The Star Children

Part 4 - The Tale of a Comet

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B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B

IT WAS IN THE LATTER PART OF 1973 that a magnificent ball of light was seen hurling across the night skies. Witnessed by a multitude… clear into 1974, it provided a light show which many dubbed the Comet of the Century. This was the "infamous" C/1973 E1 - also known as The Comet Kohoutek.

At that point, the world was surely ripe for a heavenly sign. The turbulence of the 60s was beginning to fade, and resentments about the Vietnam War were settling as best they could. Humankind was ready for something - anything - that could deflect our attention into a higher, brighter perspective.

Alas, Comet Kohoutek did not provide the astronomical extravaganza which most had hoped for. And it soon appeared that Haley's Comet (1909-1910) was going to maintain the record as the most dazzling display to date. And yet, those in the know - especially within circles of eclectic spirituality - continued to watch and feel the vibrations of this miracle of nature as it passed us by.

Not all great occurrences are fully understood at the moment they are happening. Sometimes that which seems disappointing in the beginning is worshipped and praised in the end. So it was with the opening of this important Energy Portal that heralded the first wave of our dear Star Children.

A gateway opens

Down through history, our Collective Consciousness has created many activations that have served to penetrate the tender membrane that separates this world from other levels of reality. These perforations in the Veil are known as Energy Gates. When they open, they produce a flow of knowledge and power into the lives of those who are ready to receive these gifts.

The Comet Kohoutek symbolized, in the physical world, the opening of a Gate, which began a process of spiritual unfoldment for several overlapping generations. These parents and their children have aligned with the souls of countless ancestors and their civilizations to bring about nothing less than our Reconnection with All That Is.

This powerful Comet had a very stable light curve. However, since it was apparently entering the inner solar system for the first time in this particular form, its rise to brightness was not as rapid as others which have come before or since. It carried with it the Golden Ray, which is the vibration of the Christ Consciousness as it returns once again to the planet.

Kohoutek was a flash of lightning, a messenger from heaven that brought with it our first wave of Star Children, who were born roughly within five years before and after its appearance in 1973. Since a Christing usually takes place within about 30 years time, the "ripening" of that first wave will be occurring within the same span of five years preceding and following the year 2003. Other waves have followed. More will be shared about that in later articles.

The closing of this particular Energy Gate was affected by the appearance of C/1995 01 (Hale-Bopp). A Comet that had apparently made many trips inside our solar system, this latest phenomenon of nature was quite a bit more satisfying to us, earning its discoverers a hearty round of applause from all who study and enjoy such events.

The Comet Kohoutek and the Hale-Bopp Comet were two sides of the 'same event.' Just as Jesus was believed to have a first advent and is anticipated to come again, so the Energy Gate of Kohoutek/Hale-Bopp was also a singular occurrence that unfolded slowly, and over several years.

Humankind has always looked upward with a tremendous amount of interest and anticipation. The Magi of Jesus' day were astrologers - inwardly alerted, and outwardly fascinated with the birth of a very special individual. A "magus" is a magician, someone who works with not only in the physical and the tangible, but who also understands the realms of the unseen as well.

We must remember that "Transitionals" (Baby Boomers) are a generation that loves to watch… with lots of observing and lots of noticing. We love the idea of developing a sense of perspective about life and what is going on around us. Therefore, these waves of Christ Consciousness, appearing within our children, allow us to experience the whole process from a distance, and gain more perspective.

Through the eyes of oneness

The New Paradigm of Universal Oneness plays a huge part in the Star Children Story. Without knowledge of this fundamental idea, coupled with a balancing belief in Multidimensionality, a clear perspective of the Star Child phenomenon would seem like nothing more than science fiction.

Each person is his or her own universe. Uni = One. The determination of what is "real" is a matter of perception not existence. In the Multiverse, everything exists, but not everything is perceived. Our senses are not "windows" to an "objective" reality. They are really filters, blocking from our perception what we have no desire to see.

The Multiverse is a compilation of everything than has been, that is, and that ever will be; a Cosmic Database, that collates and stores data from every individual context of reality. Everything is already there, and available for us to see, touch and feel. However, in order to achieve a sense of focus, we install a Veil of Forgetfulness to keep out images that have no relevance to our current Earthly journey.

A universe is not something we exist within. A universe is really something that we are. This is because, in order for us to interpret what we see around us, the images have to pass through a perceptual grid, so our brain can process them. All interpretations of images are based upon what we already know - ourselves. This is why the Book of Genesis says that God made man "in His own image." In truth, this is how all our universes are formed.

We don’t create our universes from nothing. We create them from everything, which already exists. All we do is block out the parts of that "everything" which have no relevance to our current inquiry. When two people come together to form a relationship, it is really one person who has split into two aspects. Male gender symbolizes masculine energy (action, logic) and female gender symbolizes feminine energy (emotion, intuition). Each partner, regardless of gender, contains both masculine and feminine energy. When they do the "togetherness dance," each partner wears the "dark side" of the other partner - the side of them about which they have been blind, or "in the dark." In this way, they get to engage in a deep form of self-examination - a daily confront with powerful aspects of themselves they might have otherwise missed.

Instructors in the dance

When two people begin their "togetherness dance," they sometimes find it helpful to add more faces and essences to the mix. I said earlier that everything is really an aspect of the One. In relationships, that One is fragmented into two or more. Each time a "splitting" occurs, it gives new insight into the "hidden aspects" of those who participate in the Dance. This is why I refer to children, in-laws, friends, employers, and other contacts as "Dance Instructors."

