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THE STAR CHILDREN WHO ARE GROWING UP right under our noses are intellectually gifted and cunning beyond belief. What many of them lack is the self-esteem that would activate that bundle of frozen potential into something tangible and useful in today’s world.

Those who conform to society and move on into "respectability," are essentially feral creatures who simply submit to external restraint. This requires construction of internal walls of protection, in order to protect the inner sanctum of the Star Child Consciousness - the place where motivations are stored and nurtured. Those who find that they simply cannot "sell out" in order to get by, become what psychologists call "behaviorally disordered."

This whole idea of a disease process that is called a "disorder" was invented by men and women who make their living from defining and changing the attitudes and actions of others. Many of the basic premises and techniques for change used by these therapists and doctors are built from an extremely masculine (heavily logical) paradigm that holds a core belief that order equates with happiness. In such an out-of-balance society, everyone strives as much as possible to become or to remain "normal."


Star Children are anything but normal, and they will readily declare that order is not their highest priority in life. Anyone who takes a look at a Star Child's room or apartment will verify that. Mostly, they seek the invocation of passion, though the term itself may not have meaning to them. To the adult mind, passion is equal to lust or an intense charge of emotion. To the younger mind, however, the ruling force in life becomes whatever unique blend of mind and emotion that can be compacted and distilled into a tall cup of liquid NOW.

The Now-Moment is an extremely powerful element in the life of a Star Child. He or she will do almost anything to activate and sustain that focus. One Spirit-Guide, a Teacher of mine, summed the whole matter up thusly: "The Now Moment is a Multidimensional vehicle that can take a person anywhere and anywhen that he wishes to go. The only thing that he must remember is that he must keep his hands and feet inside the car."

The mental awareness, or focus of attention, within the mind of a Star Child is equivalent to the cursor on a mouse that accesses a vast and resourceful computer network. To make the system work, there must be an in-the-moment, 100%investment of self.

Whereas many of their Baby Boomer parents have learned to be comfortable with half-hearted commitments to tasks or goals, a Star Child cannot function that way. Neither will his meta-system be turned on through a deliberate act of will. An activity that has no meaning to the youngster, but is forced upon him or her, will only jam the system and kill his sense of self-esteem.

Once a "file" has been opened in the meta-mind, and a "link" has been established concerning a situation or individual that interests them, they are then free to multi-task, by bringing to bear all manner of knowledge and resources to make a full connection.

Somewhere, within some "program manager" that collates and mingles all the input involved in each genuine interaction, a vibration is produced which faintly resembles juggling, except that the balls that are spinning in the air are actually tones of energy. This is why music usually plays such an important role in a Star Child's life. Those who work with fully functional (and often behaviorally disordered) Star Children notice that they often tend to unconsciously sing to each other when they are working, studying, or just sitting together.

Though patterns are often present, concerning how these tones are processed and utilized by the SC, such pattern may be very elusive to the eye of an adult. This is because Chaos Energy is a prime component required for processing information within the mind of meta-humans. The Chaos Factor produces an inner environment wherein ‘freedom of thought’ is more important than ‘clarity of thought’.


To speak within a group of Star Children is to be surrounded by a force, a wave of energy and curiosity. Usually "adults" don't get invited. That is because they want to bring with them "lessons" and "teachings" about what these kids should be or what they ought to think. The adults reason that their experience should entitle them to preach about what is happening and where things should go. In truth, a Star Child is usually not interested in anyone's experience but his own (or the experiences of a few close friends).

However, when there are older folks who manage to pass muster, the event is one that will not soon be forgotten. The entire generation that came in with the Comets, as well as those that followed is equipped with the internal software to access a level of Oneness called “Groupthink”. This is the same frequency of vibration that all oppressed or harassed people have the ability to contact when they are living under tyranny.

The OneMind is an example of "hive mentality" that has been translated into human form. In a way, it's like the Computer Network for a huge business conglomerate. An interested spectator can sign on to the system, and automatically empath and/or intuit the whole of the group agenda in that locale, providing he or she knows the proper passwords.

Were it not for the heavy infusion of Chaos Energy, the Star Children could easily become a cult. However, their essentially anarchistic nature helps to prevent that, except in extreme cases of need for parental affirmation. Mostly, young people of this generation will decide to sign on to their Inner-Net so that they can insure protection for themselves against the probing and meddling of the establishment.


If there are any profound religious connections that tend to be favored by the more conscious (and often categorized as disordered) Star Children, the two that seem to predominate are Wicca and Paganism. The profound focus of each of these faiths upon the Earth and upon natural freedom of expression (especially sexuality) is very appealing to these fresh young minds.

Contrary to popular thought, a fully functional and awake Star Child is probably not promiscuous in the way some Baby Boomers have come to think of the term. There is a profound respect for sincerity and honesty in personal connections and, in their point of view; dogma really has no place in the process at all.

The way to remove the "disorder" from these young people's relationships is not to force upon them the same edicts and dogmas their parents swallowed. It absolutely won't work. What Star Children need is to become fully awakened to who they are and what they came here to do. They need space and encouragement to do that. Once the intuitive nature is on line and intact, everything sorts itself out wonderfully, though not always as we might expect.

Another exciting element of Star Child existence is the fact that they are often nocturnal in their lifestyle - preferring to sleep during at least the first part of the daylight hours (when others are busy at work) and working/playing far into the early morning hours. This can be seen as a counter-cultural badge of honor for them, a kind of "mini-victory" over the establishment, which has become so invested in silencing the distinctiveness of their viewpoint.

