As I was writing a post on Clans and Tribes, for the Recon Discussion List, I noticed the words:  A reconnected heart space is now the CENTER for integration in the Oneself Body.  It is a mixing and blending place for mind and emotion--overseen by a Guardian Spirit, which guarantees that extreme energies will not be allowed to dominate that group process for any prolonged period of time.  After all, this is a time of integration, not domination.”


The message seemed somewhat strange to me now.   I said to the Guides:  “Isn’t the world in turmoil because of domination—one class over the other?  Aren’t we on the brink of WORLD WAR III here?   And they replied:  “Do not believe the little man behind the curtain.”  


I knew immediately that they were referring to our “Wag the Dog” Media…………our simulations of life in 3D……..our “Dreams” of the Mass Mind.  So many people are choosing to climb into the TV these days, and live their lives through newspapers and newsgroups, that our ACTUAL PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE has become blurred by REPORTS about it, rather than firsthand observation. 


I remember writing on the Discussion board, after the 9-11, as Club Recon was beginning to receive in our International Brothers and Sisters.   One of them was deeply involved in quoting some internet author about the “rise of fascism in the U.S., including police in the streets (and at your door), and multitudinous harassment by the Government.”  Although I was also concerned about what was coming to me in the news, I was careful to add this info to the conversation:   “Excuse me there,  but I’ve lived in the United States all my life (I’m 57 now) and………..aside from some uncomfortable times back in the 60s, when the Watts Riots came a little too close to Long Beach, California (where I grew up)……..I’ve never seen police in the streets, nor have they come to my door (unless I called them).  Politically, my life has been quite normal.  Nothing like what you’re describing.” 


Though I realize that this is not the direct experience of EVERYONE, I realize that it represents the direct experience of the life *I* am creating, and it is every bit as true as what comes to me on the TV.  In the Multiverse, there is a universe which honors everything imaginable (and then some).  The stories we hear about on the TV are “real,” but are they RELEVANT to our own “in the moment” journey?  For some of us, the answer is yes, and for some, the answer is “No, not really.” 


The point is:  Are we guiding our internal manifesting minds according to the DIRECT EXPERIENCE we have in 3D, or are we letting the “little man behind the curtain” stir up smoke and dream images that may not represent OUR OWN journey……… much as they are designed to stir up fear emotions about what has been set before someone else? 


The Recons are all for passion, and they are all for compassion, too.  But sooner or later, a person has to let go of the professional HYSTERIANS, whose job it is to stir up the masses in support of fear and war, and take a more direct approach.  Some choose to turn off the TV altogether.  To me, that seems like throwing out the baby with the bath.  After all, I’m completely HOOKED on “Grey’s Anatomy.”  <wink>  


And so the words come back around again:  “a Guardian Spirit guarantees that extreme energies will not be allowed to dominate that group process for any prolonged period of time.  After all, this is a time of integration, not domination”  


What does this say?  “You’ll only get as much drama as you create yourself.  And, even then, it will only be allowed to continue as long as YOU choose for it to continue.” 


The goal is integration.  I keep my eye on that.  Shit happens, to be sure…………but daily, I am learning how to conceptually reframe anything else that tends to “leak” into my Multidimensional Ship.  We can’t let those mynocks nibble on the power cables too long!”  


Don’t pay much attention to that little old man behind the curtain.  Look instead to the ways in which you would LIKE to see your world unfold.  That accelerated energy that came through on October 17 is still moving through the land.  It is waiting to potentiate and amplify anything and everything we think or visualize.  What is it that you want more of?   Hysteria or Bliss-teria?  Maybe a mixing and mingling of both?   Just enough spice to keep things interesting.  Yes, I think I’ll have some of that.  Yum!





Article by Daniel Jacob


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