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The Meta-Human Prototype
B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

THEY'RE HERE, YOU KNOW. Working models of the future of humankind. They just need a little "tweaking," that's all. Children of Oneness everywhere - on, above, or below the Earth - are busy about the process of perfecting humanity's "Glorious Ones" who are destined to explore and inhabit life at The Next Level.

Let's start with some definitions, shall we? The prefix "meta" means "beyond." So, yes... these beings are "beyond human." But what does that mean? Are we talking Superman here? The Flash? Wonder Woman? Well, yes and no. The paradigm that gave birth to these heroes is founded on a wishful way of seeing and believing. It is based in separation, distinction, individuality. You are you and I am me. Some are male and some are female. If we're lucky, we get along well, and certain exchanges of resource and ideas happen between us.

If we say someone is "super-human," we are speaking about a person who functions above what is deemed to be normal... someone with special powers, a unique heritage or bloodline. Or, someone who has come in contact with something extraordinary. If a person is visited by God or an angel, for example, he is considered "blest," or a saint, or a prophet. And if we are taken up into alien crafts and "worked with," we are called "experiencers," or perhaps we are called "abductees."

If we say someone is "sub-human," we are speaking about a person who functions below what is considered normal... someone who has been born with a defect, or a serious handicap, or someone who cannot reason or communicate properly. For every action hero inhabiting the pages of a comic book, there is usually some sort of dastardly character or mutant with whom he or she is doing battle.

Over, under, sideways, down. This is the language of separation. We see a person with extraordinary powers and we mumble under our breath: "Wow, I wish I was him!" Then, we see someone with a terrible handicap, and we whisper: "I'm sure glad I'm not that guy." Wishful thinking, dread, despair, pride, prejudice, discrimination... all products of a separation mindset.

To be BEYOND Human, Meta-Human, at least for purposes of this discussion, means to begin at normal human characteristics and expand outward from there. It's as though a bubble forms about us, increasing the total circumference of what we consider "self" with each passing moment. At the center of the circle is that which we've always believed we are (that is always there), even though the circle keeps expanding (both inwardly and outwardly). What goes up must come down, and everything expands equally, though not everyone allows him or herself to experience it that way.

Before I venture further into speaking about the Meta-Human Prototype, let us take time to explore what these ground-breaking individuals face as they become more visible in society.

Salt Of the Earth
The "salt of the Earth" has begun to run out. This is not the case because there is none of it left. Rather, salt is running out because its purpose has been fulfilled. I'm speaking figuratively here, and in a spiritual sense. There have been energies present upon this planet since the beginning, which have but one reason for existence: preservation of the established order.

Salt, as an essence, has always been considered "preservative" in nature. Without it, or something like it, organic substances (particularly proteins) begin to rot. When meats are cut up, dried, and packed in salt - they are said to be "cured." Words are interesting, aren't they? They reveal a lot - particularly when you measure their manifold usage in any particular culture. The word "cure" has other meanings as well. Diseases are said to be "cured." Some diseases are said to be "incurable." Add an accent mark to the "e" in "cure" and the word, in French, means "priest."

Truly, the physicians of today have become priests of a very special and important religion. But what IS that religion?

Keepers Of the Norm
The Age of Technology is an age of statistics. We have the machinery, currently in place, to run "stats" on nearly any subject, at nearly any time. In an age when Budget Deficit and National Debt it almost an American obsession, many eyebrows were raised, awhile back, when the American Congress allotted $19 million dollars to study statistics about the effects of livestock methane emissions (cattle farts) on the ozone layer. The tools to do so are present, the motivations are high, and we are busily measuring and actively cataloging nearly everything in sight!

The word "normal" is often used when doctors congregate. Many a patient, when receiving a report of findings from his primary care physician, will tend to shake off all the technical jargon, asking instead that all-pervasive question of the hour: "But Doc, is that normal?"

Well, what's a good doctor to say? He must be accurate. He must be serious about his religion. Therefore, physicians devote huge sums of money, many hours of attention, and unbelievable amounts of credibility to that one, highly marketable commodity - the norm - or that which is deemed to be "normal."

I'd hate to be named "Norm" - wouldn't you? You would tend to feel so... so... average. But "Norm" is a very popular man these days. We study hard in school, we practice daily in sports, we persevere in all manner of personal organization and discipline - all so we can beat him in every area of our lives. If we go to the Doctor, lift up our shirt, and fail to find him there - we break out in a cold sweat.

Doctors, then, have become High Priests of a Health Care Religion... "Keepers of the Norm." If that "norm" is missing, patients want to get it back. Naturally, where there is a market, there will soon be a commodity to sell - huge lines of products and procedures which are designed to either preserve, protect, or re-install that which is normal in human bodily function.

Please believe me when I say that I have no real "beef" with the Health Care Industry, per se. In fact, I'm part of it. Everything in that sector of society is evolving beautifully, just as it should. My real point of concern comes when there is a conflict of agenda between maintaining "status quo" and flowing gracefully with human evolution. And that is precisely what this series of articles will be about.

A "New" Kind Of Judgment
Because the word "norm" is soon became necessary to give an old word new flavor. Since "cure" was commonly used about meat, and people are so much more than meat (aren't they Doctor?), the word "heal" was added to the picture. To "heal" something, in many medical circles, means to make it average.

Soon the face of "Norm" became well-known by everyone. Now, instead of polarizing terms like good and evil, the Priests of the New Religion could use words such as "healthy" and "unhealthy." Modern practices of eliminating sepsis were instituted, and the word "clean" or "cleanse" becomes equated with "health" and the word "dirty" (or "unclean" as was once applied to lepers) was attributed to that which did not measure up according to - guess who? Norm!

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company was given the task of deciding which physical body weights are healthy and which are not. Jobs are won, relationships are lost, athletic teams are built, and life insurance policies are written according to the edicts of the Church. Soon, nutritionists began to decide what a "healthy meal" is - basing their decisions on "statistics," which will eventually determine what is "good/healthy" and what is "evil/unhealthy."

Of course, no list of "absolutes" would be complete without mentioning two very familiar words: physical fitness. The absoluteness of it all kinda makes you vibrate, doesn't it? Some people "fit" in society and some people just "don't." Some soldiers are "fit for duty," and some aren't. Soon, people began bending their energy (focusing) toward meeting "the norm." Some people call this practice "discipline." Spirit calls it focusing the will. There is nothing wrong with it, but it does tend to "box one in" at times... especially during times of mass transformation. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let's continue to look at what will probably challenge the world of Meta-Humans as they/we evolve.

Creating a Blueprint
With Health Care as a "business," and Medical Associations presenting themselves as a Sacred Priesthood, it is not hard for us to figure out where all this would naturally go. Health Care is one of those areas of human knowledge where religion and government meet and mingle everyday! Doctors began setting "guidelines" for how a person should look, feel, eat, walk, and sleep. Governments encourage them to do this. The more deeply ingrained those "guidelines" became, the more our Mass Mind began focusing on measuring up to the "norm."

It is the focus of the Mass Mind on any one area of living (such as in the definition of "physical fitness") which sets the density for that "channel" on the Multiversal TV set. If enough people begin focusing toward one goal or definition of "normal" or "right," it forms a critical mass which becomes the accepted reality base for that society. Anything outside that "norm" begins to feel persecuted. It gets "uneasy" with itself, which is where we get the expression "dis-ease."

In truth, a good deal of the suffering experienced by people who are outside of the "norm" is not the product of their particular "condition" at all. Rather, they suffer because their conscious and unconscious mind continually receives subliminal messages of "You don't belong here." Eventually, the body either gives in and conforms, or... in some cases... it breaks down and dies.

One of the reasons, by the way, that people only live to age 70 nowadays (on the average) is because they get messages from everywhere in society that there is no more need for them after that. American Society is youth crazy right now. When youth is gone, so is life (in the minds of many Americans). Last night I spoke to a woman whose father held up a bottle of pills, when she was age 20, and declared to her: "These are my safeguard against being a burden to my family." The bottle contained poison, which could end his life quickly and quietly. Fortunately, he never had to use them, but his daughter never got over the trauma of hearing him say that.

If your coat has a wrinkle in it, you send it to the cleaners and get it pressed. If the wrinkle won't come out, you throw it away. Some folks believe that the same is true for people. In other parts of the world, people live far longer and are far more useful, into their 90s and beyond. People honor their wisdom and experience, and their presence is considered a valuable commodity.

Guarding the "Status Quo"
If you look up the phrase "status quo" in the dictionary, you will find it defined as "the way things are" (literal translation of the term). The status quo is extremely important to the Keepers of the Norm. We could criticize them heavily, reasoning that they do everything for money, and that they prey upon the fears of the people they serve, and so on and so on. But that would be unfair and a severely lop-sided view.

In truth, the Medical Establishment is simply responding to signals that are given to them from the society in which they live. Yes, they make money from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Yes, those little "pills" that cost so much are readily dispensed to millions of eager patients - people who often need much more than a pill. But it is not just the doctors who are responsible for all that. We all play a role in this wholesale guarding of the "status quo."

The point of this discussion is simply to help us notice how terrified we can all be with the prospect of change. Most people hate change, except when their lives have become completely unbearable - only then will they consider looking at something new.

Recently, we have taken a look at evolving consciousness, particularly as it integrates areas of knowledge such as Astral Travel, Meditation, and Multidimensionality. Then, we took a look at Crystal Cities, Cities of Dreams, so we could catch a glimpse of the ambient environments being set up in 5D, so humankind can continue our process of evolution. Now, we'll be looking at humanity, itself, piecing together a "new view" which will soon be supported by a "new blueprint" for what a human being is, or can be. And that, my friends, is an exciting prospect, indeed!

I trust you all had a wondrous Holiday Season, and your New Year is off to fine start! As we collectively move closer and closer to that landmark year of 2012, a new "child" is being born, right under our noses. His name is "Meta." And what might her name be? "Metay?" Sounds good to me. Next month, we'll take a closer look at the Meta-Human Essence represented by this New Creation.

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2007, Daniel Jacob

Daniel Jacob is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates, in Kirkland, Washington - a multi- therapist clinic, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 19 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." You can get more information about Daniel and his work by visiting his websites: and also, or by e-mailing him directly at: