very noses.


Being hip is not just about knowledge, information, social philosophy, or even creativity. Neither is it concerned with fads, fancies, or acceptance by some crowd. Our historical experience of the term might indicate otherwise. We have had counter-cultures, reverse-status, and beatnick-ism galore. We have had "hippies," "dippies," and "love-ins" till some of us can barely tolerate the words! All of these systems seem to be merely *reactionary* in nature. Being truly hip is not about that.

If someone has a reputation for "telling it like it is," he is often said to shoot "from the hip." For a cowboy, such an action would indicate impulsiveness, and perhaps a lack of self-control. For a martial artist, it could indicate total readiness at all times, acting instinctively without need for aim or preparation.

For a Star Child who is totally connected and operational, being "hip" is about living within a kind of FLOW. It is an alignment that happens between nature, circumstance, and one's deep inner self. When we live "from the hip," we are functioning at all times from this balance of spontaneity and Oneness with All That Is.

When they are approached by some stressor, eliciting a response, the nervous system of a Star Child (who has been trained by their parents to always initially restrain itself) will measure the current situation against what would have been his *original flow* had the interaction never taken place. In that way, he or she has the option to *choose* whether to even respond at all. It is a form of Relationship Aikido, and it can work marvelously to avoid spillage of energy on insignificant enterprises.

Who cares whether the person who is dogging him has a right to talk to him that way? Who cares what emotional ploys and manipulations are being enlisted to shape and influence their choices and their actions? We don't gain mastery of a situation by knowing the opposition. Rather, we gain mastery of life by knowing and trusting *ourselves.*

Psychologist Fritz Perls used to use the expression "compliance is defiance." He felt that those in therapy who always simply went along with the wishes of the therapist were holding deep-seated anger and had many conflicts to work out. Though this may have been very true of the people of his day, it will probably have lesser meaning when we enter the Age of the Star Children.

Compliance can be a wonderful way for people to side-step the insignificance of life and get right to the things that matter most. The Star Children will "go along to get along," because a hip person has nothing to prove and really has better things to do with his or her afternoon.


We could go on forever, speaking about the innate genius that has been downloaded into the generation that will take the helm when we baby-boomers take to the cane and the shuffle. The oldsters were trained to be "Watchers," and we surely will have plenty to watch!

When we pass from the physical plane, many of us will partially inhabit or merge with the consciousness of our children. We will do this along with all those ancestors who have come before us. What was once a library of consciousness that could fill a city mile, has become condensed into what looks like a microchip. The Baby Boomers have worked (and will continue to be working) hard to abbreviate and condense all knowledge and concern into its most basic elements. The Star Children will take those elements and brew some powerful potions indeed!

Many of the people of the Earth are dealing with depression on a daily basis. We mutter to ourselves "I'm sooooooo tired……" as we go about our daily tasks, hoping for something……ANYTHING……to break the monotony and leap us into what we *know* will be an incredible future.

Are any of you Star Children out there? Write me and tell me what you're feeling and experiencing during this time in history. If you feel heavy and constrained, don't worry. It's simply a collective decision of deference, allowing the rest of us to leap with you when the time is right for everyone.

There is *nothing* wrong with you that your complete REMEMBERING will not fix. Just hold off on the judgements, ok? Don't judge us and please don't judge yourself. Rather, be HIP. Flow from your wholeness rather than reacting to our fragmentation, fear, and residual separation. Your time is coming as fast as it dares. Any faster and we'd all end up like Atlantis. Remember that, because you were all probably *there!*

Do any of you parents have Star Children living under your roof? They are not here to be controlled, you know. Do so if you must, but their gift to you could be so much more. They are here to teach you what it looks like to *not be* controlled---to move from a place of desire rather than responsibility. The two motives are not always mutually exclusive, despite what some clergymen have tried to tell you.

The Baby Boomers are a generation of "Watchers," so why don't we do just that? WATCH them, rather than trying to TEACH them. We'll all probably learn a whole lot more.

By Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 1997-2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied or shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.  

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