"Ready to Lead........."

Hello Friends,

Many thanks to those who you who responded back to our "Witness to
the Fire" Newsletter.  The Inauguration of President Obama certainly
IS a bonfire of hope, love, and determination, is it not?  At least
it's a bonfire for those of us who resonate to the tones he is
choosing to represent. 

Check out these newspaper headlines, from around the nation and the

There are those who think of Obama as the "Anti-Christ," because he
weaves together so many of those "melting pot" elements which have
been judged and disowned throughout the ages: 

1.  He is dark-skinned, which many light-skinned folks feel is a sign
of "evil."  If they see dark-skinned people walking towards them on
the sidewalk, they change sides of the street.

2.  He is a LIGHTER version of black skin, which many find
beautiful.......which can also make him a "suspicious element" for
both whites AND blacks.  They wonder:  "Where do his loyalties lie?"

As I mentioned in one article, early on..... Obama is really a
HYBRID, which makes him attractive (and fearsome) for "purebreds" on
either side of the divide.  His joy is INTEGRATION. For more info on
that, you can go to:

3.  Obama is black, but is also highly literate and well-spoken.
Traditionally, black folks who talk well and write well are thought
of as "uppity."  He has been accused of this by certain elements of
BOTH the white and black races.  Another friend openly stated, quite
independent of racial considerations...."America, as a whole, doesn't
like to elect people who are smarter.  We feel that gives them too
much power over us." 

4.  He is liberal, but his expression of that is proving to be more
CENTRIST in nature.  Polarizing individuals on either side of the
aisle will call this "wishy washy."  Unifying individuals will tend
to think of him as a BRIDGE BUILDER.   

5.  Obama is male, which suggests that he could possibly continue the
Patriarchal Legacy a bit longer.  But he is also happily married to a
strong and expressive woman, and he has two little girls who command
his attention.  A male who lives in a house full of women (with his
mother-in-law, no less!) a Patriarch who is trying hard to
integrate the Feminine Perspective into his life. 

6.  Obama is young as opposed to older (and more experienced).  To
polarizing individuals, he is "wet behind the ears."  To unifying and
adventurous individuals, Obama represents our NEXT GENERATION as they
eagerly (and rightfully) begin to exert their influence on world

Many of you who have read my articles know how firmly I believe that
our Next Generations carry a powerful "seed" of change and expansion
that previous generations do not yet comprehend.  Even though Indigo,
Crystal, and Star Elders can access this change by receiving energetic
"upgrades," our Next Generations come already wired for new ways of
living, straight from the factory!

I once did a study on all these "suspicious" attributes, and I called
the study "Evil Peeple."  Also included in that study were FEMALES
(who have been supressed throughout the ages), MYSTICS (who can be
earnestly sought after, but eventually get killed and persecuted if
they move too hard against the traditional religious grain).
Remember how the Reagans were persecuted by the media for soliticing
the advice of Astrologers during their tenure in the White House?

The Obamas are STYLISH and GOOD LOOKING, which many Conservatives
consider an alarm point.  Movie Star Status is useful in some social
circles, and a hindrance in we saw in the election
recently.  Fortunately, they are also strong on "Family Values,"
which has the power to cancel out most of those concerns.

In enumerating all these points, I am merely summarizing some of the
feelings that are being expressed as this new Star Ship, called THE
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA takes off for points unknown.  In so doing,
I haven't really even begun to touch on the entire spectrum of
feelings.  I'm hoping that many of you will write in with expressions
of the view from YOUR place in the Circle.       


The other day, I received a powerful letter from a very articulate
friend of mine in England.  She had taken in all the events of
Obama's Inauguration, was warmed and impressed by them.........and
she added the following insights to the process, as only a
non-American might see things:

Dear Daniel,

I've been checking all evening for your views on the great moment,
wondering what it is within me that feels this sense of trepidation
about Obama's talk
of pushing forward as "our forbears" did, in order to reach Greatness
 again - without aknowledging the mistakes that were made in that
push to reach their goals.  As he was speaking I could not shake the
memory of the Native American Indian and the Buffalo who were all but
wiped out in that move to be "great."

But of course Barack spoke about humility, and restraint, and
responsibility,  and integrity, and doing things differently.

I think, for me, real change will be effortless when people realise
that our evolution to date is rooted in unintelligent thinking -
feeling -  bloodshed - that, now we know so much better, we can do
infinitely better -
and with no sense of needing to defeat anyone or anything - or maybe
I am still one jump ahead of the game.

And, yes, of course there is much to be hopeful about in this speech.
 The spoonful of hope would just have been more precious and
effective, for me, if, in the context of this particular theme, the
real forebears of America had been acknowledged  and honoured in some
way.  Does that make sense?

