February, 2009


"Spiritual Stimulus Package"



Hello Friends,


Feeling a little down?  Hungry for some "Trickle Down Love?"  The Reconnections are happy to oblige. 


I'm sending along two writings for your consideration.  One is a transmission from the Guides, answering some recent questions sent in about "The Physicality of Ascension"........ 


My Dear Friends,


There are those among you who have expressed interest in some of the more "technical" aspects of the Ascension Process, especially in regards to their effect upon the physical body.  A reasonable request, at a very opportune time.  And so.... we begin. 


The mere mention of this term "Ascension" implies that some sort of change is underway.  But what will it be?  Are you going up, towards some celestial "ceiling".........or is that "ceiling" coming down to meet you?  We would suggest to you that BOTH statements are actually true.


To understand the Ascension, one must come into reasonable comprehension of the New Paradigm Principles of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality. 






You are not one of many.  You are really MANY of ONE.  But that "One" has been fragmented into a panoply of possible/probable alternative "views" of Him/Her/Itself........as many as are needed to assist you in your explorations here in 3D Space. 


When in Separation Mentality, which is required (to some degree) if you wish to experience Third Dimensional Focus, you are led to believe in the existence of "self" in the presence of "others"......be they persons, places, objects, or situations.  The realization of Universal Oneness could easily challenge this belief, were it not for certain Implanted Perceptual Constraints, buried deep within your subconscious---administrating Veils of Forgetfulness which hold you in position while each 3D journey unfolds.




As infants, you arrive......fresh from "the factory".......with a lingering memory of innate connectedness to everything and everyone.  You are free!  You are flowing. You are UNITED. But as the days wear on, your tender consciousness begins to deal with the FACT that things in 3D do not always respond to your commands the way they have at other densities of vibration.  Your "ride" at the amusement park has begun!  









In addition to this, I am sending along the Fifth Installment of my Series "Shifting Energies, Shifting Values."  This article carries what I feel are important perspectives on events happening RIGHT NOW in America.  As always, I am very open to your comments, questions, and any information you feel to be relevant, as we share together at the COMMUNAL BONFIRE, here in Cyberspace.  




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Greetings and Love to OZ!!! 




To all our friends Down Under, we send best wishes for health, safety, and  rapid recovery from the terrible brushfires being experienced in and around Victoria and surrounding areas.  Being a Native of Southern California,  I fully realize the terror that comes with the possibility that you, everything you own, and your entire community may be consumed by fire.  


Know that we love you, we hold you in high esteem, and will be pulling with you in coming days.




Many thanks to those who feel called to contribute to the ongoing production and distribution of this work!   Many are being helped thanks to your expanded vision and willingness to share:  







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My special thanks to those who share the Web Sites with friends and loved ones.  Some people would never find this information if it wasn't for some helpful prodding from YOU.  When you recommend and refer, you are opening YOUR CHANNEL, TOO..........in a very special way.  Now is the time for ALL OF US to do what we can, when we can, for whomever we can.  Learning to receive as well as give.  Learning to tolerate without judgment.  Learning to confide rather than hide.  


It's all a risk.  It's all a journey.  And, as our friend Bill Hicks reminds us......It's all JUST A RIDE.........




Bless you, Bill........in the Great Beyond.........for your wondrous madness, your genius, and your big heart!


Have a Great Week!


Daniel Jacob





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"The Cornerstone of Civilization is not "might makes right."  To capture and control is NOT what being "civilized" means.  The essence of civilization is "love your neighbor as yourself."  Does that make you your brother's keeper?  Not at all.  To become his "keeper" would not be taking things far enough, though it be the very height of arrogance.  In truth, you ARE your brother.  And he is YOU.  And the reflections and refractions that knowledge brings to the Universal Jewel are sufficient to fill and fulfill your hearts for all eternity." 



~The Reconnections