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The Meta-Human Prototype
Part 2
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B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

THE OTHER DAY SOMEONE ASKED me the question: "Is Earth destined to be destroyed?" I responded back: "Well, in a sense... the Earth you know has already been destroyed."

I could sense a feeling of uneasiness on the other end of the line. For a moment, I felt like Morpheus, giving Neo the "bad news." Remember that moment in the first Matrix movie? The two of them are standing in the midst of "the construct" as Morpheus explains to Neo what became of "life" as he used to know it? On a makeshift TV screen, there was a picture of the "normal" world. And then Morpheus changed the channel to reveal the "real" world as it now was. Quite a difference, I daresay.

In giving out bad news, Morpheus could stand to take some lessons form the Oracle. When she tells you something ominous, she follows it up with a cookie. Unfortunately, I couldn't reach through the phone and offer a cookie to the fellow I was addressing, so I quickly added a few tidbits to bring the matter “home” to him. In fact, I quoted to him an article that was currently posted on the Reconnections Web Site, called "Home for the Holidays."

The opening lines of the article are particularly juicy:

We're all back now. We made it home. Our car pulled into the driveway, as loved ones stood waving at us from an open door. I remembered a poem I wrote awhile ago, promising that we'd be "Home Before Dark." Well, we made it. Hallelujah. And, I might add, not a moment too soon.

If you read the poem, you can sense that this universe has seen our share of tough times. No more than our share, but certainly no less either. Polarities, like Noah's animals, have gathered 'round us two by two. But we've arrived now. We're HOME. And where is Home? It's right HERE in our heart.

Would this mean that "stuff" no longer accumulates in our yard? Of course not. That's the purpose of a "yard" isn't it? It's a place where "worlds" meet. There's a garden there, where folks can eat and play and congregate. And there's a Sanctuary, where we can form a circle, speaking truth and joining together in meditation and song.

This remembrance of home - this enjoyment of Thanksgiving abundance, this preparation for the Holiday Tree - it all leads up to a glorious Moment of Celebration, laced with streamers, paper hats, and free-flowing, bubbling champagne. A sign on the wall reads: "Happy New You!" and we all give thanks, once again, for every step along the road that led us here.

A Shift Of Perspective
I won't belabor this point too much, since we've covered it numerous times over the years I've been writing here. All change is simply a shift of perception. From the moment The Reconnections began speaking to me - first, in a hypnotherapy session (back in 1991) - then later, from the center of my Being... they've been emphasizing this crucial fact.

If you haven't had a chance to read their first transmission to us, you can access it HERE. And there is an online Archive of Transmissions available HERE.

In the above movie, Morpheus shows Neo what the Matrix has been telling him is "real." Then, he shows him another side of things. Because there were no "cookies" to be found in the Construct, to soften this "blow" to his belief system... Neo coughed up a few of his own! The best word to describe his feeling about what had happened to his home planet was revulsion.

THIS is what happens when a person decides to take the "red pill" - you know, the one that shows how deep the rabbit hole can go? He gets sick, because the image he is given does not match his idea of what "normal" is supposed to be. Taking on expanded consciousness can have an opposite effect, too. Remember what happened to Jodie Foster's character in the movie "Contact," when she gazed at celestial splendor for the first time? She nearly went insane.

Indeed, there have been those who have known about, and even seen visions of our Futureself for quite sometime now. But a Collective Shift in human perception is what I'm speaking about here. And THAT is what just happened. Thanksgiving, 2007. We are now transitioning, as a race, from one "waking dream" to another.

Diving In, Head Last
Those of us who are beginning to manifest various traits and characteristics of Meta-Human Beingness are referred to as "Test Pilots." Like curious Dr. Jekylls, we get to a point in life where we become willing to drink the secret potion that will begin showing us what we've been "Hyde-ing" from ourselves all along. And that "potion" is really just another version of the "red pill," isn't it? Some "potions" are not even liquid. They consist merely of speaking an intention, harboring a desire. So be it.

To begin the process, we put logic on hold, and let curiosity have it's way with us. We go "out of our heads, in order to come to our senses" (as Fritz Perls used to say), which means we dive into a mutating gene pool, head LAST.

Isn't it interesting how many people are going to their physician, saying: "I don't know what's happening to me, Doctor," only to have the Doc answer: "I don't know what's happening to you, either." It seems that understanding is incidental. Feeling is the first order of priority now.

In the Realm of Meta, we learn to experience life first, and understand it later. Most of the initial symptoms of Global Acceleration Syndrome (G.A.S.) are energetic, to begin with. In other words, we FEEL change before the body actually changes. In some cases, the entire process remains bio-energetic; happening "off-planet" somewhere, in an adjacent universe. Does that make it less real? Absolutely not. Everything is real, everywhere it appears, whether obvious or obscure.

We spent a lot of time in Part One speaking about society's addiction to "normalcy." This is because, from now on, that concept is going to become less and less important. What will grow up in it's place is something new, called "authenticity." The short definition for that would be: "letting what's outside truly (and finally) reflect what's inside."

Meeting Your "Others"
When Robert Louis Stephenson wrote "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," he was taking his readers on a voyage into the dualistic nature of humanity. In that day, duality in human personality was quite a daring premise. In some circles, it still is. What I am going to speak to you about now involves taking another step beyond that. Instead of simply talking duality, we're going to be talking "multiplicity"... or the root premise that one personality could be host to many internal "selves," each of which represents a separate and distinct lifetime he is living at some other level of reality.

In their transmission "Compilation Entities," the Reconnections have this to say about Multiplicity:

We continue in our discussion of your essence as a Hermetic Oneself, or what has been called a "Neo-Shaman." This new and powerful "species" of individual is the next design template for humanity, as you are shifting and transforming, in preparation for your collective leap through 4D and beyond.

You are so much more than you think you are. As a fragment of All That Is, you already contain, within yourself, representative symbols which span many levels of vibration. Even within the compressed, limitation form seen reflected in your bathroom mirror, you are are still complete; though that image is abbreviated. You might call what you see in that mirror a "scale model" of the Multiverse compacted onto the physical plane.

Types Of Compilations
  • Inner Male Personas
  • Inner Female Personas
  • Deities and Archetypes
  • Ethnic and Racial Variances
  • Socio-Economic Types and Stations
  • Animals
  • Vegetables
  • Minerals
  • Demons
  • Angels
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Planets, Stars, Galaxies
  • Many, many, more...
Your existence as what we have called a "compilation entity" can be seen and appreciated through at least three distinct "grids" or lenses.
Grid One: To view each person, place, or situation around you as a representation of some lifetime you are living, or some essence you embody at another level of vibration. In that universe, you do not have a separate body from this person, object, or place . You are living your life as this person, object, or place.

Grid Two: To realize that this present, Reconnection Universe is merely a "family reunion" of all your alternative selves and personal essences. Here, you occupy a "separate body," which serves as a focusing tool, through which you can examine and experience those alternative "selves" and "essences" from a somewhat dissociated position. You can even interact with them, as though you and they are someone or something else. They are not.

Grid Three: As the ongoing encounter of your various lifetimes begins taking shape in this, your Reconnection Universe, you no longer need to be separate from them, in a body of your own. The blending of their energy together, or with your separate persona will eventually cause you to vanish from sight and mind. Once you lived in the world. Now you live as the world. You are everywhere, and in everything. You are no longer just a heart. Now you are an entire torso. You are still a heart - but now you are also much, much, more - lungs, the ribs, the stomach, and so on. As your consciousness continues to expand, you become a whole body, and then a whole community of bodies, and you go on from there.

Does all of this sound a bit unnerving? Oh, yeah. We can understand now why Neo was throwing up. And friends, when any of us decides to become a "test pilot", we, too, will be throwing up. The Guides simply refer to it as "morning sickness", Labor pains of a New Humanity. And gender is no issue here. There can be just as many "pregnant" males as females. And that which we labor to bring forth is our Future Self. Hallelujah! And "Omigod!"

What's Ahead?
The signpost up ahead reads "The Twilight Zone," folks. In the next days and years, we will all probably be doing one of two things. We'll either be transforming and throwing up, or we'll be watching others transform (and probably throwing up along with them). It makes no difference, really. It's all one self. We're all just cameramen, journalists, documenting something incredible, as it happens, from many different angles. First, it happens as a feeling - an energy - an impregnation. Then comes the outer transformation. This, by the way is also how first contact is occurring, between humans and our Other-Worldly Ancestors.

In human pregnancy, the throwing up eventually gives way to a wonderful glow, a wonderful expansion, and the eventual appearance of our next generation. This birthing will not be different than that. It will just be happening on many levels at once.

Next segment, we'll begin discussing the actual traits and characteristics of "Meta-Humanity," and how to cope with a changeover from one reality base to the next. We'll see how long this process is going to take. By the time you read this, humanity's yearly celebration of the Christ Child Essence will have past. But the process continues on. Jesus said: The things I do you shall do also, and greater things, because I go to my Father Humankind is clearly on track with that goal of "doing greater things." So are YOU, if you're willing to believe it.

More to Come.  Stay Tuned.


© 2008, Daniel Jacob
From the Movie "Powder"