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Joanna Newsom:  A New Vibration, A Poetic Mind

"The Book of Right-On"


"The Sprout and the Bean"

Tay Zonday:  Chocolate Rain

This guy was added on You Tube in April, 2007, and this one video has had about 11 million hits.........the most anyone has ever achieved.  He did it as a lark, an experiment, and has absolutely knocked the Internet on its ear! 


Tay's success (not his original name) is a great example of the fresh ingenuity of Star Kids, coupled with New World Technology and freedom being brought to artists through vehicles such as You Tube.  Tay lives in Minneapolis, and is a grad student (Doctoral Candidate) in American Studies (with an emphasis on the relationship between performance and social change).  The man is off-beat, brilliant......with a kick-ass unusual voice, which has already been compared to James Earl Jones and Barry White.  (Yes, it's his real voice!)

Dr. Pepper and MacDonald's have already picked him up as a spokes person and the original Video was redone recently.  It's now called CHERRY CHOCOLATE RAIN, and you can see the difference that some backup money adds!  Better or not?  You decide: 



Conrad Newholmes (aka "Smaze")

Please allow me to introduce to you a bright new Star Kid on the horizon.  Actually, he's been around for quite awhile.  It's only NOW that he's entered into the Danielverse, and I'm loving the experience.  His style feels to be a potpourri of many different elements, each one brought through with pure animal power and intellectual freshness.  Although the samplings on the opening of the web site are more wild, my favorite works to date are found on the album "Peppermint Styles," which is available for sampling and demo from our mutual distributor, CD Baby.  

Enjoy this guy.  He's amazing to listen to, and even more amazing to talk with!  I've loved our several phone interactions......and look forward to a Newholmes visit to Seattle sometime soon. 


Vienna Teng

Vienna Interview:  "Dreaming Through the Noise"

The Music Behind the "Allie Keys" Video


You Tube Rising Star:  TERRA NAOMI (click here)

Les Enfants de Don Quichotte

(The Children of Don Quixote)

"Indigo Campaign Against Homelessness"

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"From Boys to Men"

By Bret Stephenson



TEEN PASSAGE DISCUSSION LIST (includes expert feedback)

Great U-Tubes!

Children of the Sky:  Hold on!  (Click here)

 "If I had ONE PRAYER"......(turn on speakers)


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