April 7, 2008

"The Dying Star"

Greetings, Friends.........

I was thoroughly delighted with your response to my last Newsletter.
So many of you took time to send notes and letters about the host of feelings you are having during this awesome time on Planet Earth. And those powerful reverberations continue! For my own reference, I have begun to refer to the events of these last few weeks as "The Dying Star Activation."

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the symbol known as THE STAR presents us with the image of a Feminine Being, filled with power and charisma, who serves as a Bridge between the elements of water and earth. She also serves as a Bridge betweeen realms of the Subconscious and the Conscious Mind---and between Emotion and Physical Matter.

STAR is a water bearer, and in most of the images that depict her, she is pouring liquid from one jug into the water, and from another jug onto the land. Above her, a bright star shimmers in the heavens.

The recent "Death of a Star," made visible to humanity about March 19, 2008, and especially FELT in our bodies during and immediately following Easter Weekend continues to send activating ripples of energy through everyone with ears to hear and eyes to see. If you missed that info in my last Newsletter, you can review it (and others as well) in our newly created archive, to be found at:


There are people who feel a need to sleep much more these days, and there are those who find it difficult to sleep at all. BOTH SIDES of the human spectrum are busy with tasks we chose to complete when we entered human form.

Some among us are integrating sleeping and waking consciousness---almost to the degree that there is no longer a clear boundary between the two. They spend their days in a "waking dream" and their nights "sleep waking." Others use Lucid Dreams and Prolonged Sleep States to explore alternative realms, and practice Meta-Human Traits and Abilities within reality constructs specially designed for this purpose.

For me, the Dying Star symbolizes certain aspects of myself who have MOVED ON, through the Veil, to even more expanded forms of expression. As this happens---the remaining parts of me, in 3D, experience a sense of sadness, a sense of loss. I was telling someone yesterday that it's very much like having 4 friends start a business together. As the business grows, one of the friends departs---leaving the other 3 to re-organize and divide up the various duties that were once attended by their departed friend.

It is no accident that we began feeling these effects on Easter Weekend. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus had a similar effect on his disciples. They were encouraged, because he proved that DEATH isn't all there is to us---but they were also crushed that they could no longer be with him in the physical.

My article "In the Cleft of the Rock" speaks about the effect of ICONS in a person's life. In essence, they hold onto our DIVINITY for us, while we play awhile in limitation.


Before he departed, Jesus said to his followers: "The things I do YOU will do also---and GREATER THINGS because I go to my Father." He wanted them to understand that they would soon have no excuse for hiding their divinity. By removing himself from our physical view, he invites us to take his place in that seat of honor. Any of us........ALL of us.......because really, there is only ONE of us here.

The translators of the Bible kept attributing the words "Believe in me" when they wrote about Jesus. Personally, I believe his message was "Believe AS me." In other words: "Believe about YOURSELF what I believe about MYSELF." And what did he believe? He said it several times, and almost got stoned to death for it. He said: "I and the
Father are One."

Dying Stars do not cease to exist. They are here with us, though they no longer choose to confine themselves to the density of one specific form. In a sense, they are here AS US. They become ALL form, and ALL space as well. And they invite us to do the same, when we feel ready. That intention can be expressed through actual physical transition or focused "toggling" of our consciousness between 3D and the Expanded Realms.

Regardless of our religion, our ideals, or our personal lineage......we are each STARS in the universes of our creation. The Leaders and Avatars who pass through our world are not there to suck up our admiration and praise. They are there to remind us that there is always MORE TO US than we have led ourselves to believe. As the Guides put it: "You are so much more than you think you are........."

This concept is explored in our featured Reconnections Teaching this
week: "Intention and Experience." I hope you enjoy it.





This transmission was sent forth from the Guides following a share time I had with a young lady who feels that entire parts of herself are slowly fading away. As she spoke, the universality of her feelings were made clear. As we evolve, we become PORTALS from the realm of "everything" to the realm of "nothing," and all realms in between.

Those who you who have seen Jodie Foster's recent film "The Brave One" will remember how she continually makes reference to the fact that "you can't go back".........and she re-iterates this, several times in the film. "That old person is gone. All that is left of you now is this stranger......"

So.......there seems to be two sides to this process. Parts of us are moving on, into Expanded Consciousness ---while other aspects of our Multidimensional Self are moving into 3D, to take the place of those who have gone. Meanwhile, our 3D mind is left with the task of integrating all that has happened......all that IS happening.



Is now posted for your consideration. As we continue to study points of divergence that are showing up in these NEW KIDS, as well as energetically upgraded Star Elders, my particular emphasis will be on the INNER EXPERIENCE of the person who is changing, not the viewpoint of a world that will be called upon to deal with him or her.


There is a vast amount of interest being generated these days around scientific evidence that is emerging, to verify that, indeed, something "new" is happening. And I'm sure there will be loads of web sites expounding upon those worthy topics. As for me, I am content to simply KNOW in my heart that the changes are occurring.
and focus upon the scattered consciousness WITHIN US, as we try to comprehend what we are becoming.

I laughed the other day when I noticed these words on someone's site:

"Normal enough to know I'm weird........but too damn weird to do anything about it."

I must say......that little phrase just about sums it up these days.  Our Collective Dr. Jekylls have already drunk the potion--and now we are waiting, as our human form goes through its process of transformation into Mr. or Mrs HIDE...........(exploring those parts of ourselves we have been HYDE-ING from our Conscious Mind). When the process is complete, I do believe that many folks will be pleasantly surprised with the result. But while it's happening, this transformation journey can be daunting, to say the least.

The changes are primarily perceptual in nature. That's why I have been writing about Schizoprenia, Bi-Polar Consciousness and such.  Perception is how we create our reality, according to the Reconnections. What we go through is a metamorphosis of viewpoint. From the EVERYTHING that is already there, we pare down our perception so we only notice that SOMETHING we came here to study and absorb into our temporal NOW.

What LSD was for the 1960s, Cosmic Infusion is for the Aquarian Age. We take the "red pill," and down the rabbit hole we go! But this time, what we're "swallowing" is Consciousness, itself. Belief. Imagination and Desire. This is a "high" that never wears off.

There's a great interchange between the young boy star of the movie AUGUST RUSH (Freddie Highmore) and his tough-skinned, streetwise mentor (played superbly by Robin Williams). The boy is talking about his inner perceptions of the music of life. At one point he says: "The music is all around us. But only a few can hear it." Robin Williams' character responds back: "Only a few are listening." This is an extremely powerful movie, by the way. As I watched, the skeptic part of me was sitting on the sofa complaining: "This stuff can't happen. It's way too shmaltzy." As that was going on, another part of me was weeping, saying: "I don't care! This is how I want it to be!" I loved the experience.




I continue to enjoy my involvement in the "My Space" Community. This highly-developed system of interact feels like a wonderful tool for meeting and developing those "clans" and "tribes" I wrote about back in 2006. When someone comes and visits your "space," it's like letting them freely explore the living room in your home. They listen to your favorite music, check out your preferred art and personal pictures---even as they take time to read over summations of the life you enjoy. It's a great way to come in contact with and explore the "other" sides of yourself. Come have a look. It's free:


And, by the way, if you haven't joined one of our Reconnections Discussion Lists, you may want to consider that as well. Club Recon and Star Child Awakening Lists are the backbone of the Reconnections Community! Many powerful souls hang out there, and share our evolutions of soul. Come join us!



May this upcoming week be a powerful one for each and every one of you. The Guides send their love, and they promise to respond if you go inward and call out for a personal meeting on the Inner Planes.  Each person's Reconnections are different, though we do experience overlaps of influence and support.


Daniel Jacob

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"I sing the Body Electric!
I celebrate the me yet to come.
I toast to my own reunion.......
When I become ONE with the Sun! (Son?)

And I'll look back on Venus
I'll look back on Mars
And I'll burn with the fire of ten million stars And in time, and in time, we will ALL BE STARS."



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