The Star Children

Part 2 - Wandering In the Wilderness

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By Daniel Jacob


The Baby Boomers have a secret. People with secrets sometimes do strange things. We didn't mean to bury this knowledge. When we were young, many of us spoke openly about it to our parents, or to others who had charge over us. It was only when we saw their response, and potential rejection, that we taught ourselves to hide the things we see and feel, the deeper things that we know.

When our lives were brand new, it was all very clear to us. We came here to be physical, but we brought with us many treasures of knowledge concerning "the other side." Whether it meant that we adopted invisible playmates in the early years, or whether we simply seemed to "know things" about other people without being told - our parents and teachers quickly caught on to the fact that we were a force to be reckoned with. And reckon with us they did. Little by little, they talked us out of our personal, inner reality. They told us it was "just our imagination." And so, for a time, we forgot.

Bondage exists in many forms. A person can be tied up and confined in physical reality, or he can be a slave within his mind and emotions. A huge percentage of Baby Boomers grew up in reasonably affluent families. After all, our parents had survived the Great Depression. Their goals in life centered on providing for us all of the material security that they, themselves, had lacked. If we asked them for things, they gladly provided them for us. Freedom, however, was not a part of the bargain.

The rebellion of the 1960s was mostly about freedom. The counter-cultural movement and reverse-status values were a statement, made by the Baby Boomers, to our post-Depression parents. It was an outcry, calling for us to let go of our love of things and return to a love of people. If there were underdogs in the world, we tried to demonstrate that we cared about them. We marched, we sang, we protested. Meanwhile, our parents shook their heads in amazement. How could we be so ungrateful for all they had done for us?

The 1970s arrived and things began to snap back in line. The Vietnam War was ending, and Civil Rights legislation promised everyone that fairness would prevail. Still, the Baby Boomers were uneasy. They remain uneasy to this day.

Though many of us have integrated with the establishment, freedom remains a dream, hiding beneath the concerns and preoccupations of our busy lives. This idealistic notion is something far more than just social change or civil fairness. It is a spiritual thing, a breath of something we cannot quite describe, but which we definitely know is there. A deep, inner part of us knows that it is a mystery to be unraveled, hopefully before we all pass on.


The title of this article, "Wandering in the Wilderness," makes reference to the ancient story of the Children of Israel in the Old Testament of the Bible. By the time Moses had found them, they were slaves working hard in the house of an Egyptian ruler, a king who possessed much power and material wealth.

The Baby Boomers who have merged with modern society could basically be divided into two main groupings. Some of them, like Moses himself, have been given great influence over the multitude. Indeed, Moses was esteemed in Egypt like a Son to Pharaoh himself.

Others of this generation find ourselves in more mundane territory. We have jobs, have had families, and we've found allies in our everyday battle for bread. Our "brick pits" may be more comfortable than those in Egypt - but we still feel like slaves, deep inside. We are infinite, Multiversal beings - who have become shackled to a World of Form. We are remembering our former estate, and feelings are beginning to run high!

For an entire generation, born between 1945 and 1957 (or thereabouts), this basic incongruity - between affluence of body and poverty of soul - has been a splinter, lodged deep within our Collective Consciousness. We were born idealists, redeemers, revolutionaries. We have settled for secure mediocrity.

Our Governments have grown up with us, re-enforcing our need to keep forgetting. Our leaders hide things from us because they feel we would be too upset if we found out the truth of what is really going on in our world.

Spirit is once again alive throughout the land. Little by little, there are voices rising up to speak the secret words and phrases that will open up Pandora's Box. The voices are still and soft, and their message falls only upon the ears of those who are ready. Little by little, our Group Soul has started to stretch itself and breathe again. We are starting to remember.

If the enemy of our spiritual freedom lies within, then so does the battlefield. Social legislation didn't change us in the 60s. All it did was create expensive regulatory agencies that clamor for tax money and increase our plethora of paperwork. Real change is not merely political. It can only come through personal, internal transformation.

Years ago, when truth came forth from our young lips, our parents talked us out of it. They banished our invisible playmates, explained away our dreams and visions, threatened away our highly intuitive mutterings, and rocked us to sleep. Today we are awakening. We are sprouting channels, psychics, seers, prophets, teachers, healers, and visionaries galore. We are speaking our truth in love, and people are actually hearing what we say, and believing it!


What happened to the Children of Israel when they left the House of Pharaoh is also happening to the Baby Boomers today. Because they doubted Spirit, and could only believe in their idols made of gold, a whole generation had to die off before the people were allowed to go into the Promised Land.

Soon the Baby Boomers will begin to die off. Many of us are still wandering around in circles, trying to figure out who to obey and what to worship. Though we picked up on organized religion in the 70s and 80s to ground and focus us, we were lulled to sleep by the tendency of our clergy to spoon feed us, rather than encouraging us to go inside and discover the truth for ourselves.

The psychologist Carl Jung was once quoted as saying that "religion is a defense against a religious experience." Most of us have forgotten how easy things can be when the mouths of babes are opened, when the clear voice of Spirit within each of us can flow unhindered from our central core.

We are still looking around corners or under rocks to find out who is listening and what horrors might befall us if we dare to speak the truths that we know! Will we, as in lifetimes past, be captured, accused, tortured, or burned alive? Or is now the time for us to throw caution to the wind - shouting from the housetops what we once only dared to speak in muffled tones, and only among those who we considered "safe."


The Generation which witnesses this new transition upon the Earth will be bold, and they will be fearless - their memory of former persecutions washed from their minds and hearts. Those who cannot let go of fear will die off, but will enter the Promised Land within the hearts of their Next Generation.

The Star Children, as has been mentioned in Part One, are those who were born beginning about 1973. They are children of the Baby Boomers, or what Spirit calls "Transitionals" who came before them. They are those who have been equipped to enter infinity while still focused within physical form. By their side, will be Baby Boomers who have been mentally and spiritually "upgraded" to accomplish this awesome task.

The real challenge, of course, will be how to slowly and artfully release the tourniquet of control which we have placed over our inner knowing without causing a hemorrhage within society. Our schools are still set up to "teach" the Star Children things. We want them to memorize and theorize, because that is how the Baby Boomers were taught to exist in a world of forgetfulness. We are KID-ding ourselves, my friends.


If our present society is to survive through the next 30 years, we are each going to have to turn inward and ask our traumatized child to awaken - and to recall for us all the knowledge that was cut off in those early years. If we cannot do that, then we must allow our outer children to do it for us. Those born after us carry the seeds of what we once lost from our Collective Consciousness. We blocked ourselves once. We dare not do it again. Star Children naturally function from an inner place that their parents were never allowed to visit when they were young. They are gothic, they have wild imaginations, and they can focus into many realities at once. Even more important than that, they have the sense to shut up about it! Innately, they know not to push their parents too hard about the "weird stuff." Yet they deal with it, daily and regularly, with no hindrance and no fear.

It is we who need to learn from them. Antiquated educational institutions, staffed by robotic clones with "tenure," need to be replaced with actual apprenticeship groups that can explore life skills that the kids truly believe will be of help to them. This will solve the "passion deficit" which many teachers seem to notice in their students.

By saying all of this, I am not implying that we need to do away entirely with our current educational system. That would be a "hemorrhage" that would produce panic and confusion in our society. Chances are, these new educational clans and tribes will be paraprofessional in nature, growing up around our current education system.

There are things currently happening within the home-schooling movement that will become the matrix for the education of the future. However, the curriculum must involve a learning experience for both the teachers and the students. Both age groups have clear lessons to share with the other! The egotism of age discrimination must die. As I said in Part One, these are not really children anyway. They are old, old souls. When will we begin to give them the respect their "age" deserves?

Are we seeking which "curriculums" to present to our kids in these new "Star Academies?" All we have to do is follow them out to play when they get home from school. Their "play" is really their WORK that is preparing them for what lies ahead. We can't see it because we do not reason from their perspective.

The games of "Dungeons and Dragons" or "Magic, the Happening," for example, both teach imagination and creation from within - stretching and exercising amazingly agile young minds. Video Games introduce our kids to many of the denizens of spiritual realms that are REAL - which exist just outside our Collective Consciousness. By "playing" with beasties on a computer program, the kids are actually acclimating themselves to life in the Multiverse.

Many of the history books we cram down our kids' throats would be incredibly fascinating to young minds if we let them choose the parts of history which stimulate and interest them. We can learn and prioritize our own inquiries into history by noticing what it is that grabs the interest of our kids. Like nurses in surgery, we could benefit from standing back and simply handing tools to the real doctors of our society, taking time to explain to them (when they request information, which they will) exactly how the gadgets we have prepared for them operate. And we mustn't be surprised if they stop and re-design a few of them for us. It's the way of the New World.

Educators might argue: "How about reading, writing, and arithmetic? Surely they must learn that!" And they surely will, in their own good time. We just need to get out of their way, so we don't create a rebellion response against our pre-fab methods of teaching. When the mandates to learn are removed, the desire to know always increases. How could it be otherwise? These kids have SUPER COMPUTERS for brains. Do we really believe that they will let them sit idle once we get off their backs, and out of the way?

In the movie "Hook," produced by Steven Spielberg several years ago, we find an updated version of the story of "Peter Pan." In this wonderfully playful romp, Captain Hook once again enters the world of that Eternal Child (who has long since grown up to become an affluent attorney) and succeeds in stealing away his children - much like he has stolen many of our own children today! He does this to provoke Peter (and us) to follow him back to Never-Never Land and to do battle with his pirates once again.

Right after the dastardly Hook steals the children, Peter Banning (he changed his name, alas!) is confronted by an aged and broken Wendy, who gently but firmly, holds up a copy of his picture in a storybook and challenges him to remember. She cries aloud: "Boy…don't you know who you are?????" And, My Dear Baby Boomer friends…Spirit is asking this same question of all of us today.


In Never-Never Land, the requirement for flight is that we be able to hold a "happy thought" in our mind - something with the power to LIFT US above the everyday world. For Peter Banning in "Hook," that happy thought was the joy he felt when he became a Daddy.

We Baby Boomers need to reach down inside our own hearts and find out what will now make US rise up and fly. When we encounter our own "magic," it may not look like we thought it would. It also may not require as much sacrifice as we were told it would when we surrendered it so long ago.

The Star Children are waiting for our cue. They know how to get inside that doorway to the Promised Land, but they are hesitant to leave us behind. They are fairly sure about what they know, but they would rather go in with us than leave us here in the desert of our traditions and our "business as usual." Our goal must be to let that "secret knowledge" begin to flow free again. The fruit of the tree is sweet, and there is no longer a death sentence if we taste it. Are we ready to believe that?

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