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THIS SERIES OF ARTICLES IS INSPIRED BY my previous series, “The Star Children”. In those writings, I vividly describe some powerful characteristics of a new breed of young people, a powerful force that is coming onto the planet. I also said, in a number of different ways: “Our Star Kids are confused and in turmoil today. The current construct of our society leaves no room for them to come into their power, so they can show us the fantastic alternatives for living they are bringing to us from Spirit."

Many have asked me, after reading that material: “How can we help? What can we do to assist these gifted kids, so they can open the minds of the world to what truly dynamic living is like?”

The answer to that question varies with each individual. Everyone has different support that he or she can give to these young folks. At the core of this transfer process is a concept called “authority”. People cannot act in society today without authority. If someone does - if a person begins generating energy or building societal structures that are independent of the mainstream, he or she will be treated as a threat.

For Star Children to gain influence, and actually begin affecting the way we all see life and make decisions, they will need to be given some of our authority. Slowly, this is beginning to happen. Thanks to the efforts of writers and researchers like Steve Rother, Lee Carroll, and James Twyman, Star Children (or whatever they are being called) are gaining an audience. They are beginning to be heard.

For 18 years, I have earned a living as a Rehab Bodyworker. I have literally spent my days touching people, helping them heal. When I entered the field of Medical Massage Therapy, back in the early 1980s, the profession was fighting to gain recognition and momentum - being greatly hindered (especially in the U.S.) by linkage of the word “massage” to prostitution.

Over the years, much of that opposition has been removed. Today, Medical Massage Therapy is one of the fastest growing health care modalities on the planet. In my own practice, I became known through the words and support of physicians and former patients who, after benefiting greatly from my care, began to tell their friends and colleagues about me. Many of those friends would never have come for treatment if it weren't for the gentle encouragement of someone they trusted - someone who said to them: "Okay. He won't hurt you. It really works!"

What these loving and gentle people gave to me, and to my approach to healing, was authority. They staked their own reputation with friends and business associates, so that my influence in people’s lives could expand, and become known. This is exactly how it will happen with our Star Children as well. Little by little, adults will simply begin saying to each other: “These kids know what they’re talking about. We need to listen to them!"

The issue of control.
Today, we live in a world that is heavily invested in the idea of control. We want to control the environment. We want to control the economy. We want to control the flow of the rivers and oceans that wash up against the lands upon which we live. Most of all, we want to control each other.

Control is a "hit and miss" kind of thing. Sometimes fate arranges things so that all the "ducks" in our lives line up in neat little rows. “In Camelot,” as the song says, “the rain may never fall till after sundown. By eight the morning fog must disappear.” It all sounds so nice, doesn’t it?

But even Camelot eventually had its problems. With or without technology, there are forces and factors in the lives of humankind today that simply will not lend themselves to the idea of control. Among those factors are our marvelous, beloved Star Children.

In days past, child rearing was a pretty clear-cut thing. Children were to be "seen and not heard". If a child disobeyed, his or her father would simply reach for a paddle in order to apply the "board of education to the seat of learning". Children learned to keep thoughts to themselves - so much so, in fact, that some of them lost the ability to think altogether.

In all these societal shifts, the energetic effects of the Star Children were beginning to be felt. Poets like Kahlil Gibran began to tell us that our children come through us, but they do not belong to us - and they are bound for lives that are their own. We can watch them, and we can love them. But the paths of their destiny were laid out long before we met them. And, concerning many aspects of their journey, it is not our place to interfere.

Property rights
Many adults today tend to think of children as possessions. The court system certainly doesn’t help that situation, either. We reason that, since we have the "moral responsibility" to feed and house these young people, and the legal power to make decisions for them, our children must be beholden to every rule and ordinance we choose to concoct.

As one parent put it: "My house, my rules." However, if the child lives there, is it not his house as well? Just because someone is unable to financially contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the place, isn't he still a contributing force to that household? Isn’t her job, her specialty, simply being the resident child?

In a symbolic sense, children are little mirrors for their parents. They are the embodiment of certain aspects of those parents' personality and aspiration, which desired to be reborn into the world. They are passion and curiosity, freshly directed towards desires and goals that may have been forgotten or laid aside in the older folks’ pursuit of security and/or social standing.

Many adults overlook this important insight. Instead of getting out of the way, and drinking in the energy of their children’s joy and fresh discovery of life, parents try to force these kids into behavioral molds, patterns for living that do not reflect their own intuitive core.

The artificial personality construct, which many parents seek to install, tends to suppress the clear reflection that their children bring concerning the parents’ shadow self—their own hidden issues. Instead of seeing that reflection in their little ones, resistant parents become busy about the task of breaking or distorting the mirror. On some level, children realize this and they either learn to resist the whole business or they accept the teaching, thereby losing their individual souls.

In the ancient Celtic traditions, such an adapted child is referred to as a “changeling”. He is the shell of a human being - a body that is functioning and living in the world, with no child left inside. Ancient legend dictates, that the souls of changelings go to live in the realm of the Fae (the Faery Kingdom), where they remain forever, unless they are invited to come back in and bring that body back to life. In our own literature, these changelings are analogous to the “Lost Boys” of Never-Never Land.

While the family unit continues to deteriorate within our society, more and more couples find themselves in divorce court, seeking to sort out the details of jangled lives. Among the many "items" that go on the bargaining table - along with the boat, the time-share condominium, and the antique china that belonged to Aunt Minnie - are the shining faces and blossoming potential of minor children who live in that household.

As James Taylor's song goes, recounting the sorrows and wistfulness of family break-ups: "She gets the house and the garden, he gets the boys and the van." That’s about the size of it. Control. Authority. And the money goes round and round, and the lawyers get fatter and fatter. If fact, in many instances, it is actually the lawyers who end up with the house and garden, is it not?

In this series, we wish to paint a picture - to begin to construct a vision. How we will get there is secondary, at this point, to actually learning where we need to get. First things first. In the next two installments, we will speak about “The Imagine Nation” in detail. We will see what the ideal world may look like, if it was designed from the viewpoint of a Star Child.

Your continued input and feedback is appreciated, and I do love hearing from you! As the energy on the planet continues to rise, more and more of what we will be discussing as theory will congeal itself into actual physical reality. So it will be, so has it always been.

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Daniel Jacob is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker, living in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates, in Kirkland, Washington - a multi-therapist clinic which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 17 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." These Etheric Teachers described themselves as "all those parts of the Expanded Self that you have had to forget about in order to come into human form." He has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. In 1995, he organized the Worldwide Transmutation Network, through the Usenet Newsgroups. Since that time, Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. You can get more information about Daniel and his work by visiting the Web Site at, or by e-mailing him directly at: