The Star Children

Part 9:  The Incredible Planetary Oneself

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B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B


AS I HAVE SHARED IN EARLIER ARTICLES, one of the most striking aspects about Star Children is their ability to multi-task, operating their lives on many levels at once. Virtual Reality has become a kind of "holodeck" (holographic workspace) in which the "test-pilot" aspect of their transforming brain is able to spread its wings without trashing their physical bodies in the process.

These kids understand that the world of computers is humanity's "training wheels" for passage through 4D and beyond. As they sit and look into that screen, they actually become the files, the various icons, and the dazzling clip-art as well! Slowly, they (and we) are beginning to understand that our 3D world is nothing more than just one big computer screen (the IMAX version!). Our focus of attention is a cursor, moving our interested gaze around this huge Planetary Desktop upon which we live.

Paying attention to what is present on our "screen" is just one level of holographic perception. If we choose, we can log-on to the Multiverse through the Gateway of our Imagination. The Imagination is a real place, which serves as a buffer zone between our physical world and all the other possible/probable realities that share the same etheric space.

Remembering the Art of Creation
The Reconnections, those Spiritual Guides from whom I channel, have said the following, concerning our creation of reality in 3D:

"The determination of what is real is a matter of perception rather than existence. Everything exists, but not everything is perceived. Your senses are not windows to an 'objective' reality. They are really filters, blocking from the conscious mind what you have no desire to see."

We do not create our physical reality from nothing. Rather, we gaze out into an Infinite Everything, and we choose the images and symbols that we wish to highlight and paste into our present life experience. Everything else remains neatly cloaked behind a Veil of Forgetfulness. When we see something that doesn't seem to belong in our world, we have learned to say to ourselves: "It's only my imagination." Then, we roll over and go back to sleep.

Cyberspace gives the Star Kids an international workspace in which to lay aside their Veils and to consider what else could be possible. So do motion pictures, and many books - which The Reconnections have called "The Dreams of the Mass Mind."

In one portion of the Star Child brain, the "virtual" appears to be "actual," even while the physical and emotional bodies of the viewers stay safe and undisturbed. When the computer switch gets turned off, or the lights come up in the theater, connection to those realities is terminated. Meanwhile, a "virtual" sensitivity, and a certain mystical wisdom still remains, long after the program is over. Baby Boomers who are reading this can probably relate, if they ponder how much we were all affected by the gentle oriental wisdom of Kwai Chang Kane, in the TV series "Kung Fu."

What is being accomplished is a slow and steady peeling away of our Collective Veil of Forgetfulness. Rather than puncturing or ripping it away, our kids have decided to "split from this place" via their computer modems, or through the movies. The primary goal of these "flights," is to become accustomed to what life would be like without the constraints of time and space.

In addition, there is yet another skill that must be learned as well. Astronauts must go through many, many hours of training, in special chambers, to learn to deal with the aspects of weightlessness that exist in outer space. Even so, our Star Children must leap into the computer to acclimate themselves to the quality of wait-lessness that characterizes life in the Multiverse.

Instant Gravitation
Beyond the denser "gravity" of physical existence, the realms of unfettered mind and emotion move extremely rapidly. There is no "lag time" between the time we think a thought and its manifestation. It is only here, in physical form, that people have the luxury of thinking and planning before what they envisioned comes to pass.

In the Multiverse, things just appear! You are the cause, and you are also the effect. That can be rather freaky if a person isn't used to having it happen. As energies continue to rise on Planet Earth, this is exactly what will begin to occur. Those who decide to remain here will have to get used to it, or they will be frantic indeed.

The free mobility and ease of a computer's mouse or joystick can provide ample preparation for a journey through the Multiverse. Over the course of time, and with considerable patience and determination, virtual senses begin to become as strong as our sense of physical balance and bodily equilibrium. When that happens, we all will have learned to "walk in the spirit".

The Awakening Oneself
The Bible speaks to us about entering the Kingdom of Heaven by becoming "as little children". When an infant is born, the crown chakra is quite open. Physically, this manifests as a softening of the skull at what is known as the Anterior Fontanel (the "soft spot" in a baby's head). During infancy, the etheric body of a child comes and goes during his or her sleep cycles - making regular visits to various parts of the planet. Many trade places with Dolphin and Whale Consciousness, as they swim in various oceans of the world.

Oneself Connection is something that we all brought in with us. However, over a course of years, the 3D World (parents, siblings, teachers, friends) entranced us into believing more in what was happening outside of us than what was going on inside. As our Internal Connection returns, humans will begin to feel an energy rise from the base of our spine. This vibration is known as "Kundalini Fire". Its appearance is one sign that an individual is truly ready to experience life fully, from a completely different place inside.

If this serpentine energy is clear and powerful, it passes through each of the chakras, clearing away blockage and resistance that may have been present since birth. Its vibration is similar to a "handshake tone" that is sent out from a fax machine as it opens to receive electronic data. As the Kundalini clears the crown, it joins with various Cosmic Forces that respond by sending clear and powerful transforming energy to the planet and its people.

It is an incredible time to be alive! When I composed the last eight segments of this series, it was Christmas, 1997. The word "Indigo" didn't mean anything to me then, and I had no clear idea why I felt so deeply connected to these kids. Their energy was shining and strong within me, and I felt as though I had been given secret passage into a new and wonderful world. Today, people write and ask me:

 "What now? What can we do to help this process along?"

As a completion for the insights contained in The Star Children, I received a vision of what society could look like if we truly honored our children for who they are, and gave them their proper place in the flow of human affairs. Over the next few months, I will be sharing that vision with you. It is called "The Imagine Nation." I thank you for your attention and warm response thus far. I look forward to more and deeper contact in the powerful days ahead.

2002 Daniel Jacob

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