by Daniel Jacob

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It is exhilarating to have these expanded dialogues between the generations.  Granted, we have no real cross-section of viewpoints in these articles.  There is no "fair representation" of sides, or any such stuff as that.  We're just listening to whoever steps forward, and giving honest response in the moment.  It's fun, and it has no agenda.  That's what "channeling" is all about.  It's done in the moment, off the cuff, and within a free flow of energies.  

It's easy to see that the most fruitful communication on these topics would be achieved when rebel aspects of the young folks and defensive aspects of the older folks can be kept in check.  But first, they must be clearly felt and represented--so they can then be released, in order to attempt a merging of the "sides" into an Aware or Watcher Self. 

I am not seeking to create a political movement here.  We don't wish to make legislative changes, create affirmative action, or affect the status quo of the "outside world" one iota.  Working with the Star Kids is definitely meant to be an inside job.  In fact, I have been told by several young people that I frequently appear in "classroom" situations that are happening in the dream state. This harmonizes nicely with reports from older friends as well.  I'm multidimensional, and I'm a busy boy.  No wonder I feel tired alot!

There is intensive "bridge building" going on in those realms I have referred to as Meta-Reality.  I am integrally involved in many of those processes, far more than I am involved here in 3D.  This Web Site is the tip of a rather extensive iceberg, and I am constantly held in check about how much of our collective creation is allowed to come to light, and how much of the building must be carried on in the shadows.  A premature revelation of possibilities and resources could stimulate a panic, or even worse--a mass exodus towards Energy Gates that are not yet ready to be opened.  

When I say that things "are not yet being allowed to come to light," I am always referring to my own conscious awareness.  Indeed, there are agencies and individuals who are seeing more of the specifics of this ascension than the Daniel Ego is seeing at this time.  But they are not seeing them in the way I will see them, when the time is right to do so. That has to do with my universe, and what I came here to do. What others see belongs to them.  I am content to wait until my cake it done, before I go about eating it!  


One of the most definitive elements about most Star Children is the unusual appearance of their eyes. It is almost as though they can look right through you. This is especially dazzling when it is seen in an infant or a toddler.  Some Star Kids are born "awake."  They already remember where they came from, and they're clearly in touch with what they came to do.  For this to happen, it is necessary that their environment be quite supportive of their needs and powers, and their parents appreciate and honor the emotional sensitivity that is involved in being fully awake during this time in Earth's history.

As many of you know, the Reconnections consider movies and TV to be incredibly accurate reflections of key issues and themes that are currently being explored by the Oneself Planetary Consciousness.  They have often referred to movies as "The Dreams of the Mass Mind."   In the original Star Child Material, I mentioned that the Energy Gate that brought this particular Soul Group to us was symbolized by the appearance of the Comets Kahoutek and Hale-Bopp.  That would mean that the first wave of these kids actually began appearing within 5 years plus or minus from the year 1973.  

In the year 1960, a science fiction movie appeared which was entitled "The Village of the Damned."  It was an exploration of the arrival of "colonies" of children, in key areas around the world, whose unknown purpose proceeded to scare the hell out of the adults who encountered them. Originally entitled "The Midwich Cuckoos," this story centered around a small village in England where some powerful and strange occurrences took place.  One sunny day, about mid-morning, the entire village suddenly fell asleep. People crashed cars into ditches and trees, women left hot irons face down, thereby burning their husbands shirts, bathtubs overflowed, and one plane simply fell out of the sky to its destruction.    

In this movie, there was no neutralization of power, such as was portrayed in the 1951 classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still."  There was only a neutralization of people.  A few hours later, after general alarms were called, in surrounding areas, to find out what had happened, everyone suddenly awoke from their slumber, only to find that every girl or woman in the village who could bear children was pregnant.  Needless to say, this caused quite a stir, particularly in the homes where husbands had been away during times when these children would have been expected to be conceived.  

When it came time for these births to occur, it was noticed that all the children arrived with very blonde hair, thickly formed (when they got older--like a Beatle Bob), intense personalities, and "strange eyes" that had the power to hypnotize and control people.  In this movie, the portrayal of the children was quite harsh.  They were robotic, distant, and showed little or no emotion at all.  Their intellects were superb, and they all learned very quickly. Whenever one of them learned something, they all instantly knew it too. This was nicely portrayed in the movie. It's called "Groupthink."    

I believe that this film was a foreshadowing of knowledge about the arrival of our dear Star Children. It was several years ahead of its time, but it was almost as though the writers and producers could sense that something new was coming, and they had to represent it right then.  Their presentation was heavily colored by fear, and the children bore far too many characteristics of negative "aliens" than our own Star Children will.  Perhaps this was the state of things in 1960, while genetic experimentation (Meta-Human and Human Hybridization) was still underway, in order to produce the right "recipe" which would eventually arrive on the planet.  At this point, I don't get a clear reading on it.  But I remember loving the movie at the time!  And I didn't really feel scared of the kids.  I fact, I was fascinated by them.

Their eyes are the key--both in the movie, and also in physical life. Their most distinctive color would be a mixture of blue-green, though not all Star Kids have this coloring.  As they grow older, many of the purer eye colors become flecked with gold at the center.  Hazel eyes can also be very common. But I do feel that the blue-green element carries a special signature vibration for this Group Soul.      


It is interesting to note here that the first version of "Village of the Damned" appeared in 1960.  Then, a sequel for the story appeared in 1964, and was called "The Children of the Damned."  Kahoutek came through in 1973, and then the Star Children's Energy Gate closed in 1995, with the disappearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet.  Co-incidentally, a re-creation of the 1960 version was released in 1995, with newer actors and snappier effects, recognizing again that something significant had just been completed.  

It's unfortunate, in a way, that one of our first "Dreams of the Mass Mind" concerning Star Children came as a nightmare.  These kids have very special gifts to bring, as George Sanders' character in the original movie clearly affirms.  But humanity was not ready for them then, so they were killed off.  The same thing happened to Jesus, didn't it?  People with unusual powers are very suspect in this world.  Besides having rather striking eyes, Star Children may also be quite adept at telepathy, telempathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, bi-location and other such stuff.  Others have an ability to affect or manipulate the weather, stimulate the way plants grow, and many of them show an astounding rapport with animals.     

Are Star Children trying to control the world, like those townspeople in the movie feared they were?  No. In fact, most Star Kids understand that control is not the path to personal power or attainment at all.  After all, humanity not separate.  Everything in this world is connected to everything else.  The key to happiness and power is to align with the Oneself, not gain control over it. 

As time went by, many of our Sci-Fi "nightmares" about Star Visitors changed into a profound enjoyment of them.  We laughed and cried with "E.T., The Extraterrestrial," we marveled at the sensitivity and depth of "Powder," and we sympathized with "Star Man" as he tried to adapt to living in human form.  Our images of these hybrid folk are in high transition right now. We don't know whether to love them, hate them, worship them, or fear them. 

Indeed, there are times when gifted people must flex their muscles, in order to keep from being overrun by a world that is addicted to manipulating and using its people to accomplish its private agendas.  This is the same world that sends young people off to some war, in which both "sides" of the conflict invoke the name of God, so they can justify their grievances and aggressions against the other. But mostly, our Star Kids are here to help. They will ask us the hard questions, but they also have an ability to assist us to find our answers.             

The usage of the term "damned" in that movie title is very significant.  It indicates an infusion of judgment that often comes from those who carry an extreme Fundamentalist Orientation.  Most of these folks are very suspicious about metaphysical powers and experiences. Even though these folks say they absolutely believe in divine intervention and spiritual elements in life, many of them run and hide when real power is shown in the context of everyday life.   

At this point, it is worthwhile to recall details about the Salem Witch Hysteria back in the 1600s.  Many young girls were accused of cavorting with the Devil, and their innate spiritual powers were considered a "damnable" sin.  In truth, all they were doing was noticing in life what has always been there.  But the parents and townspeople got very scared.  This always seems to happen when people bearing special powers step forward in society. Remember Joan of Arc?  She was burned alive as a demon, and later canonized as a saint.

Also released in the year 1973 was another movie involving spirituality and a child.  It was called "The Exorcist," and it stimulated a huge backlash of fear in people around the use of various tools for divination, such as Ouija Boards or Tarot Cards.    

Once again. our "movie dream" for the subject of divination first came as a nightmare.  And I am sure that it was no coincidence to find powerful channels, such as Jane Roberts (bringing through Seth), who were also stepping forward to influence humanity at that time. That movie seems to have been saying to us:  "Watch out!  What you are doing is dangerous!"  And we believed the fear.  Suppression and Suspicion.  This is what our children will get from us, when first they step forward. But our fears are not only about the children.  We are also afraid of the powers we might carry within ourselves.  And so it goes.  Spiritual unfoldment for the planet is a process which often produces human casualties. Human fear does that.  Our martyrs of yesteryear may end up being our spirit guides of today.  


I never mentioned much in The Star Children series about the process of genetic hybridization which produced these amazing offspring.  My first impressions of their origin in 1997 were more religious in nature--a connection between Jesus' birth, the star that appeared over Bethlehem, and the appearance of the Star Child Comets in 1973 and 1995.  Most of us realize that Jesus was believed to be a hybrid being as well.  He was considered part human and part divine.  But what, if anything, does this mean?  And how would it relate to a hybrid blending of human genetics and Star Visitors?

Generally, the "story" about human-alien hybridization has to do with experiments that have been conducted by a race of beings called "Greys," coming to visit us from Zeta-Reticuli II.  These are the little guys with the big eyes and the long thin fingers.  Once again, we emphasize the eyes, right?  Apparently, following the crash of a Zeta Scout Ship in Roswell, New Mexico, 1947..........there was some interracial breeding going on between Greys and humans, which later developed into a full-blown research program.  Those activities involving the Greys are said to be fully sanctioned by many of the governments of the world, in exchange for certain technologies that the Zetas brought to enhance our expansion into Multiversal Awareness.  

Currently........(October-November 2003).......... the Sci-Fi Channel is re-playing a mini-series, produced by Stephen Spielberg, entitled "Taken," which nicely outlines what some people feel is the "company line" in regard to interactions between Greys and humans.  It also introduces a beautiful Star Girl, who nicely whets our appetite for the gifts and beauty of these kids that is yet to come.  

Of course, as with all 3D illusions, the belief that people are abducted and abused by aliens, against their will, runs counter to everything we now know about metaphysics and creation.  We are each creators of our own reality.  There are no victims.  Everything that happens in physical life is contracted between the involved parties, long before they come into physical form.  But the trauma of these events can be very real.  Perhaps, at some future point, we can explore the purposes of those elements in the Grand Game of Human Evolution.  

In my Three-Part "Extraterrestrial Factor" Series, I explore in detail the distinction of being considered "extracontextual," versus being "extraterrestrial."  The former situation simply means that "I'm not from here."  In the latter situation, we automatically inherit a whole myriad of established beliefs and theories about ETs, which have been gathering momentum in world over the centuries, about who comes from what planet or star system, and what things are "like" in those environments.  In the articles, I clearly state that our perceptions of ETs are always colored by our own concepts about the magical aspects of ourselves.  In truth, we never really see these matters clearly.  We always color our perceptions with innate ideas we carry about ourselves.   

My purpose, in working with Star Children, is neither to support nor refute the more established theories of hybridization and/or alien involvements in human affairs.  All I wish to do is encourage folks to examine the evidence and intuitions that naturally come to them, and decide what they want it all to mean.  Whether we approach the subject of Star Kids from a religious context, an Extraterrestrial One, or however we do it--we must be sure that our feelings are clear and unbiased, and our personal itineraries for exploration in 3D are not hindered.  

In the Multiverse, everything exists, and everything is true, in some context of reality which honors that truth.  Therefore, we don't have to waste our time looking for what is true or false.  Rather, just as our kids would probably tend to approach each of these subjects, we may wish to simply pursue only what turns us on. 


As I write about these kids today, I am asking myself (and those around me) what types of gifts and resources I would like to bring to these Star Children who are just about to awaken in our midst.  Remember, the first wave of these kids came in between 1973 and 1978.  That would mean that their "Christing" is just about complete.  It takes about 30 years for a transforming individual to grow in power and grace, before he or she steps forward for service in public life.  Our year 2003 should bring forth a whole host of sleeping spiritual giants. Following that, The Reconnections tell me that 2004 will see a huge shift in the status and structure of the nuclear family in world society.  Is there a connection?  I do believe there is.  

I will not take time now to re-iterate on the topic of "Families of the Heart."  You can refer to that article, if you wish to cover the concept in depth.  For now, let it suffice to say that our awakening Star Children would be considerably nurtured if we adults began to move away from our intensive focus upon them, and willingly relinquish our proprietary attitude about their person and their life purpose.  Even though our society emphasizes a need for strong involvements between parents and children, many of us dote on our kids far too much.  If that isn't the case, we go to the other extreme, and ignore them completely.   

Continuing with the idea that "it takes a village to raise a child," why can't we begin to expand our local "family" to include others who Spirit brings us, who nurture and support our desire for new and expanded ways of living? This will begin to break down our self-made walls in society, in a peaceful and voluntary way, allowing humanity to begin to explore our newly developing Tribal Consciousness.  In this kind of "mix and mingle" environment, many of us may find our children feeling the urge to gravitate toward close friendships with other people's parents, even as some of their friends may be inclined to approach us for some one-on-one.  

It has been well-established in my mind and experience, that certain transitions and spiritual "birthings" that happen in our kids can be far too intense for their own parents to give unbiased and helpful assistance to them.  We just have too much ego involved.  But that may not be the case with someone else's parents. Why not switch kids during these sensitive times?  There's no law that says that each parent has to directly care for his or her kid.  The law merely says that care must be provided.  

As the Families of the Heart concept begins to take root, parents will naturally begin sharing their responsibilities of parenting with each other.  These involvements are sometimes best left unpaid, so the flow of the relationships can go as personal and deep as the participants feel ready to go. We are birthing a New Humanity here.  Many of us, at different times, will serve as mid-wives for each other's mates and children.  It's a little bit of perfect, isn't it?   

The "non-professional" atmosphere will nibble away at the patriarchal atmosphere of "teachers and students" or "doctors and patients" that still proliferates in the normal world.  It will also protect the conscious community from unnecessary governmental intervention.  After all, if no one gets paid, there is no commerce to patrol or consumers to protect.  

In all this, there will appear "experts" who claim they know everything we will need to know, and they will constantly offer it to us, for a price.  Some charges will be appropriate, as everyone still has bills to pay.  But other "expert services" are simply a concoction of smoke and mirrors.  You can't go to school to learn what we're needing to learn to move to 4D.  The "school" for that is going on 24/7, inside the heart of each and every person.  And it's all new.  So spare us the "canned" speeches, okay?    

I may have some great debates with y'all, as we kick around some ideas about the Society of the Future.  However, in the end, I surely don't see myself as an "expert" either.  I share so that I have someplace to process the energy that flows through me.  It's up to every person to decide what works for him or her, and what doesn't.  

Do you have some ideas to share about all this?  I'm eager to hear them.  I may not be able to answer you in huge detail, nor may I be able to post your responses, but I surely will read them.  If you would like to contribute to our discussion here, please send it along.

To be continued............  

Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All publication for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.