"Rude Awakening?"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

Let’s talk a bit about “Awakenings shall we?  They’re happening now, all over the planet.  I’m not merely speaking about people rising from beds of slumber, showering, and going off to work.  I’m speaking more about Spiritual Awakenings---where humans grow tired of the mundane work-a-day world---and they reach inside themselves at just the right moment, and something SNAPS.  Suddenly a flood of memories flows forth.  Who we are, who we’ve been across time---and more importantly, the exact goal we had which motivated us to take on physical form in the first place. 

I used to speak regularly with a young man in Britain about thePsychotic Break he had one summer during a holiday in Greece.  Many of our conversations were by phone.  Me at my desk in America, and he perched sleepily on a stool in his favorite pub, just outside London. 

I kept trying to get him to reframe his experience as a “Spiritual Opening.”  But for him, the whole business was so scary, his folks checked him into a Psych Ward and he was forced to endure those nasty, mind-numbing “pills” far longer than he would have preferred.  For years afterward, this bright-eyed, good-looking young man lived in a kind of "netherworld" of self-doubt and fear.  At last contact---he had just begun to re-consider my "re-framing" suggestion.  And as he did, his prospects for living a more "connected" life began to improve.


Some people are born awake.  That was the experience of Rhonda Smith, the Blog Talk Radio Talk Show Host I interviewed awhile back.  A marvelous lady!  Vibrant and Filled with insight!  Others are shaken awake by some sort of physical or chemical trauma.  Still others rise up with wings of ecstasy---as if their smiling faces belong on some Travel Brochure for Astral Holidays!  And yes……….there are always those like my English friend, whose re-entry into their “former estate” of Spiritual Power and Knowledge was temporarily tainted by nightmares of oppression, intensive danger, and pursuit by Dark Government Operatives

I get letters all the time from young people, scouring the Net, looking for some kind of ANSWERS for why they feel the way they do.  And, true to form, the Net is able to provide them with any number of suitable “drama fests” to thrill and/or terrify their inquiring minds. 

“Is it real?”  they want to know.   And I tell them “Yes, of course.  It’s ALL real.  In the Multiverse, there is a universe which honors and embodies EVERY reality base imaginable---and then some!”  Asking whether something is “real” is pretty much a waste of time.  To me, it’s far more important to ask whether or not it’s RELEVANT to the goal you had when you chose to lay aside the better portion of your Divine Nature---put on a body of flesh---and meander through days of tedium and/or terror, so you can do sensory “research” on some important aspect of Multiversal Being. 

And then there are those who ask me:  “If I believe in this “Multiverse” of yours, will that guarantee that my life will begin to begin reforming itself the way I’ve always wanted it to be?”  And once again, I must reply:  “Yes, of course.”  SOMEWHERE in the Multiverse, there is a universe where things are playing out EXACTLY the way you THINK you want them to play out HERE.  But is THAT why you came here to 3D this time around?  Only the Shadow knows. 


The insight found in one of my recent articles----about HOPE being the flip-side of FEAR---should tell us the answer to all these meanderings of mind.  It all narrows down to whether or not we’re ready and willing to RELEASE EGO CONTROL of our present moment LONG ENOUGH to realize that there are HIGHER ELEMENTS inside us who not only know precisely what we want---but also how to get it.

The human mind can be extremely tricky.  So can human emotion.  What SEEMS like our deepest yearning in one moment can suddenly become our greatest curse in the next.  That’s why both mind and emotions have been relegated to the “cheaper seats” on this Tour Bus to the Unseen Realms.  All we ask of mind and emotions, this time around, is to take excellent snapshots of the trip, and accurately record what it FEELS LIKE to be US in this particular environment.  There is no need for comparison, no need for consultation or criticism.  All we ask of both mind and emotion is:  BE PRESENT.  Be alert.  BE HERE NOW. 


Is that such a rude awakening?  Maybe.  Maybe not.   There are no mistakes.  There is no such thing as “co-incidence.”  Whether it seems to be so or not---it’s all perfect.  And so are we.  Not “flawless,” in the sense of perfect adherence to some sort of idealized “design template.”  We are not robots, nor are we porcelain dolls.  When I speak of “perfect,” I am referring to its literal core meaning:  COMPLETE.  And we, indeed, are complete.  Why?  Because we require an entire Multiverse to collate and store everything we’ve been, everything we are, and everything we once again will be.  And that’s quite a lot, wouldn’t you say?                




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