March, 2009

"The Many Faces of Fear"

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Hello All,


It certainly looks like FEAR is a #1 Hot Topic these days.  So many people are talking and writing about the rapid changes now underway in our world.  And humans can be very DUALISTIC in our approach to change, can’t we?  On one "side" of our being, we long for change......we beg for it.  And on another side of us, we fear and resist it with all our might. 


Those who don’t notice dualism in themselves can readily see it reflected in the world around us.  But do we own those reflections as self?  Or do we scoff at those who stumble….and remark:  “Better you than me?”


The Reconnections bring us a brief message about change in our world at this important time. Those who are logged into their vibration may find comfort in it, coupled with an exhortation to FEEL THE FEAR, so we can all move PAST IT into the Next Levels of our Journey.  The watchword here is:  “If you can’t feel it, you can’t heal it.”  Feeling is very much a part of the process.






I was quite interested to note, when conversing with a Doctor friend of mine last week, that there was someone else writing about “G.A.S.” as a health care term, many years before I did.  His name was Dr. Hans Selye, and HIS term was an abbreviation for “General Adaptation Syndrome,” which he viewed as sourced from chronic stress.  In fact, I do believe it was he who originally coined the term “stress.” 


In his 1975 treatise on the subject, Dr. Selye separated “stress” into two categories: 


Eustress:  Trials and Challenges which actually BUILD UP the health and strength of an individual, by calling forth his or her VERY BEST performance---such as might be stimulated through physical training, rigorous debate, or gamesmanship. 


Distress:  Persistent Trails and Challenges that cannot be resolved through reasonable coping or adaptation. Events or Occurrences which are looked upon as an ATTACK on one’s person, especially when repeated over and over, will prompt a healthy soul to form some kind of SHIELD, to protect his tender emotional core---or to create some PERCEPTUAL DISCONNECT, to help weather the storms. 




The most important thing for us to consider at this time, as we learn how to deal with Global Acceleration Syndrome (my own term, see above URL), is that certain “stressors” which greatly contribute to it are not always picked up by normal human senses.  In other words, “muggles” (to employ a Harry Potter Term) don’t experience life the way transforming souls do.    


Why is this?  How can one person clearly see a UFO, gliding across the night sky, while another person misses it entirely?  Why are some people forced to develop long-term adaptation symptoms to certain stressors, while others in that same general vicinity don’t feel a thing?  The answer to that dwells in our understanding of the Veil of Forgetfulness.


The Veil is a semi-permeable etheric membrane which surrounds the consciousness of everyone who arrives into 3D space.  As the Recons put it:  “You don’t create your reality from nothing.  You create it from the EVERYTHING that was always there, and perceptually pare things back, depending on what you wish to explore in each incarnation.” 


Our senses are not windows to an “objective” universe.  They’re really filters, blocking from our conscious mind what we have no desire to experience.  It’s ALL there for us.  But the physical mechanism can’t handle all of it at once.  The Veil functions like “blinders” that are placed on a horse, moving through a crowded city.  It keeps us from being distracted by unnecessary or irrelevant parallel realities. 


As our evolution progresses, our Veil begins to unravel and grow thin.  The more this happens, the more STIMULUS comes into our perceptual field---stimulus which may not even be noticeable to those around us.  As many readers may have discovered, Spirit does not always place transforming souls in close proximity to one another.  Instead, we are scattered over the Earth---in faraway places---giving us the impression that we are the ONLY ONES going through these shifts and changes.  The rise of the Internet has been a great relief to many.  Finally, we come face to face (or monitor to monitor) with the fact that we are not alone!  




A physical and emotional body can only handle a certain amount of “new” stimulus before it begins to buckle and break apart.  The Guides refer to this as “crashing the system.”  The (so-called) depression, fatigue, and lethargy that is a frequent complaint among transforming souls is often due to SENSORY OVERLOAD.  In addition to the normal “slings and arrows of life,” a transforming soul must also deal with a rapid influx of knowledge and sensibilities that have been hidden for centuries behind the Veil.  When our system finally reaches “tilt,” our body and emotions simply shut down.  This isn’t due to a lack of love or faith.  Rather, it comes from having TOO MUCH LOVE, TOO MUCH AWARENESS---not knowing how to handle it all.  


How much stress each person can handle depends largely on how he or she administrates these new “signals” as they present themselves to the mind.  In my article “Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Consciousness, and Other Shamanic Traits,” I argue that the basic difference between a Shaman and an “Insane Person” is how the individual, himself, judges his view of reality.  If a person is frightened by what he sees, he will cry out for help---begging for protection, exorcism, or medication to BLOCK OUT the incoming signals.  Running to “muggles” for help only complicates matters, especially if a person is clearly determined to deal with these special gifts and abilities this time around.


In his poem “The Hound of Heaven,” poet Francis Thompson speaks about a “force” which pursues certain people as we go through life.  His particular religious background implies that this force is “God,” though I believe the principle also applies to our more expanded concept of “God/Goddess/All That Is.” 


When a part of the Great “Is” decides that it’s time to be known and acknowledged by a particular person (as a representative for humanity), and a Soul Contract is in place for that revelation to take place, the neurological “signals” needed for the exchange will CHASE AFTER US until they are finally allowed to integrate with our abbreviated version of reality. 


To achieve CONTACT with this Beingness, this point of knowledge, is a GIFT….though there are many who initially view it as a curse.  And, indeed, the process whereby a Shaman flees from his or her deepest knowing, and his or her life’s “work” can often resemble the pursuit of a fleeing animal in the hunt.  When the running is over, Thompson gives us some resolution for the chase.  In this final words:  “Thou dravest love who dravest me,” the voice of God/Goddess/All That Is comes to us and speaks:  “To deny ANY part of WHAT IS constitutes a denial of EVERY OTHER PART…..and most especially the Creator who formed it all."




That which we see happening in today’s world is a rapid unraveling of a Mind Game humanity has placed between our souls and our sure and certain knowledge of the VASTNESS of All That Is. Each possession, each “plan” for future attainment that is wiped away constitutes a distraction from what reaches for us in the NOW. 


Money isn’t the root of all evil.  It’s the LOVE OF MONEY that puts us our souls to sleep.  As the Recons put it so well, in their transmission “Open-Heart Mergery”……..


“The primary occlusion, which has been choking the life out of your Global Heart most recently arises from your intense love of and preoccupation with COMMERCE.  When we say this, we are not demeaning your needs to buy and to sell things.  Your manifold methods of trade and mutual support have served humanity well since they were enacted, so long ago.  But recently, a large portion of humanity has begun to worship Commerce, and the accumulation of material property, in the same way some civilizations have followed after their chosen Deity. 


Through the expansion of your many activities and struggles related to this frenetic "worship," you created lifestyles where you could no longer breathe in your spirit or feel within your collective soul.  Deprived of love and connection, which is the very lifeblood of humankind, you experienced a momentary lapse in your awareness, and you gave Dark Forces control over key access points upon your planet---plunging a dagger deep into the chest of the World's Economy, peeling back layers of flesh, exposing your deepest fears, and also awakening your noblest and most inspirational traits as a species.      


The initiation of this Open-Heart Mergery is the beginning of a Global Reconnection to Oneness---a joining of hands and hearts across your world---that is based, not upon the relentless agendas set by your Taskmasters of Buy and Sell, but by a common human experience of loss, suffering, and the importunity of human need”  <end quote>


The Hound of Heaven is upon us, My Friends!  We are in the process of awakening from our “Separation Dream.”  For many of us, remembrance is flowing in like a flood!  Part of that process has to do with FACING FEAR, and not letting ourselves be overcome by grief, anger, or regret. 




In light of all this, I offer a few recent insights which many might find helpful during these times of rapid shifts and changes.  Take what you like and leave the rest. 


Have yourself checked for Adrenal Stress or Exhaustion.  According to our modern concepts of Western Medicine, a person’s Emotional Body is largely administrated by the secretion and distribution of hormones throughout the body.  Some hormones deal with everyday wellbeing, while others focus themselves on dealing with panic and emergency situations. 


Though many hormones are required to make a body function, the “Big Dogs in the Park” (when it comes to stress and fear) are Cortisol, Pregnenalone, and DHEA.  If a transforming soul is highly stressed, due to incoming sensory stimulus, he will affect what is called the “Cortisol Escape.”  This means that normal energy which is usually channeled to keep him balanced are sidetracked into an “Emergency Fund” to deal with fear, stress, and potential harm.  This process can be kicked off EVEN IF the “Emergency” being processed is happening on ALTERNATIVE LEVELS of Consciousness. 


If a person moves chronically out of a balanced ratio between Cortisol and DHEA, a sense of depletion occurs in the body.  The function of other important hormones is hindered, and exhaustion begins.  If you have been suffering from these symptoms, and you have a physician or practitioner in your area who deals with Adrenal Exhaustion, you may want to inquire about taking a saliva or serum Cortisol test to determine your ratios.  If you don’t have someone who believes in this, contact me and I’ll try to hook you up. 


Have yourself checked for Depletion of Vitamin D3.  We all know Vitamin D.  It’s the “Got Milk?” Vitamin.  It’s also one of the primary nutrients provided for us by sunlight.  If you, like me, live in a part of the world that is famous for being “cool, dark, and wet,” you may be suffering from depletion of Vitamin D3. The same would be true if you live in a sunny place but spend a good deal of time indoors. What are the symptoms of said depletion?  You guessed it!   Body aches and pains, fatigue, lethargy, depression.          


Don’t push into resistance.  Rest and Meditate to discover the underlying message.  Many folks come to the Reconnections feeling discouraged by their spiritual progress.  “I just can’t seem to get myself to move forward,” they say.  The more they try to FORCE THEMSELVES to grow, the less growth happens for them.  Most people “try” too hard.  Being uncertain of their direction, they double their speed. Eventually, this results in a systemic shutdown---until the right side of the brain (passive energy) and the left side (active energy) can align themselves and begin working together for the good of all. 


There are many tips and insights that can be employed for dealing with this New Energy.  I would love to hear from any of you who have wisdom you’d like to pass on.  Some of the responses of those who have responded to past Newsletters have been compiled here:


Watch this same page for additional tips from readers over the next few weeks.  These are powerful times, trying times!   We all need help.  We give some, we get some.  That’s how it works.


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My love and admiration to you all during these tough transitional days!  This isn’t the beginning of the end.  It’s the end of a very long beginning.  Stay tuned.  There are many more festivities to follow. 




Daniel Jacob


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"Everything is dependent on everything else, everything is
connected, nothing is separate. Therefore everything is going in the
only way it can go. If [we] were different everything would be
different. [We] are what [we] are, so everything is as it is."

G.I. Gurdjieff