March 18, 2008



Hi Friends,

THE ABIDING TIME is a time of protracted solitude and inward journeying. It is a perfect setup for us to come in close contact with aspects of self which have been hidden or obscured by the everyday grinds of life in 3D.

One of the most powerful questions asked during Abiding Time is "Who am I, really?"

Are we what we do? What we want? What we own? Or are we solely dependent upon others for our self concept?

Here is an interesting Video which explores this in a lyrical,
wonderful way. It embodies the classic answer our Reconnections
might give us to this frequently asked question of "Who am I?" Most often......their answer would be in the form of another question:
"Who AREN'T you?"

And the Reconnections offer us a transmission to expand upon this in detail. It's called "Roots of Perception".........


This work is offered free of charge to people who are ready to remember Oneness and appreciate ALL that we are and ALL that we are doing within Expanded Realms of Consciousness. Though our consciousness is moving outward, into infinity.....our 3D aspect must
still meet expenses to keep all of this going. Your generous
contribution insures that the message can continue to go forth, unhindered. Give what you can, when you can.......and our Energy
Exchange will bear fruit in many parts of the world! Blessings.



The realization that each of us is a universe unto him or herself goes way back. But few LOG INTO THAT KNOWLEDGE sufficiently to produce a genuine change of heart. When someone confounds or afflicts us, it often feels necessary to close down the connection and turn away. This provides temporarily solace from discomfort but, if the interaction is an important item on our 3D "agenda," that same scenario will eventually come back around---usually with an even greater intensity.

The Guides offer some suggestions to deal with this. In the transmission "Building Astral Bridges," they have this to say about conflicts that develop in 3D:

"Relationship conflicts, financial difficulties, and political upheavals are perfect venues for a reconnecting soul to learn how to identify with *all sides* of any question. It is only when you are able to lift yourself out of a polarized state, into The Oneself, that you become able to access the necessary elements which will turn the tide for whatever physical challenge that is before you.

Many people today are desperately looking for peace and safety. If something seems to be thwarting their goals, or irritating their status quo, they want to deal with it, so they can bring about a rapid resolution. They will choose to fight, or to negotiate---whichever seems most effective in the moment---and then they want to be able to return to "business as usual." But Friends, business can never be "usual" again. And any attempt on your parts to make it so will simply result in deeper and more complicated upheavals.

The "box" in which you have all been living is being heated up from the outside. Aspects of your Expanded Self are stirring things up energetically so that you will be forced to look *outside of the physical world* in order to understand what has been creating your reality all along.

The reason you find it hard to "digest" certain types of people into your Oneself Body stems not from what exists in that person, but what is missing in you. We call your attention back to our analogy of Trans-Portals being similar to the human digestive system. When people demonstrate an "allergy" to certain foods, it usually stems from some *processing element* (like an enzyme, for example) that is missing from their digestive process. For some reason, their body doesn't create that chemical, and the whole process suffers because of it. Despite their best attempts to prepare the offending foods properly, with style and variation, the digestive system continues to have problems until the necessary supplement gets added to the

Not all the people and situations you encounter in physical space are
meant to become permanent parts of your life. Sometimes, they simply
appear as catalysts for you to reach into your Multidimensional Self and discover new qualities or elements that you have forgotten. And, during a time of conflict, your task of integration and acceptance may not always be focused upon the person who is irritating you. That may
only be incidental to the bigger picture.

You must remember that both you and the people with whom you have conflicts are Multidimensional Beings. If you are having a dance with someone in current 3D reality, you can count on the fact that there are dances going on between you all up and down the vibrational spectrum---literally involving a whole spreadsheet of
possible/probable contacts--many of which are quite pleasant.

The resolution of present-moment conflict with another person (or society, for that matter) is brought about by opening a Portal between the physical aspect of you that exists *here* and an alternative aspect of you that exists *elsewhere*---particularly an aspect that is currently enjoying harmonious contact with the very same type of energy which is giving you such heartburn in this
current moment.

My Friends, if it were possible for you to analyze the energy "chemistry" of the version of you that exists HERE, and the alternative version of yourself that is functioning THERE, you would notice that one or more key elements are missing. To remedy this, an Astral Bridge is formed by taking a "soul sample" of that alternative self and infusing it into yourself here. This is all done in just
the ways we outlined for you above.

Once the required "energy supplement" gets added to your digestive system, you will find that the whole TONE of your current relationships begin to change. And, it happens automatically, without conscious effort or struggle. The only thing you require is a clear statement of intent (which would be blending with a more Expanded Level of Yourself), and the faith that is required to bring it all about."

For complete details on how to Build Astral Bridges to bring about Now Moment Peace and Understanding, read the entire transmission by



The first three segments of this series have been posted on the Recon Site. The other two will come within the next month or so.

"THEY'RE HERE, YOU KNOW. Working models of the future of humankind.
They just need a little "tweaking," that's all. Children of Oneness everywhere - on, above, or below the Earth - are busy about the process of perfecting humanity's "Glorious Ones" who are destined to explore and inhabit life at The Next Level.

To be BEYOND Human, Meta-Human, at least for purposes of this discussion, means to begin at normal human characteristics and expand outward from there. It's as though a bubble forms about us, increasing the total circumference of what we consider "self" with each passing moment. At the center of the circle is that which we've always believed we are (that is always there), even though the circle keeps expanding (both inwardly and outwardly). What goes up must come down, and everything expands equally, though not everyone allows him or herself to experience it that way."


The other two segments of the series are currently winding down at They will be posted soon. If you value high quality Spiritual Information, presented in easy-to-integrate formats, you may want to subscribe to PLW. The powerful E-Zine has been around a long, long time.



The entire series on this topic is now posted. It features a
Transmission from the Reconnections as well as a 3-Part Commentary which I believe will help those who are ready to apply this knowledge to become a LIGHTHOUSE for their immediate 3D world. As the energies continue to rise, these types of "awakening environments" become crucial for dealing with the influx of inquiring and confused souls.
If you are a few steps further along the path than someone who comes to you for assistance---it is vital to share what you know. We can't do everything, but we CAN do what we can do.

If you haven't been exposed to these concepts yet, come have a look:



Many of you know that I have spent several years studying the appearance and awakening of Meta-Human Consciousness on Planet Earth---particularly as manifest in our Children of the New Earth.

This new article speaks about one particular subset of these kids who have arrived on the planet with a special assignment: The development and proliferation of TONAL COMMUNICATION..........communication that is BEYOND WORDS.

If you haven't stopped by the Star Child site in awhile, come to the articles section to read up on Blue Star Kids.

For those who wonder what I mean by Star Children, you may want to listen to some samples of my 2-part CD on the subject, "The Star
Children." It not only provides loads of information on these
powerful young folk (and Star Elders as well)...........but it offers a TONAL UPGRADE in the process of listening. These CDs are now specially priced at $9.99, or $7.99 for the mp3 version.


Some of you have been asking me: "How come you haven't put out any bulletins lately? To be honest, I've been totally fascinated with setting up a new Reconnections Portal on the My Space System. The process is so fun, and the people are very receptive and powerful.

If you haven't investigated this form of online Community, please come visit me and take the tour. It's a great way to form your "Family of the Heart" to support you as you BECOME THE FUTURE you always wished to be.


If there are those among you who value high-quality, diverse Spiritual Discussion, you may be interested in joining one of our free online Discussion Forums on the Yahoo System---Club Recon and Star Child Awakening. They're focused, alert, and quite user friendly.

I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patty's Day. I enjoyed mine immensely. Now that I have completed the My Space Portal, you will be hearing more in the Bulletin Format. So MUCH has been going on in the ethers, as I am sure you all know. More about that in days to come.


Daniel Jacob

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"If you should take the human heart and listen to it, it would be like listening to a seashell. You would hear in it the hollow murmur of the infinite ocean to which it belongs, from which it draws its profoundest inspiration, and for which it yearns to return."
~Edwin Chapin

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