"Hello Letter from a New Star Kin"

By Katyrose

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for befriending & inviting me to write to you!

I started playing Alchemy at the age of 13 -- a game with my best girlfriend that we called “spiritual alchemy” or, alternately, “BEING PEOPLE.”  It wasn’t at all like acting.  We channeled the living.

I had my first conscious run-in with the Multiverse while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for a medical condition in 2005.  During a 6-week leave of absence from my position as HR manager for a non-profit corporation, I inexplicably spent the allotted weeks doing nothing but staring intently at the ceiling.  I was caught in amorous, wordless communion with a magnetic, benevolent presence hovering thereabouts.

When I returned to work, nothing was as I remembered it to be.  I felt like Rip Van Winkle.  My co-workers had undergone strange personality changes. Conditions on one day (“Roger has been hospitalized for a heart attack!”) vanished the next (“What are you talking about?  Roger is fine!”).  Without the certainty of knowing which universe I was going to wake up in, I took to my bed & emailed my resignation.

As I clutched the covers, mind racing over the knotted threads of my experiences during those weeks, the thought that I might be, well......DEAD.....asserted itself.  The idea seemed absurd – I was sure I’d remember having died if it had happened so recently – but insistent.  I pulled “The American Book of the Dead” off my shelf (one I’d meant to get around to reading but never had), & began to educate myself about the between-lives state.  Heart pounding out of my chest, I read that one should “go to the guide,” so I searched my memory to see if I might have encountered one lately.

I hit on a brand-new & barely-known co-worker who’d given me some nutritional tips before I began treatment.  For our purposes here, I'll call him Joel....and I wasn’t sure if I even liked him or not.  I read for several hours in this state of terrible emergency until the phone rang.  It was Joel.  Could he stop by?Did I need anything?  I confessed that I was having trouble “making food manifest.”

I allowed this near-stranger to enter my home & take command, noticing an unmistakable yellowish light around his head (no, I’d never seen an aura before).  The miso soup he made in my kitchen had a strangely invigorating effect that went far beyond what one would expect from a bowl of ordinary soup.  I told him about my dilemma, gushing all kinds of things I would never tell a co-worker in a million years:  I couldn’t function, I complained; I was misunderstanding everything; “I’m bouncing between the dimensions like a goddamned handball!  I’m pretty sure I’m dead, but I’M NOT DEAD!  THERE IS NO DEATH!!!”

He was kind, but in a slightly impatient sort of way, as if to suggest that I had everything to learn & that my attitude wasn’t helping matters.  Rather than insist that I was perfectly alive as I fully expected & wished he would, he suggested that I begin meditating, & affirm:  “I am living in the reality of the resurrection.”

In the months that followed, I experienced the euphoria that you’ve called “downloads,” information flooding into my brain from some indeterminate place (above, let’s say), including beautiful flaming geometric pictorials within which were encapsulated all kinds of remembering, unlocking & healing.  I learned that the game of Alchemy was no game.  I had an all-access pass to the truth of Oneness.

I wanted to continue the pouring, so I began searching the internet for some of the key words and phrases that were placed in my consciousness this way.  That’s how I first found you & the Reconnections.  Time doesn’t behave the way it used to, but the calendar claims it’s been 6 years since I resigned from my job.  I’ve taught myself to meditate & play the harp.  I’ve taken flying trapeze lessons. I have my first job interview – at a temp agency – on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I struggle with what I call UMS:  “Ugly Manifestation Syndrome,” suddenly finding myself in a dream-turned-nightmare.  UMS seems to ambush when I slip into a lower-frequency vibration, as can be triggered by certain types of food, music, mental or feeling states.  I have to be VERY careful what I ingest or allow my attention to rest on.

For example, I fell into a dimensional pit in April, when my best friend for the past year suddenly went multi-d, presenting me with a bunch of alternate realities at once.  When I panicked & failed to select one of them on the spot, he de-friended me on Face Book, disappeared from my life & left me devastated.  Is the window of selection really that small?  A heartbeat?  If all time is now, there has to be a way to reconnect.  “Being” him is something I haven’t allowed myself to do because I need to maintain the illusion of separation in order to properly interact!  How can one consciously locate the desired reality and return to it intentionally?  Achieving neutrality is key, I’ve gathered from your writing, but easier said than done. ( I’m not trying to hear that everything is completed somewhere in the Multiverse.  I want my friend back.)

Faced with the grinding unblinking voidness-of-the-void of his absence, I turned to you & the Reconnections for help, reading about portals & astral bridges.   Where else can an alchemist girl like me turn for guidance?  When the student is ready....the Daniel appears!

Although I’m far from making sense of all that’s happened, the reassurance & material you’ve presented have been an important part of my integration with all-that-is and all I am becoming.  You have so generously shared important tools to deal with wherever and whatever it is that I am.

Please know that you are helping to repair the fabric of many worlds.  I am so deeply grateful to you Daniel Jacob, and honored to call you friend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love,


All those who feel resonant with Katyrose can e-mail her by clicking HERE .  She told me she loves chatting with other "reality-challenged" folks!  LOL