By Mark Stearn


Dragons swoop, Faeries abound, and the magical treasure of infinite self is ever explored within the realms of that place we call The Imagination. The Imagination is a field of creation where realities are just waiting to be born. We human anchors, who know no bounds, have adventured deeply into that arena, in an effort to play out the vast complexity of who we are. The deep love we hold for this art form is rooted in the truth and power we find there---even though our paths have been filled with skeptics, demeaning what we do as nonsensical fantasy. 
It's all comes down to perspective, and the freedom we allow ourselves for journeying through that inner doorway, and beyond. A book is read, a film is watched, and immediately we engage our imaginal vehicle--which transports us to the realms where anything can happen, and frequently does. Ever more than an escape, the truth of this field allows us the gift of Conscious Creation--of exploring inner beauty, emotional depth, and infinite capacity for expression.

Throughout our earthly journeys, our Imaginal Field is hid from most of us, because we have been taught to dismiss it. The most loved stories of all time, known to move the heart and stir the soul were all products of Imagination. And yet we still continue to downplay the incredible wonders found in this "truth field!"   Go figure!

A visionary artist, in Japan, adding detail to his imagined world.

Our very perception of ourselves is a created aspect, nurtured by us since birth---a perception that comprehends the harsh reality of duality, then seasons it gently with a sprinkling of personal, inner truth and power. Spiritual Awakening does this.  It brings clarity to 3D realities we once saw, through sleeping eyes, while we played out our Limitation Contracts.  Now it is time for us to awaken.  To come alive!  And to help our WORLD come alive as well.   


Though I remain rooted in the clarity of my 3D Now, I would like to share a few personal experiences about the discovery and opening of my own Gift of Imagination.

Ten years ago I read two sets of quintets written by David Eddings. My first experience with these books will be forever with me. The characters literally began to become real, through my imagination.  Eddings portrays them with such a deep affection and vividness that, for me, they became well-loved friends. Their experiences in life became my experiences. After awhile, the connection became so vivid that I began engaging with them in their experiences. It was then that I became aware that a deep undercurrent of love in these books had captured me, activating some kind of inner "software," which allowed me to enter and become part of their world.  Their world is real, even though it exists at a different density than 3D.  

I then moved on to try my hand at creating realities and divine inner connections to challenge the consciousness of various friends that I know--people whose spirits had evolved considerably. That, too, had an eerie feeling of reality to it--even though their ego aspects often seemed unaware of our encounters.  When Spirit engages me with the truth of all we are creating.....there are times when I, myself, have a hard time believing it!  And yet, these realities continue to be vivid, strong, rooted within my divine inner truth.  It appears that the Multiverse╣ is far more vast and evolved than any of us realize! 


Maradek was my first creation......a fourth dimensional planet that eventually became a beloved way-station for Galactic Lightservers. I consciously experienced its formation from a divine perspective.  It was like watching TV.  An aspect of me was there, looking down on its design and implementation--weaving energy and infusing it with divine love and personal passion. When I wrote about this experience online, one of my friends traveled there for herself, in consciousness, to check out the integrity of what I was reporting.  She, too, has a gift!  There, she met a man who spoke highly of Maradek, giving more information to us about its impact and purpose, as a world. Apparently, it is quite involved in galactic trade, which was something I, too, had felt in my stories and my soul. The whole experience became a beautiful validation of all I had been feeling within. 
Reisa was my next venture--named after the well known vacation planet Reisa 4, from the TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation."  I so resonated with creating these worlds, and with launching them for use by Lightservers throughout the Multiverse. I received reports and visuals from other Imagineers, who began experiencing Reisa for themselves.  We begin with a basic idea, a design template, and then we proceed from there.  It's fun.  It's magical.  And there are many who have begun to accept that it's very real.  

Min was the third creation, inspired by a C.S. Lewis tale and of course the David Eddings books I mentioned earlier. A third- dimensional planet of the reality of myth and magic, swords and sorcery. On Min it all happens. The complexity of the creation process was astounding. Many Lightservers flocked to Min to be a part of this experience.

The Universal Etheric Crystal Network was my first venture into active, creative Lightwork. The Network vibrates primarily within the Fourth Dimension and is a divine statement of INTENT---some of which I have yet to fully understand. About the time it was formed, "The Fellowship of the Ring" movie came out.  One day, I was standing at my local cinema, gazing at the film's very gripping poster. I went inside myself, all the way into the Fifth Dimension, and Spirit asked me if I would like to play a game. From then on, the landscape and events of Middle Earth became my very own imaginal playground--and the characters from the movie became friends, with whom I could converse and share adventures.  There are thousands, maybe millions of young people doing this, all around the world.....a grand merging of inner and outer creativity.   
I mention these stories I have written, which I love with all my heart, because they are realities that have continued to expand, on their own, within other dimensions. The characters in them regularly engage me, because they have taken on lives of their own---Light Beings who were birthed in my initiation, and then continued on. I know now that any creation is really an awakening to a truth and reality that already is.  Our way of "creating" is simply to allow these images and stories to enter our minds and take root. The interface is ever a divine joy to experience. There is such a love of creation for creation. I know this now, at the core of my being, and the joy is beyond words.
Worlds are born, great loves are fulfilled, and it all can happen NOW within the infinite, eternal realms of our Oneself Imagination. Have fun, beloved friends!  Create well, and enjoy every moment of it.........because its all very real!  And it goes on forever and ever.

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 ╣ The Multiverse:  A compilation of alternative universes and realities which incompasses everything and everyone that could ever be, and then some.

Copyright, 2006, by Mark Stearn.  All Rights Reserved.