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The Meta-Human Prototype
Part 5
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B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

THE PRIMARY DISTINCTION between "divinity" and "humanity" seems to narrow down to the Power of Choice. Gods choose while Humans simply adapt. The analogy that people are like pawns in a chess game, being played by Gods (or Devils) is well-known and reasonably accurate. However, most of those myths and legends leave out the fact that each of us is both the player and the pawn - divergent levels of the same One Consciousness... separated, divided by a Veil.

The arrival of the Meta-Human Prototype to Planet Earth pokes a hole in that Veil - and, in some instances, tears it right down the middle. The Veil is a semi-permeable etheric membrane which separates and insulates the consciousness of a person living in 3D, so that he (or she) will not be distracted by the rest of what's going on at other levels of his Multidimensional nature.

As the Reconnections put it so adeptly:

You are so much more than you think you are. Everything you previously considered "self" represents only a tiny portion of you - a little piece of Infinity that was "chipped off" to enter this World of Form. As a fragment of All That Is, you already contain, within yourself, representational symbols that span many levels of vibration. Even within the compressed, limitation form seen reflected in your bathroom mirror, you are are still complete; though that image is abbreviated. You might call what you see in that mirror a "scale model" of the Multiverse compacted onto the physical plane. The universe of your perception: the people, places, objects, and interactive processes once thought of as "containing you - but still essentially separate" is nothing more than a gigantic self-portrait, painted in continually expanding, repetitive patterns in every direction into infinity.

Meta-Humans are those who know all this about themselves at a deep and enduring level. Yet they continue to function in 3D space with suitable poise and restraint, logging into the Grand Game to the extent that they can sustain a sense of compassion and understanding of the human condition, while assisting the planet as it shifts perspective from 3D thinking to Multi-D. Some forget their reason for being here - who they are, and so forth - and they freak out for a time. Others remember, right from the start, and never waver.

Powers And Abilities
In the first segment of this series, I made some serious distinctions between the terms "Superhuman, Subhuman, and Meta-Human." The first two expressions tend to separate a person from his peers, while the latter term has power to become a uniting force for all people. As Jesus was traveling about - passing through the lives of ordinary people - the magic he bore seemed to sprinkle off on them like faery dust. There were healings, spiritual awakenings, social upheavals, lessons, exorcisms, and even a raising up of the dead. Is it any wonder that common folk tended to fall down and worship Jesus rather than seeing him as their reflection? The same goes for the hierarchy of social power in that day. To them, Jesus was a menace which had to be destroyed. He represented runaway charisma, and he needed to be silenced.

Most Meta-Humans tend to stay low-profile in what they have the power to do. Many carry within them ancient memories of lifetimes in which they were arrested, considered "outcast," and counted to be in league with the Devil - taken from their homes, imprisoned, tortured, and even executed... as witches, sorcerers, and n'er-do-wells. Far be it from them to purposely attract too much attention to themselves here, in this present context. Usually, gaining some favor from a Meta-Human requires being so full of spirit and power yourself that he/she is literally overwhelmed with a desire to connect - either through the soul resonance you offer or through the desperation of your need in the moment.

Though we don't have time to go into all of them here at any length, I can list some of the primary "powers" that are being made manifest now as these Beings awaken from their slumber:

  • Telepathy: The ability to read minds and transmit messages mind-to-mind. This faculty refers, not only to communication between people in 3D but also in reference to Other-Dimensional communion as well.
  • Empathy/Telempathy: The ability to receive and transmit human emotion, taking time to process and alter (transmute) it through direct contact with one's very own "neutralizing" life force.
  • Teleportation: The ability to move from one geographical location to another, using the power of focused thought.
  • Telekinesis/Psychokinesis: The same ability as listed above, only used in conjunction with moving other people or objects through space.
  • Divination: The practice of knowing and explaining things that are outside the scope of one's personal experience. Utilization of the four "psychic" senses to gain info: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance.
  • Pre and Retrocognition: The ability to see into the past or future while based in a present-moment context.
  • Bi-location (and Beyond): The ability to be physically present at two (or more) locations at the same moment.
  • Transfiguration (Shapeshifting): The ability to temporarily change one's physical appearance to that of a person, object, or other living creature in accordance with the needs of the moment.
  • Healing and Energetic Activation: The ability, through touch, to mildly or profoundly affect the health and wellbeing of another.
  • Meta-Language and Tonal Communication: Most commonly referred to as "The Gift of Tongues," the ability to communicate in diverse languages (all at the same time) or to move beyond words in expressing oneself seems to be especially important at this time on Earth. Many Meta-Humans possess a deep resonance with Dolphins and Whales, and use their specialized form of "discourse" as a template for redesigning the languages currently in practice for humans.
  • Many, many more. No sooner do I make a list like this than I get a whole host of additional "gifts" which could be listed as well. Let it suffice to say that the length and breadth of Meta-Humanity is only limited by the scope of a person's imagination.

When considering all these "signs and wonders" which are supposed to typify and identify Meta-Human Consciousness in a person, probably the most important quality would be a strong sense of poise, acceptance, and confidence concerning oneself and his/her place in the universe. The source of such equanimity can only come from within. There are no external "anchors" that have power to sustain such peace.

Dealing With "The Gift"
In the first segment of The Matrix (film series), a key character known as "The Oracle" had this to say to Neo (the lead character) at their first meeting: "Being the One is like being in love. No one can tell you you're in love. You just know it, through and through. Balls to bones."

The word "Neo" is an anagram for "One"... or "The One." In Biblical terms, it is correspondent to "The Christ" Persona, which literally means "Anointed One." In any context of reality, there is always ONE who is considered the Prime Factor for resolving all points of speculation and disharmony contained therein. His (or Her) Viewpoint becomes a point of convergence, into which all story plots fully and finally come to rest.

In the scene mentioned above, the Oracle plays it cool in dealing with Neo's hesitancy to take up this heavy mantle and become his destiny. She tells him: "Sorry kid. You've got the Gift but you appear to be waiting for something. Maybe your next life." In so doing, she eliminates the sense of shock and disbelief which usually accompanies such a revelation. Instead, she begins painting a picture of hardship and impending death for certain people Neo loves. This drives him to a "hero's" sense of despair, which lights the fuse of internal activation that ultimately brings him to power and certainty concerning the path he must follow. The same thing happened to young Luke Skywalker, in the first Star Wars movie.

It seems that service to humanity is a key component for effectively integrating the Meta-Human psyche. Jesus openly stated to his disciples: "He who is greatest among you must be servant of all." There is something about serving others, in the course of some collective quest for survival or evolution, that overcomes a person's individual instinct for hiding and places him upon a Hero's Journey.

In the above-mentioned Star Wars series, the primary difference between following the "Light Side" or the "Dark Side" of the Force (as seen in Luke and Anakin Skywalker's divergent paths) dwelt in one's willingness to give up power and prestige for self if it means saving others or helping them to flourish. Indeed, it wasn't until the end of the first trilogy that Anakin (aka Darth Vader) discovers the bit of "good" that was left in him and utilizes it to save his son's life.

Bridges To Infinity
There is a distinct difference between humans who ascend to power and Gods who fall from grace. The former is what is being referred to here, in the Meta-Human Prototype. The latter is seen throughout history - often in the form of advanced beings who hunger for human "bondage" or "servitude). This was especially seen in the curious lust which drove certain "Sons of God" to go into "daughters of men" (sexually), and conceived a race of giants which profoundly affected the history of humankind (Genesis 6:4). Or, more recently (Roswell, New Mexico, 1947), the curiosity which drove an alien space craft to fly so close to Earth that it crashed, killing all but one or two of the inhabitants, leaving a lone survivor to intermingle in Earth's history and genealogy in an equally profound way.

In relationship to the Creator God Paradigms (and there are many), humanity is often viewed as a "virus" which has mutated and run amok (mostly because we seem to have discovered that we have power to create as well). Hence, we find a host of "destruction" scenarios for humanity set forth in various scriptures.

The innate anxiety humanity feels for having "betrayed" our Creators in this way have produced a sense of impending doom which is akin to what a mother might say to her errant child during the course of a day: "Wait till your father gets home. I'll let hiim deal with you!" I find it interesting to note that, in many Sci-Fi stories, machines seem to break away and take on this creative power as well, much to the chagrin of their makers.

Whether God is reaching downward or Humanity is reaching upward, a convergence of sorts has been made. The realms of the seen and the unseen have begun to dance together in very unusual ways, bringing eons of evolution to bear as Planet Earth faces some of Her toughest challenges ever.

The role of Meta-Humans, it seems, is to form a bridge, of sorts... over "troubled waters" which have gathered between Heaven, Hell, and all points in-between. The original translators of the New Testament constantly record Jesus saying to his disciples: "Believe ON me, and thou shalt be saved." It seemed only right at the time. Religions were formed, hierarchies were maintained, and everyone got to enjoy 2000+ years of lovely limitation. But what if, for the sake of conversation, what Jesus actually said was: "Believe AS me... " In other words, what if he was saying: "Believe about yourself what I believe about myself." Would our holographic picture of humanity begin to change - in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye?

I'll leave you with that question, as I bring this series to a close... for now. There is much more that can be said about the Meta-Human Prototype. There is always more, isn't there?  I'm just so excited when I meet and write about these New Kids.  And I get excited when Energetically Upgraded Elders catch the vision of helping them, too.  Bless you all as you continue forward in that endeavor. 

2008, Daniel Jacob



Daniel Jacob is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates, in Kirkland, Washington - a multi- therapist clinic, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 19 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." You can get more information about Daniel and his work by visiting his websites: and also, or by e-mailing him directly at: