B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B


Even though many, many Baby Boomers were also given “Keys to the Kingdom,” way back when…….many of us were not yet ready to see what could be seen---to feel what was really there to feel.  Gens X, Y, and Z are courageous indeed.  They tell it like it is.  Generations coming in behind them will be braver still. 

 Perhaps humanity is simply growing tired of getting caught up in the manifold sidetracks and rabbit trails which life offers. There is no shame in it. All roads lead Home, eventually. There will come a time when your vehicle will no longer be shiny and new.  What seems to roll so easily now may someday creak a bit when you hit the accelerator. So be it.  Take care of it…..fuel it, keep it sharp, do the work!  Above all, tell it everyday how much you love it!  Kind words make it shine better than Turtle Wax!  

 Appreciate NOW, in whatever way NOW is presented to you.  When a situation feels right……LEAP.  When it feels wrong…..PASS.  Another bus comes along every half-hour or so! Personal Genius is learning how to differentiate between what your heart REALLY wants, what YOU WISH it would want, and what you believe that OTHERS EXPECT from you. All three realities exist. It’s up to you to decide what you’ll weave into that tapestry called “My Life.”  Each stage of life brings its own challenges and gifts.  Trouble is......there aren’t many of us who stay PRESENT ENOUGH in each stage to appreciate it while it’s happening.  And that, too, ends up being fine. Hindsight Vision is always 20-20.  And besides, when we’re finally forced to slow down---by reason of age, health, or physical circumstance---we just might finally use that moment to feel and see.   

~DJ. / 2012.




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