The Star Children are Dance Instructors for the New Age. They embody for us, who have come before them, the "hidden aspects" of ourselves that have not yet come to light, or which we have neglected. And, even if they came in with their own agendas for life in physical form, they will often lay those aside if, on some level, they feel they need to be mirroring for us things about ourselves that we may be overlooking.

During these powerful transitional days, we Baby Boomers can choose to listen to our Dance Instructors, looking hard at the reflections that they are providing us, or we can keep on clomping through our old dances, stepping all over each others’ toes, and gumming up the Ascension process for everyone. The choice is really ours.

Three levels of oneness

Each of us upon this planet is a fragment of the same Oneself - and everyone perceived within our personal universe (viewpoint) is a mirror of some aspect of the creator of that universe. Is there an "order" or "structure" to this mirroring relationship? I believe there is. My Spiritual Guides have laid it all out as "levels" of an individual, each of which stands for a dimension of the person who creates each reality.

FIRST-PERSON LEVEL: Made up of all events and experiences that occur within the creator’s own body and individuated physical self. Because the images and experiences are so vivid, and personalized, this level is symbolic of the Conscious Mind of that universe.

SECOND-PERSON LEVEL: Made up of all events, people, and experiences which are 'directly related' to, or in immediate interaction with that First-Person Level of awareness. This level is symbolic of the Sub-Conscious Mind of that universe.

THIRD-PERSON LEVEL: Made up of all events and experiences that are observable to us, but have no direct interaction or relation to our life program at all. These mirrors sometimes present the most vivid pictures to us, because we have absolutely no direct control over what they do, or the reflections they bring. And yet it is all we, isn’t it? This level is symbolic of the Unconscious Mind of that universe.

Each of these "levels" is a distinct, but different Energy Gate through which information and experience can flow. It presents to us a kind of Telescopic Oneness, like a spyglass that can be opened and expanded out, showing us all the "sights" there are to see.

The gifts of the Magi

The generation of individuals who were born within that five-year span of each side of 1973, are SECOND PERSON ICONS for the transformation of the Baby Boomer generation. They are 'gifts' that have been given to us by "Wise Men" who have already lived through this awesome period of transformation and have chosen to come back and watch our faces as we unwrap those same wonderful presents. They are Generation X, the first wave of the Star Children.

Those offspring born after 1978 will become THIRD PERSON ICONS for the transforming Baby Boomers, allowing both the parents and children to attain yet another perspective of this wonderful experience. Of course, as in all such linear predictions, there will be overlaps and divergences away from this set formula as well.

A Star Child is a "Magus" (the tarot symbol for a magician) in the most literal sense of the term. Generations Y and Z, especially, will be devoting themselves to showing us, in detail, all the hidden talents and abilities that our life in Separation has repressed and laid aside.

THE UNIVERSAL CAULDRON: Within the Magical Arts, there is a concept called "Alchemy." This is a science (the forerunner of our chemistry) that once was noted for its focus upon the transformation of base metals into gold. Over the years, alchemy has also been applied to processes of personal transformation or transmutation as well. When the work is done in the physical, various elements are added to a mixture that is heated in a huge kettle, which is a cauldron. In this cauldron, the elements are heated to tremendous temperatures, until their basic elements are purified into what has come to be known as "The Philosopher’s Stone." This end product has tremendous catalytic powers, to mix and blend anything into anything else.

Humankind is now transmutating on a Global Scale. Our atmosphere has become our Cauldron. That which we have referred to as "pollution" is becoming a universal infusion of Chaos energy. There is much we could say about how all of this is affecting us, but we will save those remarks for later.

Our Star Children, as well as selected Adults who have received their "consciousness upgrades," are keepers of this Universal Cauldron. They stoke the fires under the kettle when things get a little cold. Also, they pour water on the fire if the boil and toil (and bubble and trouble) gets to be a little too intense in here. Most of this process, of course, is done in the ethers.

Turning up the heat

Many factors are combining, as time progresses, to heat up the Universal Cauldron and burn away the impurities that are blocking the ascension of our collective human nature. The "9/11 Activation," and the resulting pain and terror have certain stoked the fires of human consciousness. Solar Flares, Planetary Alignments, and Earth Changes are certainly doing their part as well. And inwardly, the Veil of Forgetfulness is beginning to wear thin in the minds and hearts of everyone on the planet. Soon the "blinders" are going to completely fall off the horse. We’re in for a wild ride, my friends. But the Star Children are here to help.

This Universal Cauldron is cooking us all. We are mixing and mingling with elements and essences with which we have not had contact since we began this journey into the World of Form. The holes in the ozone are allowing in radiance and knowledge that is both activating and transforming us on a daily basis.

The Star Children function from a database (inside their heads) that is designed to withstand the rigors of this process. However, they still exist under restraint because of the demands of parents and other authority figures. As the influx of power continues to increase, many of the old guard will cry out in pain because our collective database of ideas and beliefs now needs to be expanded. It is only by watching and learning from our children, while simultaneously opening to Spirit that these new files and software programs will become available to us.

The Tale of the Two Comets has come and gone. But the signs and symbols of transformation continue to appear around us, everywhere we look. When all is said and done, it could be that The Philosopher’s Stone of our day consists of nothing more than a simple recognition of our innate unity with everything and everyone we see. We live, we let live, and we recognize all the lessons that are being set before us at this powerful time in history.

As usual, your responses are very helpful in our research. We use the data to produce new material, and also to discern the direction society is going, and how quickly we are moving towards that destination. Your comments and questions are very welcome.

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