Part 2
B Y D A N I E L  J A C O B

WE CONTINUE THIS CURRENT SERIES, which is a spin-off from my previous one, entitled “The Star Children", exploring what modern society might possibly be like if it was designed from the viewpoint of these amazing, resourceful beings!

As we do this, we must keep in mind that the views of Star Kids are really quite as divergent as our own. However, by taking into account many of their common traits, and the manifold consciousness “upgrades” that they are bringing to us at this time, it is quite possible to get a feel for what they would prefer if societal structure and decisions were left up to them.

We live in a Multiverse. There are many possible outcomes that have the potential to manifest in the days, months, and years to come. The following is just one of those possibilities - a train, waiting at the station, that we can choose to board if we wish.

I call this piece “The Imagine Nation,” because I don’t want us to get tied up in our left-brains, trying to figure out how we could actually accomplish what I am discussing here, or if it would work within our present mindset. We are simply sketching, that’s all. The types of changes that are mentioned here would be predicated on vast shifts of attitude, as well as philosophy. Mere political solutions never have worked—nor, in my opinion, will they ever work!

Many Baby Boomers have found that we have had to make certain “concessions” with our original dreams. Not being fully prepared to jump into this current vibration when we were young, we tried to get a close grip on the next best thing we could find. There was nothing wrong in that. But now, as we approach our young people—seeking to “educate” them on how life is supposed to be lived—they can see right through our “concessions”, into a whole new world that is now within our collective grasp. Let us go there with them, conceptually. Let us suspend our disbelief long enough to explore something new, shall we? And so, we begin.

A new focus on society
There will come a time, we are told by Spirit, that a civilization will exist whose primary focus is not the control of its citizens. In that day, we will see a new and exciting profile emerge within our collective consciousness. It will not be the only way that people will choose to live, but it will clearly be an option - a choice many can make if they so desire.

In our society today, there is a huge divergence between being a child and being treated like a child. Our social systems have created generalized markers for the separation of "the men from the boys" that are neither personal nor are they always accurate to the people involved.

Under our current system, a Star Child (such as we have been describing) will be arbitrarily held back from personal autonomy and sovereignty until the “magical” age of 18. In some cases, his every move is monitored and controlled by adults whose IQ and personal maturity are half his own.

Rather than leading children to their power early, and letting them grow at a pace that most accurately matches their personal inclinations and needs, we have simply set an age where we feel “comfortable” about letting children have a say—an age, by the way, which also mandates that they be willing to fight and die for the society they have only just “officially” joined.

Let my people go!
In our newly formed “Imagine Nation”, a child will be considered free from the moment he or she verbalizes the decision to be so. And even though infants spring forth from the loins of two specified individuals, they become Citizens of the Oneself Society the moment they take their first breath. Before that, they are considered to be a part of their mother’s body and, therefore, under her complete control.

Mothers may choose to suckle their young, but there is no requirement that they do any more for them than insure that the child is safe, and placed in the care of someone who really wants to introduce an infant into life in physical form. People have very different gifts, as we shall see later in this series.

In some alternative futures for Planet Earth, societies will organize themselves around the exercise of their service and creativity gifts. Like we once did in Atlantis, people will gather together according to their abilities, efficiency, and personal passion. These “Families of the Heart” will become productive working communities, into which the children will wander, as soon as they feel the desire.

In the Imagine Nation, apprenticeship will generally (but not completely) replace our current model of formal education. People will learn by doing, or creating. They will learn in the presence of their peers, and will have the privilege of moving from Circle to Circle, until they find the one(s) that work best for each of them.

By then, humanity will have discovered that all work done from obligation, rather than love, is truly the fruit of a poisoned tree. The soul of the society will be personal choice and creativity, not coercion and shame. And everything about living within that society will reflect that attitude.

Though many humans will still desire to share quarters in small “familial” groups, the nuclear family will have expanded to include the entire Family of Humankind. The “Oneself Body” will replace the idea of states, countries, or races.

Children born of certain parents may decide they have an affinity with people living across town. Because there are no “hooks” or “barbs” built into the idea of (blood) family obligation, they will be free to start right away, building their own Family of the Heart. These connections may or may not include blood parents or siblings. It is the clear choice of the child, and of the circle he is seeking to join.

The Society will share what they have with those around them. This will not necessarily be socialism, however. They will have possessions, and they will give freely to others as they feel moved by the spirit of the Oneself flowing within us all.

As outlined in the “Star Child” series, humanity is really part of the same ONE BEING. We are not alone. We are ALL ONE. When certain individuals have conflicts within a Oneself Society, we do not wish to squelch it or contain it. Instead, we all gather around and own it as self. We go inside and process the symbolism of the conflicts—seeking to determine where these same dynamics are functioning in our own personal context—and we begin to heal them from within. I will speak more about this in the final segment.

Do what thou wilt
As we said earlier, the natural parents of each child will stabilize him or her for as long as the attachment and focus of concern is welcomed and felt by both. When the time comes for the infant/toddler/young person to verbalize and sustain specific desires and preferences, those expressions of sovereignty will be honored. However, one person’s desires do not cancel out the desires and freedom of those around him. This is true regardless of age or experience.

The kids that are coming in today are not like the youngsters who came in before. Star Children have built into them that we are all in this together. What they don’t understand is the cockamamie societal system we have concocted, wherein people of conflicting mind and temperament are thrown together for long periods of time, in the name of tradition and “order”. And they are mortified when they see us perpetuating the act of overriding one person’s desire with the will of another. To them, this is insanity!

As we have shared in earlier installments, the basic moral imperative, which the Star Children naturally carry within themselves, is distinctive to worship in the lost religions that honored The Goddess. That imperative says: "Harm no one. Do what thou wilt."

There are two parts of this imperative. The first part is "do no harm". However, the second part is just as emphatic. It mandates that the preference factor and the natural desires of a person are divine connections and must not be denied or repressed. In fact, the word "desire" literally means "of the Father".

For a Star Child to quietly acquiesce to a life of containment and compliance would be tantamount to complete personal betrayal. Our current society is hugely built around this, and they can’t stand it. Our traditions tell us to “train up a child in the way he should go.” We seem to care very little about the training that the child could give to us. Why is this? What are we afraid of? What are we overlooking that might be clearly seen by an innocent and unbiased eye?

The New Paradigm of faith and action is much more than compliance to outward restraint. It is made up of an inner transformation, which is a merge of honest desire and simple respect for others as mirrors of self. We call this the Law of Love.

No doubt those who have followed me thus far have many questions. Quite frankly, so do I. In the last part of this series, we will lay out the template, in depth, so that I can share with you how I have answered these questions up to this point.

In the meantime, your personal ideas and questions are always welcome. This is not a finished product, but a collective work of art that is underway. The clay is soft and plentiful, and our potters’ hands are eager to play! Come on in and try your hand!

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