This topic only comes up because of the words Obama chose to speak -
words that create a gap I feel - like a wound was left covered up
with old sticky plaster instead of opening it up and allowing the air
of this brand new day to get in and work It's miracle.

I look forward to your view.
<end excerpt>

From:  Melody Wood []


I am grateful to Melody for her articulate and caring expressions
here!  As requested, here is a little bit of my "take" on the

In the wake of a dead Bush Presidency, Obama is declaring:  "America
is ready to LEAD once more."  As he said it, I could almost HEAR
George Bush mumbling to himself:  "What the HELL are you saying?  I
HAVE been leading......."

What Bush failed to notice was:  People stopped FOLLOWING him quite
awhile ago.  People of the WORLD, I mean.  We could have been called
a "laughing stock" by the rest of the world, if our actions hadn't
made so many people cry.  In the same way our HUGE BANKS capsize a
lot of little banks when they does America send
"ripples" out across the world when we hit moral icebergs.


I predict that, before long, America will be SERIOUSLY a whole.  We're weeping for joy now, because a
measure of justice has been done through electing this fine man to
lead our recovery.  But there is more weeping to come.  Melody
certainly has a point there.  Many of our empaths and seers are
feeling the sadness already. 

We KNOW that serious injustices were perpetrated in our name, and
many of us are sorely concerned about what to do about it.  What's
more, we've been so paralyzed by the NATURAL CONSEQUENCES of
Capitalist Greed and Harshness that it will take us quite awhile to
catch our breath, let alone make amends for what's been done.

And while we're at it, I would say that the whole concept of "amends"
must be replaced by some serious SHADOW WORK, on both "sides" of these
issues.  Where sensitive people will feel the urge to weep for a
season, our nation (and the world) is still populated by a host of
folks who are NOT SORRY.......people who have effectively
RATIONALIZED our need for aggression in recent days.  If we wait
around for these folks to "come to their senses," we may be waiting
around for a long, long time.       

Those who enslave or swindle others in order to advance their own
interests are actually CHEATING THEMSELVES out of the love and
community which flows from genuine kindness and caring for one's
neighbors.  The HARDNESS OF HEART which results from unethical
behavior is, in many ways, its own punishment.


Regardless of what many feel, as they see 1.8 million Americans
gather to see our next President sworn in (an awesome sight, to be
sure).......we are STILL not functioning on a full internal mandate
for change.  At its core, America remains seriously divided.  The
Power Shoe is simply on the Other Foot now.     

Conservatives are sweating bullets, because they believe that Obama
is going to use this current financial crisis to smuggle in a
political "Trojan Horse" of entitlements, which will change the
structure of America forever.  They fear the gradual development of a
socialistic, welfare state. 

I find this fear a bit amusing, since those same folks used September
11th to smuggle in a HERD of Trojan Horses---trampling Constitutional
Rights under the guise of National Security, and declaring War on the
Middle Class by leveraging fiscal advantages in favor of Corporate
Interests and the rich.  Instead of Socialism, we gravitated towards
Feudalism and Aristocracy for 8 years.   Is this type of society what
we expected to create when we came to the New World?    

But all that aside.  America---and the World, for that
matter---cannot abide another full "swing" of the pendulum, in
retaliation for misdeeds of the past.  We must find a peaceful
coexistence for BOTH SIDES of the Money Issue, or neither side will
get what it wants.

The very HEART of Metaphysical Truth is found in this:  YOU CREATE
YOUR OWN REALITY.  Until we can truly swallow that....."Balls to
Bones" (as the Oracle put it, in "The Matrix")......we're going to
continue floundering in Separation and Dysfunction. 

If, indeed, we have chosen HOPE OVER FEAR, it isn't because our
Politicians are more adept at what they do.  Politics has NEVER been
the answer.  But it can be a REFLECTOR of the answer, if we learn how
to read the metaphors of life. 

A Welfare State and an Aristocracy have one thing in common:  Both
systems are created by people who want to sit back and let others do
the work.  Isn't that why most people want to strike it rich?  So
they don't have to go to work every day?


The "Work Ethic," which everyone continues to extol these days, is
actually a neurotic affect.......left over from the first Great
Depression.  Back then, people had to "roll up their sleeves," face
their troubles and tough things out.  If they didn't, they wouldn't
survive (or so they believed).

Is it possible that we have re-created ANOTHER Great Depression, so
we can go back and re-do this faulty attitudinal framework, allowing
Planet Earth to grow beyond our fundamental fear of survival? 

The urge to sit around while others work is a REBELLION against this
old-guard, Depression-Based Work Mentality.  It isn't a key element
for living a happy life.  Without something meaningful to do in life,
most people stagnate and die.  But work for work's sake is NOT
meaningful.  It's just a hampster wheel of activity, going round and
round and round. 


As more and more "jobs" evaporate, people will be forced to deal with
what it is that truly EXCITES THEM, versus what simply sustains them
in their daily routine.  The Reconnections define "work" as "that
which you do when you would rather be doing something else."   

Instead of merely "hanging in there," many folks will find themselves
wanting to DIG DEEP in their hearts to ask:  "Who am I now?  What can
I do with my time that TRULY REPRESENTS who I am today?" 

These are the types of questions which ONLY Baby Boomers and Children
of Baby Boomers dare to ask.  We are removed enough from that original
SHOCK of losing everything in 1929, and the subsequent pride pattern
which developed from learning how to TOUGH THINGS OUT.  We tasted the
sweet nectar of MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR in the Sixties, and we still hold
to those ideals.....deep in our hearts.

The real prize goes to those who work SMARTER, not harder.  Many of
those who are weeping over their loss of "things" and "steady jobs"
today will be LEAPING FOR JOY tomorrow if they use today's experience
to DIG DEEP INSIDE and GAIN INSIGHT, rather than lose hope and quit on

A New Economy lingers on the Horizon for all of us.  It is the dawn
of the AGE OF PLORK (the hybrid mixture of work and play)......which
will replace our former prostitution of mind and soul in the name of
financial gain and temporal security.  


Success is NOT defined by how much we own, or how much money we take
home.  It is defined by how many hours of the day we spend LOVING
LIFE......caring about others and doing what we truly enjoy. 

And I do realize that money and tangible resources are required to
accomplish certain things.  But far too many of us have allowed
ourselves to put the cart before the seek money and
security FIRST, before we began giving and receiving love.  And now
our transcendant money and the security seem to be GOING AWAY, are
they not?   

It's almost as if our transforming world is saying to us:  If you
won't reach for the "good stuff" FIRST, then you don't get to have
the "other stuff" either. 

There is much, much more to say about all this.  Those who haven't
had a chance to review my series "Shifting Energies, Shifting Values"
may want to do so now.

I am eager to hear your thoughts and feelings during this powerful
time.  If you write me, and you DON'T want me to publish snippets
from your letters, please tell me so at the time they are sent.  Or,
tell me if you wish to simply remain anonymous.  I may not be able to
respond to all mail, but I will surely read and take in what you have
to say.  Soon, I may put together a collection of ideas from
Reconnections Folks around the world, so we can benefit from each
others' process. 

Stay warm, but act cool!  Hang tough, but always keep a tender spot
open so love can occasionally penetrate your armor and nourish the
Grand Soul who dwells therein!  And by all means.......after all my
wrangling about the "meaninglessness of money," I must continue to
thank and encourage those who support this work through your faithful
contributions.  God-Us Bless!



"If a bridge is to serve its proper purpose, it must be firmly
anchored on BOTH SIDES, so as to present a stable means of crossing
for those who venture out upon it.  This means that you must have
access to tools and resources, so as to adequately operate in the
World of Form, and you must also be able to traverse easily through
the highways and byways of the Multiverse, so you have something new
to offer the transforming people of Earth.   

Money is a symbol of one's connection within a world system--and its
usage is a contract one makes to honor that system, so long as it
also honors him. Remember, you were born to be a Sovereign. So was
your neighbor, whether he realizes it or not.  Give honor only to
that which honors you.  To the rest, simply grant an allowance of
being, and place an internal inquiry concerning what Shadow Lessons
their reflections bring.  End of story.  Use what you can, and let
the rest pass.      

One could say the same thing of money that we might say about breath
(oxygen).  When you breathe in and breathe out, you are making a
contract with Earth's systems--freely receiving a measure of support,
to sustain life, while giving back a measure of support in return.

If the giving and receiving of love constitutes the interface of
Spirituality and Sex, then the giving and receiving of physical
substance and support constitutes the divine interface between
Spirituality and Bucks.  Do you see?"  <end excerpt>

Be Well and Happy,

Daniel Jacob

Consultations with Daniel and
Channeled Readings with The Reconnections:

"I think continually of those who were truly great.
Who, from the womb, remembered the soul's history
Through corridors of light where the hours are suns,
Endless and singing. Whose lovely ambition
Was that their lips, still touched with fire,
Should tell of the spirit clothed from head to foot in song.

And who hoarded from the spring branches
The desires falling across their bodies like blossoms.
The names of those who in their lives fought for life,
Who wore at their hearts the fire's center.
Born of the sun, they traveled a short while towards the sun, And
left the vivid air signed with their honor."

--Stephen Spender