The Razor's Edge - Part 2

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by Daniel Jacob 

Well, our friend Barack Obama has certainly been getting rapped on the knuckles lately for utilizing his power of persuasive speech, hasn't he? Are all his campaign slogans just empty rhetoric? Enquiring minds want to know.

He keeps asking us, over and over: "Are we going to continue to do things the way they've always been done, or are we ready to try something new?" Whether or not he is sincere, or whether Hillary has experience, or McCain is a war hero---each person who hears this question may also need to go inside and answer it for him or herself. There is a tone being struck here, a vibration that is making its way around the world. It deserves an answer. WE deserve an answer. And most of all, our KIDS deserve an answer.

One of the greatest drawbacks to genuine attainment in a person's life, or in a nation's life for that matter, is an expectation of continuity---the attitude that because certain things have always been a certain way, it must follow that they will always remain that way. It ain't necessarily so! And our kids are universal messengers, forever bringing us reminders of this simple knowledge.

Children of the New Earth represent, among other things, the longing of life's renewal of itself. In some instances, they serve as instant "do-overs" for the forgotten dreams of their parents. They do this willingly, as a process of healing---so that ALL can move forward into whatever other "business" we have to accomplish here in 3D.

Doers and Allowers
There are folks who enter into marriage and/or parenthood with a full agenda concerning they want to have happen. I call these the "doers." They don't ride the moment. They get behind it and push! The will power that is required to keep this going is phenomenal, but doers somehow manage to muster the energy, at least for awhile. And if something comes along to obstruct their momentum, doers will either attempt to work around the obstacle or they might also lapse into a depression.

I once knew a woman whose life ran on "hope chest mentality." Throughout her childhood, she collected impressions and visions of what her "ideal life" would be like. Each item was placed carefully into a special repository in her brain---in expectation of the day when all would be woven into a life tapestry which she would deem to be "perfect." I asked her one afternoon to lay out her vision for me. She said: "I want three kids, a house in the woods, a dog, and someone to share it with." I queried about the level of importance for each of these elements. Was it correspondent to the order in which she listed them? She simply said: "I’ve never thought about the order in which they would come. I just know they are all things that I want."

Males have their own "life visions," though their primary context for playing them out is the realm of business and career. Throughout history, women have tended to define themselves through their primary relationships and men have tended to define themselves through their accomplishments or possessions. The modern trend towards Androgyny and challenging our gender "roles" is beginning to interrupt these patterns, but there is still a ton of cultural programming within us, left over from generations which have come before.

The flip side of "doers" are those whom I call "allowers." For them, life is an unfolding mystery, and they enjoy playing the role of "witness" for it all. If he or she is moving along life's path and something appears to get in the way, an allower may just be inclined to integrate that element into an expanded life vision. We see an abundance of this attitude in the people of America today, especially in regards to political shifts and changes that have taken place over the last eight years. Even as a whole group of "doers" have been busy rearranging the constitution and manipulating the economy in their favor, a vast number of "allowers" have simply stood by and let it all happen. Some are verbally protesting, but they're letting it happen just the same. This is very different from the social climate of the sixties.

To Change or Not to Change?
Our world is ripe for change. AND it is also highly allergic to it as well. We've seen what rapid change can bring. Doers sometimes DO, simply because they can't stand BEING what they currently are or what sense they are becoming. Allowers have seen so much harm and complication come from effort and struggle that they will often opt to re-arrange their perceptions of the world rather than get involved with outward process.

The New Kids are a primary doorway through which a good deal of change will come. They are more than willing to "go the distance" with an idea they truly believe has relevance to the human condition. They are also willing to passively stand by and wait, if they believe that no good thing can come from energy expended on needless struggle, regardless of the "traditions" that are involved. In other words, they are NOT attached to any particular sense of themselves. They are free… at least for now.

My lady friend (mentioned above) eventually opened her hope chest and married a younger fellow who drove a big-wheel truck. He rarely opposed her on anything. She had two little girls who I heard were absolute "terrors" and then she stopped having kids. I once heard a fellow describe children as "God's little mirrors." I'm sure this woman has discovered that to some degree.

Where are we going with all this? We're going to the EDGE, that's where: the place where we are neither this nor that, but a bit of both. In fact, the Razor's Edge is a home for ALL THINGS, if home is where one wishes to be.

Life on the Edge
I love that expression "Cutting Edge Technology," don't you? When I hear it spoken, I think to myself: "This thing (whatever techno-gadgetry is being discussed) is something humanity can REALLY USE." And immediately, a point of division is made. Some things are just STUFF, while other things have power to take humanity to the Next Level. As soon as something new and unusual comes out, little videos about it fly around the internet. It's the new advertising, right? In the subject line of those e-mails, it is not unusual to see the phrase "watch what this can do" or "watch this." And we DO watch it, don't we? After all, who doesn't want to see something new?

