February, 2008. 


Hello Friends,

Transformative Energy is coming and going now, with very noticeable force and regularity. It is pounding the shores of our consciousness like tides of some internal sea. Those who don't feel it FIRST PERSON will experience the effects SECOND PERSON or even THIRD. It all depends on your chosen itinerary while living in the World of Form.

Contrary to the opinions of some, these vibratory fluxes we feel are not "caused" by astrological patterns or numerical arrangements.
That would make things separate, and life is NOT separate. WE are our own cause, and WE are our own effect. And this same principle holds, no matter what "position" we occupy on the Game Board of Life in 3D.

Astrology REFLECTS reality, it doesn't cause it. The same is true of double digits, omens, signs, symbols, and a host of other "mirrors" of the Self. They DO "mean" something.......but their meanings vary, depending on the eye of the beholder.



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Now is a time of great decision for humankind. To be or not to be?
To believe or not to believe? And if so, in what or whom do we believe? The Reconnections urge us to believe.......first and OURSELVES.

Without you, the Universal Perceiver, an entire reality base would not exist. There would be others, of course, but no one else sees or experiences reality exactly as you do. And that is the great gift we each bring to this world---a unique VIEWPOINT, perceived and archived for all time.


I have been approached recently by those who fear that the world is about to be "taken over" by pre-conceived "Dark Agendas," already in motion........which will result in lives of suffering and lack for millions of people. They fear that a One World Government is on the rise--complete with computer chips implanted in the body, Big Brother watching, everywhere......and numerous restrictions to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

FEAR is the sentry who stands guard at the Gateway to Universal Oneness. Fear is energized and informed by a belief in separation, and it holds three "kite strings" which keep our human ego in check.
They are: physical health, relationship, and finance. If a person wishes to go forth into Oneness, he or she must meet and deal with the One who holds the strings, who is also the One who guards the

The symbolism of GOVERNMENT, as a force in people's lives, speaks to our common desire for some measure of CONTROL in how we relate to each other as we go about our daily business. In the life of a single individual--government symbolizes our faculties of choice, communication, decision, and follow-through. In a Oneness Paradigm, how we see government is a direct reflection of how those faculties are functioning in our lives.


The 3D world is meant to be a mirror for the individual, not the other way around. When we go into separation mindset, our mirror cracks, and the One Reflection appears as several. When we see a kitty cat walk in front of a mirror and jump back in terror and surprise, we laugh and think it's cute. When we watch world leaders do the very same thing, it no longer seems cute.

There is a direct correlation between our experience of FEAR and our need for CONTROL. As humanity nears the Gateway of Universal Oneness, We are choosing to meet and conquer the One who stands guard there in the most effective way of all. We will OWN HIM, AS SELF.

Since humanity, as a whole, is currently steeped in separation mindset---our collective decision to make this leap dwells mostly in our subconscious---buried deep, like a festering thorn in the flesh.
As the energies rise, and the time approaches to make good on our resolve, dark shadows get projected onto the institutions and administrators of our 3D world. After all, casting shadows has ALWAYS been the way we deal with anxiety. But this time it will not be enough.

What do we fear these shadowy demons might do? These world dictators? These Hateful Conspirators? We fear they will TAKE AWAY OUR CONTROL.

And yes, as a matter of fact, they just might. It is our very own DARK AGENDA. And we are the CAUSE of it, even as we are also the EFFECT. Though it may not manifest in each person's life in exactly the same way, our faculties of Control will waver and diminish over the next four years. It seems that FEAR is one demon we must each face unarmed and alone.

As the individual falters and doubts, an Amazing Planetary Oneself will awaken and grow in strength. Remember what was written, so long ago? "When I am weak, then am I strong, because the power of God rests on me." We don't lose control at all. It's only separation that goes away.


At this point, it seems very fitting for me to let the Reconnections tell it to us in their very own words. And these are some of my very favorite of their words!

"This isn't the beginning of the end. It's merely the end of a very long beginning. As your conscious knowledge of this process continues to expand, a wonderful Transformation now begins. At your own rate and in your own timing, the lines that border and divide your world will begin to fade. Within the face of every person and imprinted on every object, you will notice the seams of that common fabric out of which all stories are cut. And you will be a the twinkling of an eye. And with that change, your whole universe will change. Those story boards and props will fall away. You will begin to see things as never before. You will BECOME your Greater Self. And the only change needed will be in your perception. It's always been here, all around us. And you begin to see. And you will begin to know. And you will begin to smile. It will be a MIRTHQUAKE! And, with the laughter of a child, there will finally be an appreciation of the humor and grace out of which everything is formed. And THEN, you
will be HOME." <end transmission>

Thanks for listening! I trust you'll all open your hearts wide this
Valentine's Day. It's only right, you know. There's a WHOLE WORLD waiting to join you there.


Daniel Jacob

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"Everything is dependent on everything else, everything is connected, nothing is separate. Therefore everything is going in the only way it can go. If we were different everything would be different. We are what we are, so everything is as it is."

G.I. Gurdjieff

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