It is not surprising that many SC are quite taken with computers. The rise of computers and the Internet has made nocturnal living a desirable and accessible thing. Some computer people are often nicknamed "vampires," drawing heavily upon the intuitive flows of energy, which occur during the rise, and transit of the moon. Though the only red juice that is likely to be seen around a computer nerd's lips is the left-over tomato sauce from day-old pizza, the parallels in lifestyle have turned much of cyberspace into a kind of New Transylvania.


Vampires have a very powerful symbolic attraction to some of the more aware and awake Star Children. In literature, vampires are referred to as "The Undead." In a thousand ways, the vampire seems to earnestly desire and seek after death. In one scene from the original 1931 classic "Dracula," starring the legendary Bela Lugosi, the Prince of Villainy is once overhead saying: "To die. To be really dead. That must be glorious."

In such cases, death does not necessarily seem to be sought after as a vehicle for bringing peace into the vampire's experience. Rather, it seems like a final ‘liberation’ from the physical ego towards which he or she journeys across time and eternity. At their heart, Star Children know that this "liberation" is something that many people are seeking, though few people will consciously admit to having such a morbid desire. The rock singer Jim Morrison, of the famous group "The Doors," was said to emphasize a death wish in much of his poetry and songs.

Star Children who are barely awake to who they are, or who are severely introverted, will long for death (transformation) at some portion of their being. They may express such a longing in many ways. They will sometimes engage in acts of violence against society, or there will be trends of outward non-conformity and eccentric behavior. They will also indulge in a careless usage of drugs (which is often the only way they can silence the voices inside their heads), and membership in abrasive or politically disruptive gangs and organizations.


In a sense, the fascination with death and danger is truly a form of self-stimulation on a grand scale. It is produced, to some extent, by boredom that has become frozen rage. A threat of impending doom or destruction has long been considered the ultimate in thrills. Unfortunately, it also can be the ultimate in disintegration as well.

It has been speculated that the lead-singer for the rock group INXS, who was found hanged in his hotel room not too long ago, did not die so much from classic suicide as much as he died from a severe form of auto-eroticism carried beyond his ability to regain control. Such daredevil attitudes are usually only achieved with pharmaceutical assistance.

Still, the Star Children are keenly aware of their connection to eternity, even though they inhabit physical bodies here and now. In the Celtic Society, and in the religion of the Druids, little difference was depicted between the physical world and other levels of existence. Human sacrifices during that time were quite common, perpetrated to prove how certain the subject was of his re-cycling and return to physical form. Star Children understand this, though they often cannot put this understanding into words.

In the opening scenes of the teen movie "The Whispering," (1995), Directed by Gregory Gieras, the screen flashes a poem that graphically depicts this connection. It is a poem that speaks of the agony of life on a planet for people who are incredibly aware, but poorly supported to function fully in that awareness. In a way, it is like a song that this "Generation X" is singing to us during this time. It could also be an alarm clock that they are using to try and wake themselves as well . It goes like this:

Another nightmare to fill my dreams
And when I awake
pale face and gentled eyes
The voices in my head
bury themselves deep
somewhere inside my mind
And when I wake
the voices inside my head
be only my tortuous thoughts
Until I find no peace
And dream of endless sleep.

If the reading of these words is distressing for Baby Boomer parents, or even grandparents, it cannot hold a candle to the sadness and restlessness that is building within our generations of Star Children. Whether they are first-wave, second-wave, or whatever, many of them are screaming within themselves for something meaningful and eternal to change in this world in which we live.

It's also true that some of our precious Star Children will die, right before our eyes. When they go, some of them will orchestrate things so that many hearts and minds will be opened wide by their passing. If they cannot teach us in life, then their lessons will be delivered in death. We must remember that it was the slow, courageous death of Ryan White that saved singer Elton John from a destructive path of drug addiction. So it will be in many corners of our small world.

We parents must WAKE UP, wake up… and not miss the blooming of our youthful Star Child Oneself.

Why not just sell the boat, leave the office early, and sneak up on these gifted people and silently ‘watch them’ when they least expect it? Baseball games are fine, and so are dance recitals and soccer tournaments. However, the real meat of this process of learning and observation is to be had when they are ‘not aware’ of what they are doing.

We must remember, too, that most of these kids do not understand this entire process either. Therefore, we must not freak them out through over-attention. A balanced, casual yet inquisitive, attitude seems to work best at this time.

At this point, there are a lot of Star Children who are simply asleep to who they are and what they carry inside them. Like the rest of us, they have been taught to conform to a set pattern of life and belief and they seem very content to remain that way. Many of them look very "normal," acting much like the generations of children who came before them. The difference exists within the internal mental "software" that is carried inside them. As the energy on the planet continues to rise, the “seals” on that knowingness will begin to break open. When it does, miracles can happen!

I have appreciated hearing from many of you, as this series unfolds. Star Children and Star Parents alike have lots to say about these subjects. Your input helps our research, and gives insight to our growing database of information about this fascinating subject. Keep it coming!

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Daniel Jacob is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker, living in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates, in Kirkland, Washington - a multi-therapist clinic which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 17 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." These Etheric Teachers described themselves as "all those parts of the Expanded Self that you have had to forget about in order to come into human form." He has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. In 1995, he organized the Worldwide Transmutation Network, through the Usenet Newsgroups. Since that time, Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. You can get more information about Daniel and his work by visiting the Web Site at, or by e-mailing him directly at: