The Great Experiment


The goal now is for INTERDIMENSIONALS and HUMANS to mix and mingle their "resources" to produce a HYBRID BEING (a Meta-Human).....with the capability to access the GROUPTHINK RESOURCE, which characterizes HIVE MENTALITY and modulate and color it with the SOUL TONES of a sentient Earth Individual.

Probably the most famous example of this hybrid concept is MR. SPOCK on TV's Star Trek.......whose parents were half Vulcan and half Human. Do you remember all the dialogue in the show about Mr. Spocks "robot-like" intellect.......and how much glee Dr. McCoy has when he can catch Spock being "human?" ........this is an allusion to this experimental work that Interdimensionals are doing all over the world right now.

Star Children are particularly focused here.......for their goal is to bring together all polarities into some unified Oneself Whole, so Planet Earth can make our leap into 4D and beyond.  Sirian Input to this process highlights the feeling among Children of the New Earth that they "want to go home."  The mindset......."I want to be with my own" a longing of that aspect of a Star Kid which is HIVE MENTALITY.......Star Visitor Consciousness. The other side of him, who endeavors to stay mostly indigenous Earth energy, already acclimated to the INDIVIDUATION which is characteristic of humans.

How much HIVE CONSCIOUSNESS can a person integrate without losing him or herself in the Human Soul?   There is intensive interest around this on BOTH sides of the Veil. 

 Alien Abduction or Alien-Human Collaboration?

"More About The Great Experiment"

"It's all very real, these stories about aliens and UFO's.  But it's more than that.  It's also a huge metaphor.  If we see these "alien" images as separate from ourselves, we miss their purpose in our lives.  And they DO have a purpose here, otherwise they couldn't get to us.  Their existence would simply be filtered from our experience. 

From The Bridge People Commentary, Part 1:

"Hybridism is the mixing and mingling of two or more root essences in order that a new and unusual "Compilation Essence" may emerge. When it does, that "go between" essence represents a union, of sorts, between those primary energies, and anyone else who wishes to experience a similar joining.

Most often applied in the world of animals or plants, the development of "hybrids" is now underway in the world of humans as well. A good deal of the lore surrounding UFOs and Star Visitors, appearing on this planet since the Roswell Incident of 1947, involves the hybridization between humans and beings from other worlds. In fact, there are those who believe that the very origin of humanity, as we know it, stems from Alien DNA - and the 4 Great Races that have been identified on Earth are the offspring of ancestors who came here from other planets and star systems so they could plant their "seed" in a New World.

The "Earth Experiment" is nearing its completion. Those "seeds" that were deposited here so long ago have mutated and sprouted, and with their maturation comes a wealth of expansion in consciousness which transcends anything even our original "donors" expected. Humankind has bestowed such dignity and grandeur to the idea of hybridization that a whole new philosophy and life purpose has emerged around it - a Multiversal Celebration of what it means to be the "connecting link" between two or more (divergent) forces, thereby bringing peace to All as One. It is this blossoming "Connection" or, shall we say re-connection, which gives birth to our study of the Bridge People.   MORE

From Recon Santar.........

Santar, The Santari (Extraterrestrial Race):  Shapeshifters.  Extremely loving beings.  Their indigenous state resembles what we know as a Preying Mantis.  Able to take on normal human form at will.  The Santari people are very active on Planet Earth at this time.  Recon Santar is an ambassador from this realm.  He was a contributor to the material on "The Extraterrestrial Factor in Human Consciousness."  I originally made contact with the Santari through the work of Sean Topping, who also channeled them for awhile. 


"You gaze up towards heaven, and you seek to define and understand what is represented there.  You have named "heavenly bodies" after Gods, Goddesses, and other highly exalted Beings.  You study  planets, star systems, nebulae---you create charts and graphs---and you believe things are exactly as you have outlined them in your files.  

The Community of Science in your world is dedicated to examining and believing, based upon what is seen and observed in 3D.  Up till now, science has attempted to be quite black and white about its findings.  Things were either "true" or they were "false."  But Quantum Mechanics is slowly changing all that.  And along with it, humanity is changing too.     

While all this is occurring, that which exists "above" (to use your popular imagery) is also reaching out to you.   It reaches from realms unseen, undefined, offering tones from the Oneself that wish to be seen, felt, and experienced.  There is a risk there, because there are many individuals who tend to closely define and then deify what they observe.  

As we have also said previously:  To be observed, is to become one with the observer.  To see God is to be God.   Are you ready to be changed to such an extent?  This information would represent an expansion of the ancient axiom:  "As above, so below." 

What you see is what you be.  And this is as true for those who exist "above," as it is for those who are below.  "As below, so above."  

There are many communities presently, who are seeking to examine the unseen realms.   You have religion, philosophy, science, and metaphysics (to name just a few).   When a religious person reaches to heaven, he calls it prayer.  When God reaches back from heaven, you might call that an Angel.  The Angel's essence, then, becomes a Middle Ground between the viewpoint of the human and the actuality of God.  It is made up of all of yourself that you seek to extend upwards, combined with all of God that wishes to come down.   

An Angel, then, would be part God and part human.  But humans cannot usually handle that knowledge.  It is too intimidating for them.  And so they place angels (or other messenger spirits, like Elves and Faeries) in some kind of "netherworld," a place that exists between waking and sleeping consciousness.  Many of you have also done this with Extraterrestrials as well.

When humanity reaches into the heavens and studies the stars, you call that Astronomy.  When the stars reach back, you call that a UFO.   All UFOs are quite subjective, even in the way they are reported in the media, or in official records of your government.  They are referred to as "unidentified," because once they are identified, they cease to be "extra" terrestrial.  At that point, they are part of your Earth Experience.  Do you understand what we are saying?"     

More will be revealed, as you feel ready to receive it.  We stand ready to assist you in this learning.  We are always here.  We have always been here.  We thank you for your attention."

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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