"Witness to the Fire"


Hello Friends,

This week (January 20, 2009), the people of Planet Earth are watching
the unfoldment of a genuine miracle.  We are turning a corner, as a
species.  We are ADVANCING, with a leap and a bound!

People of Color have always told their children:  "This is the United
States.  You can be anything you truly want to be, if only you're
willing to try." From this day forward, their admonitions will carry
far more weight.......far more credibility.  We are about to
inaugurate a black man as Leader of the Free World.

The war cry of "Yes, WE Can" is a fitting one for this year in Human
History.  What one person (alone) could not accomplish......WE CAN
ACCOMPLISH, if only we're willing to work together.  If only we're
willing to REACH OUT and ask for help.  This is the Year of
Collaboration and Global Unity.  A "2" year in Numerology. 
(2009=2+9=11=2)  And Barack Obama certainly feels to be the man to
take us there.     

The FIRE we're witnessing this week is a rekindling of DESIRE in the
hearts and minds of a hungry, dazed, and overwhelmed nation.  

The Reconnections tell us that ALL OF CREATION stands on tiptoe,
waiting for the Children of Oneness to come into their own.  And we
can draw upon the power of that Oneself Child inside us no matter how
"old" we count ourselves to be. Blessed are the CHILDREN, for theirs
is the Kingdom of God.

Everyone has at least one passion.  Every heart harbors some secret
joy.  Many of us have simply lost hope, or forgotten.  NOW is our
time to remember!  NOW is the time to move towards that passion. 
Step by step.  Little by little.  

Don't worry about doing what you "should."  That's a paper tiger. 
What is it that you REALLY WANT, deep down in your soul?  What makes
your heart skip a beat, and your blood flow faster in your veins? 
The more you follow after that, the more ENERGY you attract to
yourself.........FLAMES, which have power to warm your spirit, and
lift it higher and higher.  

Do what you can, right where you are.  Begin by TELLING ONE PERSON
what your passion is. Take a risk.  Passion shared is passion
multiplied.  Step to the line.  If you can't speak it, write it. 
Once the energy is given a chance to takes on a life
of its own.  

If you encounter obstacles in realizing your passion, don't give up.

Step back, give the situation time to "breathe".......and go do
something easy.... something fun.  The Reconnections call this "Hacky
Sack Wisdom."  Play.  Doodle.  Do something "pointless," to restore a
sense of FLOW.  Or do something simple, that carries no resistance
with it. When you feel relaxed, replenished, go back and check on
your passion again.  Still stuck?  Keep flowing.  Let that situation
be.  Go inside and reaffirm your desire......letting go of doubt.  If
your brain is screaming "Try harder!" ........let your body play,
instead.  Don't push.  Don't let yourself be pushed.  Life is no
longer about pushing..... 

Though there is plenty to observe, as we move along life's journey,
sooner or later we must come to grips with the fact that LIVING IS
NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT.  And neither is re-birthing a country.  The
central focus of Barack Obama's Presidency has always been:  

"This isn't about me, it's about YOU."  Many people on the Captial
Mall today were seen wearing t-shirts that read:  "This is OUR
Inauguration."  This is something we must all do together.  Divided,
we fail.  United, we will rise to become more than we ever imagined
ourselves to be!  

"Awake.  It is time.  Now.  Now is the time."

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All nine installments of "The Star Children" are now posted for your
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GENERATION "WE"............

Our Youth begin to CLAIM THEIR PLACE in the process.  A powerful
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Hang onto your hats.  We're about to go into a powerful SPIN CYCLE.  
A new administration is ready to hit the ground running!  May
President Obama feel our best wishes and our eager spirits there at
his back!  I'm so pleased to be part of Earth's Celebration at this
Your comments, stories, and questions are always welcome.  


Daniel Jacob

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"You must remain your own witness, marking well everything that
happens in this world, never shutting your eyes to reality.  You must
come to grips with these terrible times, and try to find answers to
the questions that they pose.  And perhaps your answers may help not
only yourself but also others."

~Etty Hillesum, "An Interrupted Life"