The Star Children

Part 8:  Tracking M.U.D into the House

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B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B

THE WORLD OF COMPUTERS AND THE INTERNET is now the playground of the Star Children. Where once they donned capes and cowboy hats, enthusiastically riding broomsticks around the barn, the youngsters of today are adopting a whole host of sub-personalities that dance in Cyberspace across a monitor in the family room at home.

The advent of MUDs, MOOs, MUCKs, and other such game formats is the beginning of our Next Generation's leap into the Multiverse (Simultaneous Parallel Reality). By way of introduction, we are referring to "Multiple User Dungeons," (MUDs) or "Multiple User Dimensions", as they are also called on the Net. Originally modeled after the historic Dungeons and Dragons, these online games are one of the fastest-growing pastimes in Cyberspace.

The games involve becoming, through active imagination, a great warrior or adventurer, and completing a fantastic Cyber-Quest. Experienced players may act out a half-dozen different personas during the course of a day. Between the chat names they adopt through America-On-Line, and the online personalities they assume in the Multiple User Dimensions, our dear Star Children seem to be exploring their Multidimensional Selves with wild and reckless abandon.

Modern Psychology is replete with references to a "Fragmentation of Self" that is quite endemic in todayís society. The 1980s became a decade of abuses remembered, and much of the internal fragmentation that was observed and studied seemed to be related to the human mindís adaptation to various forms of trauma, or to prolonged stress.

Theories about Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), grew out of a belief that the human personality is, under "healthy" conditions, a unified entity. According to many Family Systems Therapists, splits in personality had very definitive causes and usually predictable effects.

As the Millennium moves forward, many of the more spiritually evolved among us are finding that internal multiplicity is more the rule than the exception. This is especially true in the lives of our Star Children. Their multi-track system of mental focus seems to require that they develop many internal "selves" to administrate it. Though this is definitely a "mental condition," it doesnít have to always be seen as a disorder. One of the primary effects of Global Transmutation is a re-awakening of powers and memories that have been "asleep" in humankind for hundreds, even thousands of years.

These "Multiple User Dimensions" online seem to be mirroring for us what is also happening inside our heads. Even as the internet is a mirror image of an "Inner Net" that connects us all in spirit, our internal multiplicity seems to be proof that simultaneous parallel existence (also known as "string theory" in the world of physics) is not only alive, but very well on Planet Earth!

Our young people have a favorite catch-phrase, when they find itís time to depart someplace that they have found to be particularly boring. They say: "Letís split."

One of the most common experiences about being part of a transitional society is the fact that we all feel like "people on the fence." Many of us are constantly asking ourselves: "Do I wish to stay or do I go?" Our Star Children, during our preparation for the Grand Acceleration, have upped the ante on that game. They have decided to do both.

When push comes to shove, all of us will probably do a lot of both as well. As was shared in a previous installment of this series, the consciousness of a Star Child (as well as most "Transitionals") is divided into two main compartments, which are the "test-pilot," and the "ground-crew." The test pilot is programmed to GO, and the ground crew stays behind to see the dog gets fed and the plants get watered.

For the moment, however, the "test-pilot" aspect of our Star Children seems to be immersed in a program of Internal Basic Training. And where do you suppose they are heading to get this training? They are coming online and using these tailor-made simulation chambers, hooked up to Computer Networks spanning all across the world.

The possibilities for internal exploration are now endless. Over a region, or other physical territory, there have arisen veteran players (who have attained hero status) who are called "Gods" or "Wizards." In truth, these people appear to be dancing with Archetypes and most of them clearly know it. The possibility that actual Archetypes might be intrigued with this process and dance with them back is of little or no concern to these highly gifted, and wonderfully evolved beings.

Initially, the first games focused upon capturing imaginary realms and slaying fantasy demons. Now, however, MUDs and MOOs are focusing upon exercising even more advanced powers of creation and dominion. Our imagination has become our Gateway into the Multiverse. It was always there, but none of us were truly ready to believe in it yet.

Our computer technology has simply provided a set of "training wheels" until our spiritual bicycle pedals can build up enough momentum. Before long, meditation will become MUDitation, and the Star Children will begin to interface with real alternative realities, located along the Fourth Dimensional Corridor. Many are already doing this, and then using lucid dream states to defuse the surplus energy.

The Veil of Forgetfulness is a semi-permeable, etheric membrane, which surrounds the consciousness of a person in physical form. Its purpose is the same as the blinders that are put around the eyes of a horse pulling a cart through a busy city. The Veil keeps humans from noticing the many alternative realities and possibilities that exist around us every moment that we are alive. For some, the Veil is subtle enough to keep them from being distracted by "the other side." For others, its density and all-pervasiveness results in spiritual blindness.

To penetrate a person's Veil of Forgetfulness means to create a psychic "leak" in the reality bubble for that individual. The hole may be small, like a needle applying an infusion of necessary medicine. Or, it may be large enough to cause a hemorrhage of knowledge and awareness that results in a classic case of schizophrenia.

Any physical or emotional trauma can produce a break in the Veil. Through that wound there can flow a kind of "fluid" which acts as a conductor and produces a link to an alternative self, which that individual is operating at other levels of the Multiverse. In a sense, it's like having the tuner on a radio dial positioned so that, through considerable static, you can hear two stations at once.

Penetration of the Veil does not have to be an accident. Some people purposely try to make contact with "the other side." They can do this through focused meditation, drug usage, breath work, visualization, hypnosis, automatic writing, or any one of several other means.

The key factor we must deal with here is the idea that what is found on the "other side" is just as real as what is found here in physical form. The basic difference in the two is the density (frequency of vibration) of the people and objects contacted. Trying to discredit the real-life experiences of someone who has truly traversed the Veil is a near-impossible task. Those who interrogated Joan of Arc would heartily agree. Once a person has been there, really been there, there can be no denying what he or she knows to be real.

The main block which humankind has had against successfully journeying into the unseen realms is identical to the reasons we have been limited in our explorations of outer space and the depths of the ocean. Our physical bodies are simply not designed to sustain the kind of shock and pressure we find there.

Popping open the Veil of Forgetfulness, either through deliberated or accidental means, often results in severe trauma to the organization of a personality structure, leaving no room for objectivity and focus to observe the realities we have accessed in the process. Shamans and Seers have come as close as anyone in their journeys into the ethers, but they, too, will often have difficulty describing what they find.

In Cyber Space, especially in the world of MUDs and MOOs, the Star Kids have developed a "buffering" system to protect their delicate sensitivities. They learn to believe in and identify with an icon on the screen--delineating that figure to be "self" within a defined context--and their conscious (and subconscious) minds begin to track the activities as though they are "real."

In actuality, Spirit is slowly, steadily, revealing to all of us that all contexts of existence are real, though humankind still has a label installed on the activities of these computers that says: " this is not real."

The cognitive dissonance of these two simultaneous belief messages produces a kind of bi-tonal "beat" in the brain,as the mind scans back and forth between the notion: "that figure on the screen there is ME" and "this is a machine, this is not real." What is eventually produced in the mind of the player is a conceptual split that enables what is seen on the screen to become "almost real", which is where we get the term "Virtual Reality."

It is not, therefore, surprising that parents of Star Children may look at their son (or daughter), playing on the computer, and say to themselves: "That kid looks like he is in a trance." The "bi-tonal beat" of the two opposite messages, coupled with the starkly imaginative and realistic graphics of the games, regularly puts kids into sub-hypnotic states.

Beyond the "gravity" of physical existence, the realms of pure mind and emotion move very rapidly. There is no "lag time" in manifestation within the realms of pure form or pure void. It is only here, in physicality, that people have the luxury of thinking and planning before manifesting an object or situation. In the Multiverse, when a person thinks about something, it automatically manifests in front of him. That can be rather freaky if he isn't used to having it happen.

Our world today has become freaky, indeed. The period following September 11 has especially taken on an air of the surreal. The TV Series "Star Trek," which many of us loved as we grew up, frequently used a phrase that still rings in my mind: "Going where no man has gone before." Our Star Children are doing just that. They are "test pilots" for humanity, mentally dancing back and forth along a yellow brick road which leads to infinity.

I continue to appreciate your letters and personal stories. Each of them supports my joyful realization that the bliss and excitement I am feeling, concerning the days ahead, is being reverberated all around the globe. Keep it coming! We are All One.

© 2002 Daniel Jacob