Another popular expression we hear bandied about these days is "State of the Art." Our Children of the New Earth come to us, right from the factory, with "State of the Art" software for processing life. It's right there in their DNA. Adults can't always see it, or activate it, because it's safety-sealed against abuse by those who are not yet ready to deal with Cutting Edge Levels of Power.

When I use the expression "safety-sealed," I mean that there are types of internal "software" that cannot be accessed or "installed" unless the living environment of the child regularly vibrates at a certain "pitch" on Humanity's Tonal Scale. By now, most people have become aware that certain "wavelengths" of consciousness tend to inhibit the expansion of energy, while others lift our spirits high. Anything tainted by fear, prejudice, narrow-mindedness, hatred or aggression tends to inhibit expansion in a person's mind and heart.

In such an environment, a child may appear to be "engaged" with life---even hyper-vigilant---but the better portion of his (or her) consciousness is SHUT DOWN to the type of technology we are discussing here. Like a beast in a jungle, he remains centered on survival, and he won't have room inside him for much else. This is set in place by grand design.

Any society that doesn't have the sense to RECOGNIZE a "Pearl of Great Price" when they see it must not be allowed to crack open the oyster. This protects the child, and it also protects society from expanding beyond its ability to process energy.

The "architects" who laid out this plan, and administrate it from the Expanded Realms, have purposely hidden the KEYS to humanity's future in the minds and hearts of littlechildren. Why? Because "of such is the Kingdom of God."¹ And those keys can only be activated when the living space of the child is "set" for a particular rate of vibration.

Love, joy, freedom, open-mindedness, equality, and respect are building blocks of Tonal Resonance and Internal Access. When a child is placed in this type of environment, and remains there in peace and security, all sorts of wonderful things begin to happen. Usually, the people who notice these things are those who have no great "agenda" for accessing knowledge, except for natural awe and wonder at the beauty of life. And if their internal motives are not pure, the child will sense it and the software program inside him will automatically close down.

There's a beauty and symmetry to this "system," don't you think? You take the greatest power, and you place it inside the mind of a little kid. Then, you equip the kid with an automatic "bullshit detector," so he'll know when he is being "played" in order to take advantage of what he carries inside. Supposedly, it's the Indigos who have been given the greatest "gift" for recognizing and confronting distorted motives in humans. But now, in some of the newer models for consciousness that are coming in - Indigo, Crystal, and Star Kid Software² are all bundled together in the same person.

Unwrapping Our “Gifts”
Much of our current Educational and Child Rearing Philosophy is still built on the premise that children arrive on Earth with a "blank slate" for a brain. This is entirely wrong, and incredibly short-sighted. A child's brain is only blank to those who believe it is. And if a child is not listened to, or treated with respect, all the "gifts" he carries inside will remain locked up tight. Meanwhile, educators and parents will go about the task of filling him up with everything they "think" is useful for a kid to grow strong and tall. Their motives are good, but their methodology falls way short of the mark.

In my series "Educating the Educators," which was published in, way back when, I outline attitudes and methodologies which are designed to open the "flood gates" of knowledge and internal connection for Children of the New Earth--both at home and in a school environment. Another series, "A Child-Friendly Society," also speaks to these issues in some detail. I am including links to both sets of articles here. I didn't go to school to learn this stuff, although I am the father of two awesome young men. Most of this knowledge came to me through empathic connection to a Soul Group called "The Star Children," which I began channeling in 1997.

Though channeling is still viewed with great suspicion today, it will eventually become a key educational tool for the future. All "learning" is really REMEMBERING, isn't it? It is RECONNECTING to a vast storehouse of knowledge and abilities we forgot about when we entered the physical 3D plane. When I met my own Spiritual Guides, The Reconnections, back in 1991, they described themselves thusly: "We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self which you had to forget about in order to become human." And they approached me, in 1991, because humanity is now ready to REMEMBER. In 1997, the Soul Group of "The Star Children" described themselves thusly: "We represent all those parts of your Internal Magical Child that you had to forget about in order to become an adult."

As the energies on the planet continue to rise, we won't really need to TEACH these New Kids anything. All we'll need to do is open up a "growth space" which is filled with love, respect, freedom, a modicum of structure, and the implied expectation they can truly succeed at whatever they CHOOSE to do. The most important words a growing child will ever hear are: "I believe in you, son." "I believe in you, daughter." And when they come to us with questions, like "Who is God?" or "What is Truth?" it would behoove us to REMEMBER that mother lode of resource they carry inside, which is begging to be activated and installed. Instead of pumping them full of dogma, or trying to wrap their mind around our own current "theories" about life, we might try responding to their question with one of our own. We might want to sit them on our lap, look them in the eye, and say to them: "What do YOU remember, child?"


© 2008, Daniel Jacob

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Daniel Jacob
is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates - a multi-therapy clinic - in Kirkland, Washington, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 22 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections."

Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." For more information about Daniel and his work visit,, or e-mail him directly at: