New Kids in Town: The Exciting Message Behind Comet Mc Naught

As was shared in my Introduction to The Star Children CD, the arrival of Meta-Human Consciousness on Planet Earth always seems to be heralded by a sign in the heavens.  Just as the arrival of Generations X, Y, and Z was heralded by an Energy Gate, which remained open between the appearance of Comets Kahoutek (1973) and Hale-Bopp (1995)---so is the appearance of Comet Mc Naught heralding the arrival of yet another "stream" of redemptive consciousness that is now coming onto the planet.  

Comet McNaught (from Wikipedia).  Earth is the blue dot on the right.

It's discovery in 2006, by Australian Astronomer Gerald Mc Naught, comes exactly 33 years after the opening of the former Gate.  As many of you know, the number 33 is a Master Number, symbolizing the birth, maturation, and initiation of a "Christ Incarnation" in the life of a young person who is born under The Golden Ray.  Actual naked-eye sightings of Mc Naught ( in Jan. 2007) came exactly 12 years after the worldwide sightings of Hale-Bopp, which symbolized (plus or minus 5 years or so), the completion of that last stream.  By early reports, this next generation seems most closely aligned to the Purple Ray, which is highly transitional in nature.  This is why so many of them are so delighted with these detailed descriptions of Bridge People.

Many such gates have opened and closed since then.  Gens X, Y, and Z have been joined by the likes of Rainbow Children, Amethyst Children, Dolphin Children, Mystic Children, and many others.  But in my own life and experience, these Star Children (named for their appearance in connection with these signs in the heavens)carry the most resonance.        

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There are those who are predicting the occurrence of some "Grand Event" during the month of March, which will deeply affect life on Planet Earth.  As for me, I am steadily watching the peak resonance of the vibrations that are coming through to these young ones, who are being nurtured and shepherded by older Star Kids as well (early to late 30s).  It appears to be a MASS AWAKENING, which will have a holographic affect on all ages, everywhere at once.   

If you have ever read the Sci-Fi Novel "Childhood's End," by Arthur C. will remember a wild tale (which might not be so wild)......about a Global Awakening of Meta-Human Child Consciousness, accompanied by broad daylight, open-air sightings of E.T.s......which eventually becomes so strong that it crashes the existing 3D Paradigm altogether.

To be fair, I doubt this would be the outcome to expect in our own transformation.  Rather, it seems that the ONE EARTH CONCEPT is soon to be updated with an image of MANY EARTHS, fragmenting off in all directions, like train tracks moving forward out of Grand Central Station in New York. 

While many are warning us to prepare ourselves for Global Cataclysm of some sort, The Reconnections encourage us to go inward, focusing deeply on the desired outcome we might prefer for our very own, personalized Futureself.  By so doing, we automatically purchase a "ticket" to board a "train" of consciousness that will forward us to that chosen destination.

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