The Star Children

Part 6 - Riding the Waves of Transformation

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By Daniel Jacob


WE MENTIONED IN PART 4 OF THIS SERIES that the appearance of the Comets Kohoutek and Hale-Bopp had considerable significance in regards to the influx of energy that carried in our precious Star Children. What is being introduced now is the concept that events and occurrences which transpire within realms that are not visible to the naked eye can be and often are symbolically represented within the physical universe by icons depicting power, hope, or (for example) peace.

In the transit of these two Comets, there was the time-released portrayal of one solid wave of energy that was streaking across our perceptual universe, offering strength and momentum to anyone who cared to hop aboard. Apparently, there were many souls who genuinely desired to accept that proposition.

I speak about the first generation of Star Children as “Transmutators." We differentiate this term from the term "Transitionals," which has been previously used to describe the Baby Boomer generation who gave birth to these exceptional kids.

In Cycles of Three
The Transitionals have been the focal point of our discussion thus far. They were brought in, generally, between the years 1945-1957. They are called the "First Wave." In our bodies, the matrix of the new cellular organization began to form. In some of these special individuals, the entire compliment of mental and cellular "software" was delivered and installed for usage during the upcoming planetary alignment. These were Baby Boomers who were assigned more specific roles of assistance during the Grand Acceleration about to come.

The "Second Wave" was comprised of all those souls who came in between 1968-1978 (or thereabouts). The first to be officially considered "Star Children," most of these beings were fully equipped in their mental apparatus for adaptation on our planet as we shift in vibration from Third Density to Fourth Density.

It takes approximately 20 years for a soul to progress through the Preparation and Initiation stages of transformation. Many of the Baby Boomers began to awaken between 1965 and 1977, about the time their children were born. Of course, these are only approximations and some of those who awoke managed to hit the "snooze alarm" and took a side road into religion, avant garde philosophy, or some other outward system of personal orientation. Many others may have already been awake from the beginning of their journey.

Those Baby Boomers (and also some older societal members as well) who didn't resist the influx of Spirit have become the Foundation Grid for the energies that were to follow. They anchored and grounded the influx of electromagnetic forces, as did the Wise Men who watched the heavens at Jesus' birth.

The Final Three Generations
If the "Second Wave" are referred to as "Generation X," then their offspring have been called "Generation Y." The letter used to delineate these outrageous youngsters is very appropriate, indeed, to tell us about who they are and what they came here to do.

If the watchword for the "Gen-X" kids was restraint, the term used to describe the "Gen-Y" kids would be 'curiosity.' These youngsters simply love to know! They ask questions (Y, Y, why?????), they compare and contrast nearly everything, and generally do as much as they can to activate and challenge their conservative parents. Generation "Y" kids like to leave no stones unturned in their quest for enlightenment and fun.

The "Third Wave" of Star Children, Generation "Z," was brought in around the time of the Harmonic Convergence (1983-1993), and the entire Energy Gate closed with the disappearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet. Their "position" of observation centers around the harmonization of facts and viewpoints that are now contained within this glorious Oneself. In essence, these kids are expert integrators of energy. Spirit even goes so far as to refer to Generation “Z” as “Peacemakers of the New Millennium."

The Stages of Transformation
As has been said, a total Transmutation Process will take around 30 years. This period has been generally divided into three fairly equal segments lasting about 10 years each: Preparation, Initiation, and Integration (or Blending). The Baby Boomers began to awaken, more or less, about 20 years into their cycle (1965-1977). The Second Wave SC began their conscious journey somewhere between 1988 and 1997. As we have said before, these dates are only approximations, based on the underlying patterns and assignments revealed by Spirit. As usual, exceptions to these patterns also abound.

Finally, the Third Wave Star Children will come online between 2008 and 2017, about the period where time (as a means of counting and organizing life) will cease. Many channels agree that the time frame for that shift is about December of 2012. The future is not set, however, and these estimations continue to remain reasonable guesses, based on the vibrations at hand.

Time to Watch, Time to Play
We began our exposition about Baby Boomers by referring to them as a generation of "Watchers." Since all of the subsequent generations sprang from the seed of these "Peeping Toms of the Multiverse," it only stands to reason that all the generations of our Star Children will, at some point, want to exercise their options to stand aside and watch as well. Provision has been made for that.

Each person in all three of these generations features two sides to him or herself, a duality of design that is a fulcrum upon which he moves and functions. The first side of the brain is called "The Ground Crew," and it consists of "Watcher" elements that are present in full array, resembling all the perceptual and experiential techno-finery of the Houston Operations Center at NASA.

The other side of the brain for Transmutators is called "The Test Pilot," and it contains some very interesting and startling aspects to it. The first of these is absolute and total imperviousness to pain or discomfort. This quality will be of great importance during the most difficult part of the shifts to come. Achieved more through focus than de-sensitization, this quality enables the individual to channel almost all of his or her attention into one or two main targets, leaving a bare minimum to mind the basics of physical function.

The focus of concentration in "The Test Pilot" part of the brain can be narrowed to a pinpoint, which serves as a kind of astral BODY, and will be used during the practice of Remote Viewing (a point-to-point search engine for information in or around the planet). It will soon replace our former concept of Astral Travel.

At this point, humankind will discover the whole truth behind the famous words: "He who thinks a thought has already done the thing he is thinking." We will then eliminate the separation that has existed between the “theorization" and "actualization" of ideas. We will begin our journey into the glorious Multiverse-Realm of Infinite Possibility.

By expanding the basic criteria for valid existence within the universe, we can increase the population of Earth by a million-fold, without adding one ounce of physical mass to it. We’ll forget about deciding what’s “real” and what’s “just part of our imagination.” Remote Viewing and Inter-Dimensional Transit have been with us since the beginning. Full knowledge of these tools will eventually remove most of the limitations that exist within the personality of humankind.

As the reader can surely see, the incredible change that lies ahead of us will easily overtake the changes that have come since the year 1900. Though few could have predicted how far we have come, we still have a monumental distance to go as a species. Our Children are the hope of our future, in more ways than we could ever have dreamed. As we become more familiar with their unusual nature, and seriously begin to consider how to support them in their awesome task, a curious peace will fall upon the Baby Boomers.

Humanity needs desperately to let go of our struggle. The Star Children do that quite naturally. When our hands relax, their hands will surely pick up the slack. In this regard, we really can call them “slackers,” can’t we? But only in this regard. They’ve been busy on the inner planes, and they soon will be busy on the outer planes as well.

What have you been experiencing? I love it when you share your stories. We discuss them in our Research Forum, and are beginning to formulate some meaningful resources for kids whose sensitive minds and hearts are now coming online. This is only the beginning! Aren’t you glad you’re here?

© 2002 Daniel Jacob